The Labyrinth

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Chapter 2

The trio

A shiny limousine stopped in front of the school gate. With nimble movements the driver opened the door. First from inside came a girl. She had bobbed black hair and pitch black eyes while her alabaster face had a blank expression, as if she wore a mask that hid her true feelings. She shook with aversion her school outfit and her face froze in an expression of absolute negation.

Second came out a boy. His pitch black hair highlighted his blue eyes which, unlike the girl's, emitted joy and spontaneity, while his face clearly reflected all his thoughts and mood swings.

Once they came out, the driver opened the trunk while taking out a wheel chair, and with vigilant moves took out from the car a third person, one girl. She had red hair and blue eyes which hid a peace within that none of the attendants had. She smiled politely to the driver and shook her head.

Those who were passing at the time beside the car pretended they were not paying attention to its presence. But as they moved away from it, the giggling and whispers among students increased while they threw furtive glances over their shoulders.

Once the red haired girl was settled in the wheelchair, the first girl motioned her hand, sending away the driver while grabbing the handles of the stroller. She lifted her head and with the haughty style of a thousand kings started to the gate of the school. She was displacing the others as if they didn't exist to her.

"It's not that bad," said the boy, smiling broadly. His eyes stared with curiosity at the students around. "Look how many new faces there are! I'm sure there were several signings made this year..." "And why should I care Sebastian?" Asked the girl carefully pushing the stroller. "Because among them there can be someone who could be our friend, Sia!" He responded excitedly. "You two are more than enough to me." The girl responded drily and clenched the handles of the stroller forcefully.

.. In the classroom panic prevailed. Students shrieked and exchanged news with each other. Girls whispered and exchanged gossip while the boys laughed and showed their new gadgets to each other. But the appearance of the first girl who had arrived at school with the limo standing at the door made everyone keep quiet. Everyone turned their heads towards the door as if someone had ordered them to.

She took a look around and after certifying that they had arrived at the right classroom, sighed out loud. "It's here Sebastian!" She called out and entered while Sebastian arrived behind her, pushing the wheelchair.

Once they found three empty seats, they sat one behind the other sequentially. Sia arranged Maria's outfit and looking at her eyes said, "You are beautiful!" And sat just behind her.

"I heard that this trio makes all sorts of perverted things together." A girlish voice full of hatred sounded loudly behind her back. "I wonder why our school still keeps them!"

Maria blushed. Sebastian pretended he didn't hear a thing. He took out the books out in his bag and reached out to put them in front of him.

"I wonder too why you, Eline still haven't swallowed your tongue." Responded Sia as she sat more comfortably in her chair. She tousled her hair, and glanced at the watch on her wrist. They still had two minutes before class began. "It would be very convenient for all of us, don't you think?"

She turned to the girl behind her with a sudden movement. Her eyes stuck in the look of the other while an ironic smile appeared on her lips. The other was left looking at her with mouth half-open with surprise. "But I forgot ... You're immune to your own poison, aren't you? The fact enhanced by the paradox that you are still alive! Remember that people who envy others do not live a long happy life!" She said before she turned around.

The whole class was dumbfounded. An absolute silence prevailed that if someone threw a pin at the other end of the school, the sound of the crash would have sounded like an explosion.

Eline was left looking at Sia as if she could not believe her ears. Some moments were spent before she realized what had happened. She opened her mouth to speak while her face had become crimson because of the anger, but she had already lost precious time.

The classroom door opened. Accompanied by an unknown man walked through their teacher, James Not. He was quite nervous while he threw furtive glances at his watch.

He seemed to have left his things at the office. "Good morning children," he said as he coughed. He brought his hand to cover his mouth. He stopped while it was obvious that he felt uneasy.

'What's going on?' Sia wondered. Her whole body tensed up. The presence of the second man for some reason made her worry.

Maria, as it happened usually, as if had sensed her feelings. She turned her head towards her companion. Her concerned eyes ran through Sia's face. She smiled at her comfortingly.

Sia took a deep breath and counted to five in her mind. 'I'm ok... I'm ok…' she repeated and focused her gaze on the second guy.

He was obviously nervous equally with the professor, but obviously for very different reasons. He leaned toward him, whispered something in his ear and set him aside.

"Hello everyone!" He turned to the class. He seemed to have the best intentions. Yet, his eyes had a harshness which he didn't even bother to cover. "I'm really sorry that the new school year doesn't start in the best possible way, but I have to speak to you in a way which is not that pleasant to your teacher. My name is Albert Kay, and today I'm here as a representative of the Regional Police Force."

Suspiration of surprise rose in the air. At once from everywhere were whispers, but the man raised his hand and everyone fell silent, abruptly waving their heads in surprise. To most, the term police had to do with an anachronism of the society since the criminality was too low and the Police usually operated in extreme secrecy. And now, out of nowhere a police officer appeared so suddenly in front of them!

"The reason I'm here today is to inform you as we have to," He continued. "I'm fully aware that my presence today makes everyone wondering and raises many questions, which I'm afraid I won't be able to answer. But the thing that I owe to tell you is that you have to do your best in order to protect your lives and to be fully aware since a maniac who kills young people is moving across the area."

Whispers even stronger this time flooded the room. Some upset students were shaking their heads, while others connected to the network to see all the news related to what they just heard.

"I'll have to add that you won't find much about what you just heard on the web, "continued the man. "The information I gave you is very confidential. That's why the Police is sending someone who'll transfer them face to face in order to avoid the spread of the panic. You have to understand how important is to remain calm. You should remember that we are all potential victims as there are no clear objectives or reasons for the attacks. He attacks usually during the afternoon. He targets both girls and boys. Do not walk alone. It would be advisable to move in small groups. That's all I had to say… Thank you for your time…"

Sia listened with bated breath to what the man was saying. For the first time in years a well-hidden sense of fear began to emerge in her. Despite the fact that society had progressed enough in relation to previous generations, one could not claim with absolute certainty that even it had reached the ideal and it was absolutely safe for its citizens.

Only when the door slammed and she lifted her head, she found that the police had left the class and their teacher had opened the book and asked students to do their best to get by during the new school year.

She turned her gaze. Her eyes met the eyes of Sebastian. He watched her the entire time she had plunged into herself. For a moment his eyes darkened, but he withdrew them immediately. 'What's happening?' Wondered Sia but the voice of teacher returned her to reality.

..Finally the last lesson finished. The last bell rung. The class began emptied.

Sia waited for even the last student to leave and only then did she get up from her seat. She approached Maria and after collecting her books into a bag, put it to her knees. She grabbed the handles of the wheelchair, but Sebastian set her aside softly. "Let me do this."

Sia watched him silently as he was moving toward the door talking with Maria. Suddenly she felt overwhelmed by anger. "You don't have to do that!" She shouted. Just another moment and she was about to burst into tears but she restrained herself and took a deep breath. "I can make it... I will…" passed rapidly through her mind.

The boy stopped. "Don't have to do what?" "You don't have to protect me!" "But you are the one who's doing this constantly all these years," he responded calmly without turning. "You do it for me and Maria ..." "You are my family." Sia replied weakly. "At some point you have to accept the fact that we will do our best in order to protect you."

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