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Young Pathologist Elizabeth Micheals has lived a normal life but a terrible accident changed everything. Haunted by dreams and memories that aren't hers she seeks help only to find Damien, a figure from her dreams. When the two starts asking question, the wrong and dangerous questions, a agency is sent out to find the two. On the run, Liz must learn to trust her own mind and discover who she really. Nothing is as it seems. Lies is all around her. Who can she trust? Will she run forever or do what they never could?


The hollow blackened night surrounded the SUV, cloaking us form the icy exterior that was clawing its way inside. Winter was never a toy to play with especially snow. My mother and father kept to themselves in the front seat whilst my younger brother and I made the time seem less dull. The light of the moon would bounce on our windows reflection through the small openings of the trees.

"Are we there yet?" My brother asked. He was only seven making him the most impatient one of all.

"Not yet, almost" My mother whispered from the front seat.

My ears tuned them out faster than the speed of sound as they continued on talking. My forehead pressed up against the window, I watched as the snowflakes danced on their descent down from the heavens. So white and pure as the moment they left the sky until they reached the surface of the grown, protecting the earth from whatever it may bring.

"Honey, Are you alright?" My father asked. Pulling me back to reality. His eyes were fixed on me, staring passed my protective layer always had up.

"I..." The sentence was not even in its starting phase before i heard the sound of metal against metal. The screeching sound of tires burning against the tar road in order to stop. The shattering of glass that echoed through the car and the hollow woods. I could not see anything past my hair covering my face. My seat belt clung to my body with such grip Bruises will be all but a must.

Then there was nothing, no sound, no air, no smell, nothing but complete darkness.

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