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Chapter 26

Friday night and the ‘Corkscrew’ was packed! Jake had ran announcements of an appreciation party for team Rhoad/Steele…east Texas’s only professional auto racing team, winner of every Grand American event so far this year, winner of the Miami Grand Prix.

People had been urged to come out and celebrate with free barbecue, a live band, dancing, and prizes for most enthusiastic fans. All the team and their families were present.

Suzanne and Sandy had special team windbreakers made to their design. Very colorful, tasteful, and beautiful in a wide variety of sizes and each team member and their families got one.

Dallas and Amelia had commemorative plaques made up for each event victory that the team had won this year. Each plaque had specific, unique styling for that event and they were very detailed trophies, which Dallas and Amelia presented to each team member.

Jake and Steele had special bonuses, which were presented by themselves together to each member of the team.

Two bands were playing, one outside set up on a stage in the parking lot and another inside where people could dance.

The food was all done in house by the staff of the ‘Corkscrew’ and consisted of Chappell Hill sausage, barbecue brisket and chicken. All were made in vast quantities; along with potato salad, coleslaw, and ranch style beans, all had fun.

Madison Avenue had a display set up on the ‘Corkscrew’ walkway with their fashions and the stores that carried them in the East Texas area, along with how to buy them online.

Stoudenmire Investments had a trailer set up in the parking lot with a walk through display informing the public of who Stoudenmire was, very informative and impressive.

The event was huge and it was all Texas in style and feel.

The racecars were on display, including Sandy’s Willow Springs ride, shown with a giant screen television behind the wreckage, playing the wreck sequence over and over.

All four drivers were signing autographs and handing out hero cards that had photographs along with information about the drivers, the cars, the team, and future events.

A contest was also started to name the new car. The team had come up with Destiny…so now the fans had a chance to name the new machine with Jessica and Sandy being the judges.

The winner would get the opportunity of a lifetime. They would get to go to the next event on the schedule as a team member! All they had to do was fill out a card with their information and the name they suggested with an explanation, if they felt it needed one. They could do so now, at the event, or later online.

Through the course of the evening, Jake avoided Sandy and Jessica. This was getting increasingly difficult to do.

Jake did dance with Amelia when she came up and asked him. Amelia was dressed in a flimsy burgundy colored blouse that really clung to her breast, which show cased them in enormous detail and the fact that she had nothing on underneath left very little to the imagination. Along with the blouse, Amelia was wearing black jeans that were so tight Jake wondered how she was able to move, let alone how she managed to button them up, all in all one of the most beautiful women at the party.

During the dance Amelia made a point of rubbing her body hard against Jake’s. The way she danced and looked into Jake’s eyes were very suggestive. Amelia’s breasts were firm against his chest and Jake could feel her nipples pushing into him.

Feeling eyes burning into him, Jake looked over at Amelia’s husband, but he was enjoying a conversation with Steele. Sandy was laughing it up with a few of the guys from the crew, then Jake saw Jessica staring at him with jealousy in her eyes. Jake looked away pretending not to see in the dark and tried to separate a little from Amelia.

Amelia looked up with what could be described as longing in her eyes, “I remember that night we met Jake.”

Jake looked at her and thought how truly beautiful and desirable a woman she was.

“Jake, I can still feel your hands on my breasts.” Amelia voice was sounding husky and sensual. “Jake, I…”

Jake stopped dancing and stepped backward.

“Why, Jake, I seem to be getting your attention.” Amelia was not looking at Jake’s face, “I do swear you are a more impressive man every day I know you…” Then she laughed a very devilish laugh.

Jake reached for her hand and led her back to the table where Dallas and Steele were still laughing at some anecdote.

Amelia pecked her husband’s cheek and said, “Thank you, Jake…you know fellas, until I danced with Jake I had no idea just how big a man he is…”

Jake had all of her fun he could handle and just said, “Excuse me,” giving Amelia his evil eye flash, as he moved away…fast.

Jake thought just what I need…another woman in my life…then he thought…the shame of it all is none of them are actually in my life at all, not that way. The fact is his sex life was zero. He actually wasn’t involved with any of these women and he hadn’t been…yet. Sandy and Jessica both were acting like jealous wives.

Amelia was just a little bit intoxicated and that was all…that and she liked to see what affect she had on men. She enjoyed playing games that’s how they met. Jake felt that Amelia was actually dedicated to her husband. Jake remembered and could still feel her body against his.

Jake was about half the way to his office when he stopped dead in his tracks. “Just what the hell are you doing?” Jake asked himself out loud. “Why are you running? Two beautiful, desirable women are wanting you, go have fun with them, enjoy yourself.”

Jake’s hesitance at doing anything with Sandy or Jessica was born out of trying to preserve their feelings and actually he was making them both feel rejected. Go back and start having fun and just don’t commit to anything…then see what happens.

Jake took on a new energy in his step as he headed straight for Sandy; the band was playing an old slow two-step song when he made it to her side.

“Sandy, come dance with me,” Jake said it out loud staring down into her into her lovely eyes, eyes that held surprise.

“Why Jake I just don’t know, you’ve been…”

Jake interrupted, actually a little rudely, “Look, I don’t know where this is going…if anywhere, I’m not asking to marry you or anything, just come and dance with me…now.”

Sandy hesitated for just a moment then got up and took Jake’s hand.

On the dance floor Sandy melted into Jake’s arms.

They moved beautifully together to the rhythm of the slow song.

Sandy wasn’t the dancer that Amelia was, but that didn’t matter to Jake. Sandy felt right to him, everything about her was right.

“Sandy, where did you learn to kick and fight like that?”

“Chuck Norris, well not him personally, but I went through his karate school and I still train today. I’ve even earned my black belt.”

“A black belt? That is impressive. I always wanted to learn how to do that, but I guess I’m too old, now.”

“No, you’re never are too old to learn. I could teach you.”

The band finished and went right into the old song ‘Slow Dancing’ so Jake and Sandy never paused, they just adjusted their pace to the new rhythm and Sandy’s body felt just as sexy as Amelia’s had.

Jake, near the end of the song said, “Sandy, I know you’ve been hurt…by someone, somewhere in your past…and to tell you the truth I’m scared too…so let’s just have fun with each other with no strings and let’s see where it takes us.”

Sandy leaned her head back looking up into Jake’s green eyes, “I don’t know, Jake…”

“That’s right, Sandy and neither do I, so…let’s not make anymore mistakes. Let’s just have fun and see where that takes us,” Jake hugged her close then walked her back to her table.

Sandy didn’t say anything else, but smiled to him warmly as Jake left.

Jake felt better now that he had managed to talk with Sandy about their feelings for each other. Sandy did something to his heart, but his brain was dictating caution and now he had said his peace.

Jake headed over to Jessica and she was gone, then he saw her dancing with some guy that Jake didn’t know.

Jessica looked up at Jake. Jake smiled a warm grin and waved, then turned and headed down to the grill area and his table.

Jake felt like a ton of bricks had been lifted. What had he been thinking, letting all this trouble him so.

In the shadows behind his old racecar, Jake saw Irving with a woman pushed tightly against the wall. Irving was passionately kissing her while one hand was sliding up her thigh, lifting her skirt, high! Irving’s other hand was clasped tightly on her breast, their mouths locked in a long kiss. A door opened near them illuminating their faces…Irving was making out with Suzanne Clark!

Jake took this all in somewhat stunned. This was not good. Irving was not the kind of guy to mess around with…Jake only hoped that Suzanne was not toying with Irving. Jake looked away and tried to forget what he had seen, but Jake had met women like Suzanne before and she was playing with fire if she thought Irving would be a good one-night stand. Irving didn’t need to be toyed with.

Jake looked back in time to see them move off towards the front door. What business was it of his anyway?

Jake was ordering his supper when Jessica walked up. Jake stood up and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “I was just going to eat, have you eaten yet?”

“No, I haven’t…I would love to join you.” Jake helped her by gentlemanly holding her seat.

Old Fernandez was taking his order, “Jessica, this is Fernandez.” Fernandez took Jessica’s hand and lightly kissed it.

“Oh, yes it was my pleasure to see your interview on Speedstars, our newest racing driver, yes?” Fernandez smiled warmly at Jessica.

“That’s right,” Jake answers for Jessica.

“Congratulations, what a great debut for your racing career. Now what can I get for you?” Fernandez asked.

Jessica answers, “Thank you, Fernandez, oh, I think I want some of that Texas barbeque everyone else is eating.”

Jake says, “Same for me.”

Fernandez looks disappointed, but smiles and leaves.

“I see you’re Mr. Popular tonight,” Jessica smiles a taunting sexy grin.

Jake considered that for a moment then said, “Well, that makes two of us, doesn’t it? However a beautiful woman like you that’s probably normal…for me it’s either feast or famine…and when it comes to having a meaningful relationship it’s usually famine.”

“Why, Jake?” Jessica reached with both her hands to clasp his.

“I don’t know, really. I guess I’m just not too good at it…one could always find excuses I suppose, but really it just comes down to…I’m just not good at commitment to a relationship. When I want to do something or go somewhere, I just do it or go and that doesn’t work with most relationships.”

Jessica’s eyes were lovely in the ambiance created by the flickering lights. They seemed to radiate warmth and love.

A waiter brought several platters heaped with barbecue and the side dishes, along with empty plates, so they could pile on whatever they wished.

Jake was eating like a true gentleman. When he noticed this delicate flower of a woman ravenously going after a chicken quarter. Holding it with both hands, Jessica was gnawing and ripping chunks out with her teeth, barbecue sauce smearing both cheeks.

Jessica suddenly looked up to find Jake watching her and she got embarrassed, “Oh, you must think I’m a pig! It’s just I was so famished and I just love barbecue and…”

“No, no…whatever you do, don’t stop.” Jake, now was the embarrassed one, “I didn’t mean to stare…it’s just…you’re the sexiest woman eating I’ve ever seen…that was so, so…sensual.”

Jessica let that soak in for just a moment, then laughed and continued to devour her chicken. In a moment she stopped and held up a Chapel Hill sausage link on her fork. “Jake, you only thought that chicken was sensual…” Then she really began laughing at Jake’s red face.

The evening was fun, soon Jake was taken away to tend to some problem and after that he slipped out through his office to his old Jeep and drove home, alone to the comfortable old porch, where he drank coffee and looked up at the stars…thanking the Lord for his life and making his dreams come true
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