The Labyrinth

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Chapter 8

The Alliance

*3 hours later*

Inside the dim room, whose walls were covered with holographic displays, a form swung from side to side taking notes, and stopping now and then to increase the size of images. Katsu Ito rubbed his tired eyes which nevertheless emitted demonic joy.

However, as a screen that floated in the center of the room pulled nearer, the man rubbed his hands with pleasure while an expression of anticipation had spread at his face.

The door opened. Inside came second man. He was wearing the uniform of the Special Forces. He had black hair and black eyes facing the world with a dose of cynicism. He stopped at the door opening.

"The whole day you are repeating the same thing. What is so important about those two guys? That girl just proves that sometimes a traditional cuff may prove much more effective than energy antibiotics and Energy Regulators. It did not even take an injection to bring back his psychosomatic status! ¨ sounded an unhappy voice.

Ito sighed. ¨You're such a soldier sometimes! It's not the cuff that restored him, John. It is much more, though it cannot be explained in this video. I'm sure this girl has something they'll never find in anyone again, She managed to bring him back and I am absolutely sure that if she had to do it to anyone else, she would simply fail. Fortunately for us... ¨ a satisfied smile spread on his face, ¨We now have the trick up our sleeve we so needed. I am sure that Anastasia de Niez will need our help very soon. And then she just won't be able to not play in accordance with conditions that will be imposed by me ... ¨

'Faster…' thought Sia as roads and buildings disappeared from her field of view. Beside her, silent and sunk in his thoughts, sat Sebastian. 'Now he has the upper hand…' she thought angrily as in front of her eyes appeared the ironic gaze of Ito. But her thoughts turned to the unconscious Maria. In front of her eyes appeared her still body with many cables connected to her.

She felt shivers piercing all over her body and closed her eyes.

Something warm touched her hand. She opened his eyes. Sebastian's hand had covered her hand. He squeezed it gently.

"We have gone through much worse ¨he said in a colorless voice without looking at her. ¨We'll make it. We will bring her back. ¨

.The door of the room opened with a light groan. Sia put her head carefully in the doorway.

¨ I've been waiting for you, Anastasia de Niez ¨ a familiar male voice reached her ears. A form wiggled in room's depth. At once her body reacted to the sound of the voice. Her fists tightened and she felt her heart rate increase.

¨ I have no doubt about that!" she replied, feeling her anger taking over her body. "I will not be impressed if YOU are the one who has caused all this mess in order to get what you want! ¨

Ito appeared before her. His eyes looked at her in a way that made Anastasia feel uncomfortable. It was as if he owned at last something he desired for a long time but for some reason he could not acquire it. A slow smile spread on his lips.

¨Well… I have power, but not enough to throw an entire planet into such a mess. However I will not hide the fact that I am very happy to see you and I have all my own, even under these circumstances ¨.

Sia stepped back. But it was Sebastian, standing behind her who caught her softly from the shoulders and, pushing her aside, stepped forward. "Obviously you know the reasons that brought us here," he said calmly. "If you need us, we should work on equal terms."

Ito had withdrew his gaze from Sia and focused onto Sebastian. Sebastian, however, seemed to have regained full self-control once they had entered the room. He seemed completely relaxed, as if it was a normal day and they were out for a walk.

"Interesting," said Ito. He approached him and grabbed his face. He looked deep into his eyes. "You, I never tested you on that day. Tell me, how was the slap that brought you back to life?"

Sebastian's face became bright red. It was obvious that he was trying with every mean not say things that he would regret later. "What you do not know, ¨ continued Ito "is that this way of recovery wouldn't restore anyone else. To unite the mind with the body after such a violent interruption of Network need very specific and careful steps. This is why nobody knows why and mostly how so many were found after the fall of the electromagnetic field of the Earth in the Labyrinth. So now Anastasia de Niez, ¨ and his gaze turned back to the girl, ¨ do you understand why you're so valuable to us? ¨

"Valuable…." The thin voice resonated in her mind. She felt cold sweat bathing her back. She looked up while feeling everything to inside of her freeze. A new feeling - a sense of responsibility - was born inside of her. "One day you have to accept the fact that we, from our side will do anything to protect you." emerged in her mind the words of Sebastian. 'What can I do to protect my family?' crossed her mind. 'After all these years ... It's too late to turn back … I will do everything I can to bring back Maria...'

She raised eyes. Her fists tightened. ¨ I will do whatever it takes to bring Maria back ¨ she said, calm. ¨ I accept to allow you to use me in every possible way you consider right in exchange to help us to locate her brain signal and return it to the body".

Ito's amber eyes shone with joy. He left Sebastian and, upon reaching Sia, without her expecting to, embraced her. She was left embarrassed and blushing, powerless to react. Ito turned to Sebastian. "I am confident that this alliance will be able to reach the desires of both sides. Follow me," he said and moved to the door.

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