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Chapter 41

The shop was dark and cold. Steele worked at his desk, excited for his latest project. Steele’s boundless enthusiasm seemed to magnify each year, with each passing season and now, Formula One!

Steele stopped and looked at a faded picture hanging on his crowded wall. Did he dare to dream of bringing the United States a F1 Championship?

Staring at that kid with the glint in his eyes, of course was the answer, that’s one dream he has carried with him the longest. What would those guys he raced back then think?

“Well, fellas you’re here with me…right here,” Steele tapped his chest over his heart, “every mile…you ride with us.”

Jake walked through the shop and turned toward Steele’s office, when he heard Steele speak.

Steele spied Jake’s approach through his open door and smiled with just a tinge of embarrassment.

“Well Jake you caught me talking to myself,” Steele lied.

“Oh Really?” Jake stepped into the office, looking at the wall of old photos, “it sounded more like you were talking to these guys, good talk, I might add.”

Steele continued smiling, nodding the affirmative, “I thought you had gone home.”

“My Jeep’s battery is dead, so I came back in looking for a charger,” Jake stated that, smiled and turned to go.

“Jake it’s late, why don’t you just drive Jessie’s car, it’s parked behind mine, she’s out of the country and I know she wouldn’t mind. I would just have to move it anyway.”

Jake hesitated for a moment.

“Really, Jake it’s just for one night and I’ll get one of the guys to charge it or get a new battery tomorrow,” Steele tossed Jessica’s keys to Jake.

“Ok partner…I’ll see you in the A.M.” Jake turned to go, and then stopped. Looking back towards Steele, Jake stared into Steele’s face, eye to eye, “You know something, Steele?”

“What’s that?” Steele wrinkled his brow and mouth in a question. This made him look even more piratical with his black patch.

“They’re riding right here with me too.” Jake patted his chest looking very serious, and then with a parting glance at the photographs of his racing heroes, Jake turned and walked off into the night.

The rental car pulled up to the old farmhouse, turning into the road that led up to the house. Sandy was uncharacteristically nervous; she loved Jake, as much as she could love anyone. This would fix everything, she knew that now, and then Jake would be hers.

The headlights illuminated the rear of Jessica’s car, parked at Jake’s farmhouse. The custom plates ‘STR WAYS’, told Sandy that this car did belong to Jessica Strangeways.

Everything stopped suddenly for Sandy, her plans, her schemes, her love all stopped as though a switch had been turned off.

Sandy’s face turned cold with no emotion showing, her body was too numb to feel the pain…again. Sandy put her car in reverse and backed out to the road. Sandy switched her shifter to drive and drove away into the darkness…never looking back.
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