Queen Of Snogrove

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Action / Romance
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Welcome to the town of Snogrove, feel free to visit or stay for a long time. Just be aware of our rules:

No Littering.

No going out after dark (Unless you want to fight)

You may wear black but, just know you will be suspected as a SG Member.

Weapons are a must.

You may defend yourself, but only if someone starts the fight with you.

Our Jail is small, please keep the fighting to a minimum.

If the littlest sign of being insane is shown you WILL be thrown into Rendall.


Some town members may be Rendall Asylum escapees.

Yes, escapees.

As you drove in you may have noticed the road before you go through the bridge, that is our main attraction.

Rendall Asylum.

Be careful if you befriend them, some are criminals while others are ...well they have a temper.

Oh, and never ask who the SG is ...unless you wish to join.

Just a warning, some town members may have very bad behavior problems. If a member of the SG attacks you without a permit call Alina Crater at the Crater home or call William’s Shipping and get in touch with Jake Wilks.

The Mayor has no say in the SG. Don’t come to her asking for help.

The Snogrove Police Department can handle it but, they would prefer not to.

And if you need somebody ‘gone’ get in touch with Zarian Thorrnhill or Thomas Knight, those two can easily take care of your problem.

Oh, and be careful. Some of Snogrove City has thief’s, if seen call SPD or take the risk of taking them down yourself -talking to you Mick Larson and Colton Montez.

This message is from Snogrove City Hall.


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