Crazier Than Most

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In a Asylum near the town of Snogrove a young girl sits with a Psychiatrist working on her drawing of a monster.

“I just don’t see why someone would throw a kid in here” one guard whispered to the other “She is a little girl for Christ sake.”

“And you will watch your language in front of her” a tan woman with short black hair said as she walked into the room. She turned to the red haired woman sitting with the little girl.

“This is my patient, what’s your name?” she snapped to the younger psychiatrist.

The redhead stood and stuttered words “R-Rana Tanner” she said as she stared at the short woman “I was told to-”

“Vanter doesn’t run this part of Rendall Asylum, now do as I say and go. I will talk with him later” the short woman said.

The red haired woman nodded before walking away, the short woman sighed and turned to the little girl sitting at the other end of the table.

“You poor little girl. What you have seen-” she stopped and closed her eyes “I am Willain DaVoe, I will be your Psychiatrist.”

The little girl said nothing as she finished her drawing and pushed away the paper.

Mrs. DaVoe watched the girl as she brought her feet up into the chair and wrapped her arms around her legs whispering.

DaVoe caught “-Mommy and daddy, I wanna go home-” before sighing and pushing up from her seat “Frank” she said, the bald man came over and stood next to DaVoe.

She waved to the kid “Take her back to the ..cell” It was hard for her to say it, knowing it wasn’t right for a kid to be in a cell in the first place “I am going to have a talk with Mr. Vanter.”

Frank Adams nodded “Yes, ma’am” he said before going to the kid “Hey, I’m Frank” he told the little girl as he got down on one knee in front of her “Stick by me and everything will be alright” he told her.

She stared up at him with big blue eyes and took his hand.

Meanwhile, DaVoe left the room fast walking, her assistant -Carl Effin- walked up to her and had to run a bit to catch up to her.

“Willain? Will, where are you going?” the short man asked “Is something wrong with the girl?”

Mrs. DaVoe sighed as she turned to corner and marched up to the door of Mr. Vanter’s office “No. Nothing is wrong with her.”

With that, she shut the door closed.

A man with graying hair sat at a desk with his back to her “Mrs. DaVoe, is that you?”

As a answer, she slammed her hands down onto his table and he sighed.

“What now?”

She gave him a look that could scare the hair off of a lion “That little girl should not be in this big place. She just wants to go home and that crazy bi-”

“Language DaVoe.”

“-look, she just watched her parents die-”

“Then she will be haunted by that.”

“No she won’t. Like everyone I have talked with of my twenty years of being a psychiatrists, she will be fine after a few sessions when she is older, not now.”

“Listen to me-”

She pointed a red painted fingernail at him “No, you listen to me, Darren” she snapped “One week and we are letting the little girl go. She deserves more than to be treated like a crazy person. That kid deserves a life.”

“I know, Will. But, if her aunt is correct…”

Mrs. DaVoe sighed “And if she isn’t correct and that kid stays in here, it will drive her crazy as she grows older.”

He stayed silent as she walked to the door, then turned back at him “One week. Then she will be out to live life outside of this place.”

She stopped as she opened the door “And keep that new girl -Rana- out of Miss. Crater’s files ...and out of my office.”

The door slammed shut.

Meanwhile, back at the little girl’s cell. She was crying. Frank Adams stood next to the bed trying to comfort her.

“You will be fine, I think Vanter just wants to see if you’re aunt should be thrown in here herself for throwing a kid in Rendall” he tried to joke.

She sniffed and stared up at the tall man “I wanna go home. I wanna be tucked into bed by my daddy so momma can read me stories.”

Frank sat beside the kid “What kind of stories did-does she read you?” he asked softly.

She sniffed and pulled the blanket around her “The Wizard of Oz, she read me that when I was sick last May-” he eyes lit up “-she was reading me Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland when daddy wanted to go out.”

“Where did they go?”

She made a face “Well, we had visited grandma that evening, then we went out to eat because it had been my mommy’s birthday. She loved it.”

The little girl hugged her stuffed animal to her “We dropped off grandma and-” she stopped “I hardly remember.”

Frank had a idea of what had happened.

He patted the kids knee “You’ll remember eventually” Hopefully when you get older, the man added silently.

It was the next day when Vanter ordered a check on the girl, she walked into the Medical Staff’s office with Frank Adams.

A brunette woman sat at the desk and looked at the little girl “Alina?” the woman asked. The girl nodded.

“Alright, Frank wait here. Come with me” she said, the girl grabbed her hand and followed her into the next room.

A man stood wearing a surgical mask to hide his face, he sighed “Not up to date on shots?” he asked the woman, she shook her head and the man reached for a needle.

Alina stared at the needle before quietly letting the man give her her shot.

The elevator dinged and the man stepped off. He walked down the hall with his briefcase in his hand, he turned a corner.

The only door there was a wooden one, the man walked in the door and put his briefcase on the table, he paused when he saw someone was sitting at his desk.

“Oh, pardon me. I didn’t realize you were coming in today sir, I expect you came here through the backway?”

The man nodded.

“Wonderful. The project is already happening me, and my friend took care of it. They won’t remember anything.”

The bald headed man in the chair cocked his head.

“No. They won’t remember you. I made sure of it. My projects are working out great” the man said as he opened the briefcase and took out a vial “The 110, sir. Like you requested.”

The bald headed man took the vial and shook it, the dark liquid moving in the vial.

“I don’t know how it happened but, I will assure you-” the man smiled as he went to his desk and gathered papers “-the project will be crazier than most.”

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