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Double Life

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Chapter 2

“Girls, come down here please!” Mom called.

I sigh, then roll off my bed, making my way to my room door. I saw Harley waiting for me outside of my door, I walked up next to her, and together we went downstairs.

In front of the door there was a woman with dark brown hair and blue eyes. Next to her were two boys,one with brown hair and blue eyes, the other with black hair and grey eyes.

“Mrs. Hathaway, this is my daughter Harley, and my adopted daughter Lily.” Mom said introducing us.

“Nice to meet you girls, these are my two son’s, Ace and Landon.” She said motioning to the two boys.

“Nice to meet you too.” Harley said with a smile on her face. “What school do you guys go to?” She asked turning towards the boy with blue eyes. I think his name was Landon.

“Springfield High.” Landon answered with absolutely no hint of emotion in his voice.

I stood there silently, listening to their conversation while thinking about my mission that’s taking place later tonight. From barely listening to their conversation, the most I got out of it was that Harley and I would be going to the same high school as Landon and Ace. The parents soon left to ge make dinner in the kitchen, leaving the rest of us to fend for ourselves.

I got to say, from the last ten minutes that I have been waiting have been the most boring and uneventful ten minutes of my life! No one talked, like whatsoever, we all just sat in the living room on our phones. I could feel Ace’s gaze on my shoulder sometimes, looking at my tattoo. Note to self, when you have new neighbors or people in general over for dinner, make sure my tattoo isn’t showing.

“Kids!” My mom yelled. “Dinners ready!”

We all got up to go to the dining room, but in the process of moving, I may or may not have accidently tripped and bumped into Ace.

“Watch it.” He growled.

“It was an accident jackass.” I said giving him a glare.

In the corner of my eye I could see Harley giving me the ‘don’t do something stupid’ look, which I get from her a lot on a day to day basis. We both walked to the dinner table together and took our spots, sadly, Ace was across from me, but luckily I had Harley next to me, just means I can put all the blame on her if something goes wrong.

The whole time during dinner I was super paranoid that something might happen, so paranoid that I was tapping the table with my finger, rather annoyingly. Harley, who must have been annoyed by the sound I was making, slapped my hand off the table and shot me a glare. Doing what I do best, I picked up a knife and began to twirl it under the table to calm my nerves. Weird right? Most people smoke to calm nerves, but not me, I twirl knives and sometimes kill people.

Soon after dessert, the Hathaways went home, and Harley and I began to get ready to go out for the night.

“So, any idea of where we are going to set up a base?” Harley asked picking up her bag.

“Yeah a friend told me of a place where we could set up.” I told her while putting knives up my sleeves.

“Right, friends.” She said using quotations motions when she said friends.

“Yes, friends.”

“Well, lead the way.” She said gesturing towards the open window.

We jumped out the window and climbed down the apple tree on the side of the house. We ran half a block down the street and through an alleyway. It was there where we found the abandoned building we were looking for.

“What is this place?” Harley asked looking around.

“An old base me and a couple of friends used a few years ago.” I answered.


We stood in the room, all geared up and ready to go. Parker was at the computers, making sure out headsets were all working, while Azal, Nico, Celeste, Carter and I were loading our guns and cracking jokes to each other.

“Alright guys, everything’s a go!” Parker yelled from his spot, giving us a thumbs up.

“juntos para siempre, no importa qué, para la familia es más fuerte con cada miembro” We all said in unison.

“Lets go.” Nico said giving us a nod.

And just like that, we left the warehouse to go on our mission together. Out in the night, in a deadly silence, being the stealthy assassins that we were.

*Flashback Over*

“Hey, you okay?” Harley asked waving a hand in front of my face.

“I’m fine, just recalled a memory.” I said with a blank face and no hint of emotion in my voice.

We didn’t talk after that. Harley set up her computers and gadgets in the far corner, and I set up all my weapons and ammo in another corner. I pulled out my phone and read the list of names of the people that I am to kill at the party.

“Richard Parker, Jerome Morgenstern, and Caroline Ridgewell, are all to be dead by tonight.” - A

I geared up, put my mask on and hood up, then grabbed my sniper and headed out towards the Matza Plaza, where my victims are waiting to be exiled.

I stalked my victims from the top of a nearby building overlooking the plaza. At least a hundred people were there, all dressed up in fancy dresses and suits, with their hair all done up nice and neat, and all their expensive jewelry and watches on show just so people can see how rich and important they think they are. I pity all of them, they could be with their families right now instead of here, just waiting to be picked off one by one.

My three specific victims were clumped together at a table in the far right of the plaza. I just had to wait a few more seconds before Harley cuts the power for exactly ten seconds. I readied my sniper, aiming for the heart of my first choice out of the three. And then the lights when off, and my shots were fired. Screams were heard and the lights came back on. A small smile came to my face as I saw three bodies on the ground, all bloody and dead.

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