The Labyrinth

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Chapter 11

The wood

Trying not to lose the rest from her sight while she gazed left and right, Sia walked while trying to hold in her mind as many details of the new world as she could. Everything around surprised her with its vividness. The colors were so bright that at some points she found herself regretting that she couldn't take a bouquet of flowers into the reality with her.

She stopped abruptly as the silhouettes of Sebastian and Ito appeared in front of her. They were standing quietly. She approached them. "Sebastian?" she whispered. Without turning to her, he made her a sign to stay quiet.

Something was moving between the trees. Something was coming towards them.
Without realizing how or where from, Sia saw a huge shadow rush towards them. Feeling everything around her turn black, Sia had no time to respond and fell against a stump of a tree.

"Sia!" reached her ears Sebastian's voice, "Deactivate the feeling of pain NOW!"

Feeling of pain? Sia thought, dazed. She felt that everything around her was floating, as if the world had gone mad. She tried to stand but the first strike of pain attacked her whole body.
She fell on her knees, grimacing, while, with a cough, a dark blood blemish came out of her mouth.

"Sia!" she heard Sebastian's voice and after a loud scream reached her ears.

She raised with difficulty her head. Through semi-closed eyelashes she saw a huge black mass coming threateningly towards Sebastian who had lifted his sword menacingly, which, to her surprise, had become double its original size, but it was obvious his skill had not decreased, as Sebastian handled it with incredible ease.

Where's Ito? crossed her mind as the terrible pain coursed through her body once more. An ambiguous murmur that sounded over her head made her lift her gaze. Ito was hovering in the air and into his hands emerged a luminous sphere. He closed his eyes and the ball moved quickly towards Sia.

"Wonderful…" she thought and lost consciousness.

She felt a drop of liquid flowing over her lips and opened her eyes. Above her was standing Sebastian. He was covered in blood. Sia sat up, feeling her head heavy. She took off her helmet and took a deep breath. She could almost swear that her lungs were burning.

Her gaze fell upon a shapeless maze.

A creature resembling a giant wolf with six hairy arms projecting from the back and huge teeth protruding from his mouth was lying dead, with multiple wounds all over his body. Sia found herself trembling. She got up and straightened her shoulders. She grimaced. The pain just would not go away
"It was not such a first successful fight of yours …" mumbled Ito and threw away a flower, the juice of which he had been pouring on Sia's face all that time. Sia looked at him with hatred; then coughed; blood spilling out of her mouth.

"What was the sphere of light that you threw?" she asked, with a great effort. She coughed once again. She closed her eyes as she had a feeling that the daylight was bothering her.

"Well, when I came to realize that you hadn't deactivated the Feeling of Pain, I cast a spell on you that transformed you into a crystal while you were in a comatose state" the child answered calmly.

He lifted his eyes to the sky. "We may or may not have enough time to leave the wood…" he muttered. "Jeez! And not to mention that I couldn't understand what our location is this time…" He shook his head troubled. "The things just get worse… It's like the whole universe is against us."

He turned his head to Sia. "You should put on the helmet. And then I'll give an order for deactivation of Pain's Feeling or, if you want to stay sensitive, I'd reduce it to 20% or 30% percent…"

Obeying his orders, Sia bent down and grabbed her helmet. She looked up in the sky and felt everything freeze inside of her. The sky had become jet black with purple lightning striking in all four cardinal points while threatening thunderclaps reached her ears. And in the middle of the sky, at the sun's position was a huge black eye watched everything.

The eye left looking at her for a few moments, menacingly and meditative simultaneously. Sia felt that even the most private parts of her soul were bared to that eye. She swallowed with difficulty and blinked.

The sky was again normal with green-purple clouds sailing slowly and the two moons remaining firmly in place. Sia was bathed in cold sweat. What did I just see? she thought. Sebastian's voice returned her to reality. ¨ Siaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I won't wait much longer!"

She turned her head and saw him waving his hand impatiently as he was moving forward among the trees. She turned once again her head to the sky and as she didn't notice anything strange shook her head. "It's just my fantasy... Side effects of the spell of Ito," she thought as she was wearing the helmet.

"No ...YOU saw it..." a thin voice whispered in her ear. "And THIS is just the beginning..."

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