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The small company looked on in amazement at the massive ash cloud that Maenad had made. The smell of burnt plant tissue attacked every part of the human senses; eyes were watering with irritation now. The small dust partials were swirled in a giant ball of chaos and confusion all over the landscape. If a spy had following them in from Balballing and was confused to where they had went, he would for sure know exactly where to look now. Their position was compromised to the days. It looked like someone had taken a blowtorch to the majestic hills of the Tarmac and traced it back to them.

“WOOO, WEEEE!” yelled Paco as he jumped off the rock he was standing on. He took off his cowboy hat and pointed in the direction the outlaw had gone. His dark brown hair was sticking up from the electromagnetic field that charged the ground all around them. Small amounts of electricity where now jumping from his pointer finger and disappearing into the ground at his boots. “Did you all see that son-of-cow-turd get out of here?” He did a little jig on the ground around him; static jumped from his elbows and knees as he did this. “That outlaw just got out of here like a dust devil from hell! He was really moving!”

“Of course he was really moving!” yelled Frank with annoyance. He hated Paco with a passion now. “He pressed it full throttle! I don’t know if the core can handle full throttle! He probably went from zero to one hundred in a minute.”

“Well, it seems like it can,” whispered Bill.

“Frank, what’s going on with the rocks around here?” asked Jim as he pointed to the ground around the company. Small lightning bolts where skipping from each one, causing them to hover and move out of place. “It looks as if they are weightless or something.” Small pebbles were now hovering in the air around where the outlaw had gone. It looked as if the soil of the Tarmac had forgotten that the laws of gravity still existed. It was weird!

Frank looked at all the damage his device had done and cringed inside. They had never really tested the horse to see if it would charge the ground of the Tarmac. “The ground is made of fragmented metal, Jim. This whole valley use to be a giant volcano at one point.” He kicked a hovering rock out of his way and walked a little further down the ashen path that Maenad had paved for them. “When that horse lifted off it negatively charged all the bloody particles in this volcanic sediment.” He watched as a huge boulder rolled passed with ease. “I think this might have a horrible impact on the ecosystem as we know it. It could take years before these rocks lose their charge and fall to the ground. The horses still need more testing; that’s what I told Smash but he persisted to have things his way.” Frank lifted his boot and stepped on one of the hovering stones. It wouldn’t stay down.

“Woo wee!” yelled Paco again. “Hey, Frank, forget about the scenery for a minute. When do we get to ride one of those horse things?”

“You all will get to ride one tomorrow morning when that train comes.” He sighed heavily and rubbed his back side vigorously. It seemed that his day wasn’t ending quickly enough. “For now, let’s just get some rest. I am tired and this whole situation is too much for me to think about. I have to tell Smash that the machines need more testing. I don’t know if these rocks will ever loose there charge.”

“Shouldn’t we go find Maenad, Frank?” asked Jim.

“No, the bloody fool can find his own way back here.” yelled Frank.

“But he could be hurt somewhere.”

Frank grunted sarcastically at the boys desire to find the outlaw. It was obvious that the kid still had a lot to learn about the Wild West. “He’s an outlaw kid, trust me, he’s not hurt somewhere. It takes a lot to kill an outlaw.”
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