Bravery by night

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Historical fiction takes you back to world war two were a girl starts her journey. This is the first book in a series of short stories. I hope you enjoy a new take on world war two. This was written for a school project a few years back and is not that good but still I hope you can enjoy it as much as I likes re-reading it.

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Chapter 1

Katherine stilling


Bravery By Night

It is hardest to be brave at the hardest of times. At those times we need heros. I have read thousands of storys of love o war and of pain. Nothing is like the life I live now this is not some Shakpere play this is my life. My name is Marie Schilling, I’m 18 years old and I live in the center of World War II. Were the thunder growls in the night, were the lightning flashes in the distance. Were there is always a storm. Yet it is not a storm, the thunder and lightning is cannons and gunshots. They take more lives than a storm could ever. There is no escape from this storm. Still hope prevails through the people we hear of in the news. These people the ones in the newspapers. The ones the Nazi’s call traiters and scum they are heros. My best friends are Megan Rosen and Charlotte Shade. Both are Jews. This is my story.

Both of my friends are hunted by the dreaded, terrible Nazis. They showed up just one year ago. At first they did not look for them but now they do. And I protect them. Just a few days ago me and my family sent Megan Rosan to England to live with relatives. She has sent me a letter. This is what it exclaimed:

My new life is different. The people who live here celebrate me. Thy would like it. The streets are lit up with candles and lights that shine bright at night. There is coffee and tea every day ( with much cream). Sweets are also plentiful. Although I miss you much, my friend, I am meant to be here. And here I should stay.

Your Dear Friend,

-Meghan Rosan

This eased me from the pain but layered in even more. I still have one Jew living in a hidden cupboard. If the german’s found we were shipping Meg off. If now they found Charlotte. They would die, I would die, my family would die; the pain of my life.

This is how Megan ended, happy as can be. But not all of us can be happy or have happy endings. This is what happened to my dear friend Charlotte Shade. Charlotte was captured. It pierces my heart just thinking of the word captured. I tried to find her at the holding post. It is an awful place, stained with the tears that can never be washed away. With the traces of blood and small items they forgot to clean up. I looked for hours, screaming until I lost my voice, but she was gone. Gone from me, gone from the world. And then the worst feeling came over me- despair. And I cried out, ”Why, why did you take her? What did she do to you?” And at this time I wanted her to call back more than any other time. And she did not call back. Gone from me.

I thought and heard in my head the sound I wanted to hear-Hope. And then I knew that second what I would do. So I started off to Germany, to Charlotte. When I got there well… there is only one way to describe it was beautiful lines of stores and little markets with bright elambrint designs skirts and scarves. In some of the shop windows I saw little wooden clocks and beautiful glass cabinets with amazing flowers and swirls like the ones you see in fancy dresses. In front of each and every was a little light that flickers like a candle. But it was also terrible the sun was up so people were about. But in the middle of the street there was a line of people- all with stars like my friends. “A new bach of the scum most of them were in hiding in France others in our own clean Germany,” said a Nazi soldier in disgust. Slowly I followed the Jews. Skimming the line looking for dear charlotte. I wanted to yell, “Let them go!” But I did not, I knew if I did I would be captured. So I simply followed them.

Thinking how shall I get in? I had not thought of this before. Should I walk in plainly? No that would lead me to death! Alas I had no idea but then I looked around I saw a newspaper the headline said, FREEDOM AT LAST! local girl frees girl from camp. It is a secret newspaper, made by the brave souls who like mw do not agree that lives should be wasted. On it in neat handwriting it said, To marie I know what you want to do I went threw the sewers you should to I freed the girl my name is Nadia Shallen. I looked around scaning for a person, but no such person was in sight. I sighed but turned back to the paper. That was my solution tonight I would go to save her if I was not too late. That night I crept through the streets. I knew what sewer was right on the back of the newspaper there was a map. Soon I approached it The space to enter was black and tiny I was afraid of small spaces. But then I thought of Charlotte dying tomorrow, and I slipped down into the hole. I was scared. The sewer was all dark I had to crouch down and it was so skinny I had to go through on my side. But I went onward slowly making my way. When I got out I was quite relieved but they were ready for me. Gunshots fired and I was knocked out in the heat of fire.

When I woke up I saw myself covered in bandages. “ You were shot in the leg twice and in your arms. Also there is one gunshot in your back you are lucky to have survived,” one of them snapped. “We would have killed you but we need information,” another mentioned.

“ I will tell you nothing” I said.

“YOU MUST SPEAK UP OR WE KILL YOU AND HER!” He yelled pointing to a young girl. I could not let that happen. I grabbed a walking stick that was close to me then, I attacked. I stabbed, I hit, I knocked someone out. When I go close to the girl I hit the chains and told her “ Run, leave, hide and don’t look back.”

“ What about you?”

“ I came for someone else and I will not leave without her.”

“ Can you save more of us?”

“I shall if I can.”

Then we ran different ways into the darkness. I started to the nearest of the tents and picked the lock with my hairpin. As I let the rest of them go into the darkness, I searched the lot of them and finally I saw her Charlotte Shade scared but alive.

I opened the rest of the tents and then I started getting all of the Jews into the sewer. With Charlotte right behind me I lead the way we move with speed like a cheetah at full speed. We slipped out slowly into the fresh spring air. We swiftly rushed back to sweden to the holding post. Once we got there we slowed down. I knew that now that they were free and that the germans knew who freed them we would be hunted by the nazis. So I went to my friend megan. Right away we were sent to england.

When we stept of the plane we saw her finally.



And from now on we were awarded badges for bravery ,bravery by night. I am now a affechell spy for the united kingdom. And at last my mission is finished my friends are safe.

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