A War of Two

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Chapter 6

The next day there was a meeting of the Lords Temporal and Spiritual called for the main Temple. This was where legislative matters were decided; in the Temple in front of the main alter.The Lords would look up at a glorious sun burst representing their Great Deity.It was done in gold on a sky blue background.For religious ceremonies the benches there were arranged facing this great Sun Burst.For meetings of this sort they were arranged facing each other.All of his life Prince Alemark had distained to come to these meetings, even

though his father King Wilmark had come faithfully.

Lord Aleheardt himself presented the situation. “As you all know,” he began.“There was a hunt held on my lands twenty years ago.At that time Prince Willheardt’s horse was believed to have bolted and carried him away from the rest of the hunt.A search was carried out for him.But all that was found was his bloody cloak, which I have here.At the time that was presented before the Lords here in this very Temple.There was an attempt made to try to have him declared dead.King Wilmark opposed that declaration, so it did not occur.At the time I thought the King was in error.Now I believe he was right.The Great Deity,” he gestured at the Sunburst, “somehow gave him to know that this son was not dead.We believe that he has been discovered alive.He lost his memory and did not know who he was.Prince Alemark has placed him in protective custody,” Lord Aleheardt lied.“It is necessary to keep him so for now as he is very fragile.It is believed that his sad mental state could return at any moment.”There was a murmuring of the Lords at this.“And it could not,” one of the Lords was heard to say.

“At any rate,” Lord Aleheardt continued. “The question is and the problem is that we need a crowned king.So how do we go about getting this before our enemies decide to invade?Is there a way that we can get Alemark crowned given Willheardt’s inability.”

“There is one way,” old Lord Sayer spoke. “He must be examined by a committee from this body.If he is held in the dungeon as you say, I doubt that I could carry out the required examination.My eyesight is not what it used to be.But a group of the Lords of this assembly must see him and examine him and speak to him.Lord Caipre is in the same situation as myself.But his son and heir may do in his stead.”The younger lord was sitting in attendance on his father.He brightened a bit on that.

Lord Aleheardt was thinking fast. He did not want any of the Lords to see or speak to this man.Then it would be obvious that he lied.“His delicate mental condition may not allow that,” Aleheardt tried to argue.

“A proven delicate mental condition would only bolster Prince Alemark’s claim that he is the rightful king,” Lord Sayer countered. “But it must be seen to be so by a group of the Lords or they will never grant Prince Alemark the right to wear the crown.”

“I ask for a vote on that.” Lord Aleheardt said. “All who agree with Lord Sayer, hold up their hands.”All of the Lords did so.They wanted to see for themselves.If they did not the consequences might be dire.

“We must have a king,” Lord Yssidro spoke. “So far the only thing that had kept our more aggressive neighbors from attacking us. The only reason we haven’t been attacked in the last few years has been the oppressively hot summers in the lands surrounding us.Messengers simply have not been able to cross those lands at this time of year.But that will not last.If the next campaigning season arrives and we do not have a strong leader, I have no doubt that they will attack.”

“No doubt you say this because your lands are on the border,” Lord Aleheardt said.

“Just north of your own,” Lord Yssidro countered. The two men were of an age and had been known to work together as well as to be bitter rivals.It did get Lord Aleheardt thinking along other lines though.“I will speak to the Prince and see what might be done to get a group of Lords in to see Prince Willheardt.But that will depend on who is a member of the group.”

Lord Cairpre spoke. “May I suggest Lord Yssidro along with my son?”

“Are we voting on who is a member of the group now?” Lord Aleheardt asked.

“Why not,” Lord Yssidro answered.

“Then may I suggest that we vote on each one separately,” Lord Aleheardt requested. He wanted time to think about who here were his friends.He did not have many.He had concentrated on controlling Prince Alemark with the idea that he would be in control of the next king.

“Very well then,” Lord Cairpre said. “Who is for my son Yvan acting as my representative being a part of the group?”By the rule that governed all of their actions, the Lords accepted a simple majority vote.Yvan got that easily.Lord Aleheardt was busy trying to think of what friends he could get included.Then he had a thought.He wouldn’t need any friends.He would simply have Prince Willheardt drugged.

The vote continued on. “I suggest Lord Yssidro,” Lord Sayers said.Again there was a show of hands and again the lord was accepted.“I suggest the young priest Varon,” one of the other Lords spoke up.This got the southern part of the country represented as Lord Yssidro represented the north.“May I suggest the High Priest Cygon to represent the East?”“Thank-you,” the elderly gentleman answered.“I at least, am still up to the task.I will also represent the older members of this group.”The other lords murmured assent.He was voted into the group.

Finally to represent the capitol I suggest myself,” Lord Aleheardt said. “No,” said Lord Caipre.“It is known that you have an interest in this affair.There are questions about how impartial you can be.”“How can I be other then impartial,” Lord Aleheardt said.“Prince Willheardt is also my nephew.I love him as I love his brother by the love that I bore for my sister, their mother.”

“You have lived for many years with Prince Alemark. It is known that you love him like a son and he you.If this is Prince Willheardt and if he is sane he will have to challenge Prince Alemark for the throne.If he wins it could go ill for you.He might not favor you as Alemark did,” Lord Sayers explained.

“Still I demand a vote. I suggest myself as the last member of the committee.”“Very well,” Lord Sayers said.“All those in favor of Lord Aleheardt being part of this group signify by raising your hands.”Only a couple of hands went up.“Those opposed,” Lord Sayers called.Most of the hands in the group went up.

“So I am voted out,” Lord Aleheardt said. “Well, no matter.I suggest the priest Alecone.”He too was of middle years.The vote was a rather narrow majority, but he was voted in.

“Alright,” Lord Aleheardt said. “You have your committee.But they cannot see Prince Willheardt today.I will need time to inform the Prince of your decision and the jailors so that they will make sure Prince Willheardt is in a condition to meet with you.”

“Then go and see to it,” Lord Sayers said. “The committee members will meet you tomorrow at the castle gate.You will admit them to the dungeon and leave all else in their hands.”Lord Aleheardt nodded that he would do as told.“Then if we are all agreed this body may adjourn for the day.”A simple Aye vote was all that it took to adjourn.

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