Under Her Rule (Book 2)

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She knew she needed him by her side and, after about two and a half years, she didn't know how much longer she could go on without him. No one expected Loxley to take over, she certainly wasn't supposed to, but that didn't stop her. Becoming the Queen was easy, it was convincing everyone that she could actually rule the kingdom that was hard, especially with their king gone. With Cristiano no longer standing by her side and old friends trying take her down, being the boss of the Italian Mafia proved to be a little harder than Loxley had expected. Follow Loxley as she works through her struggles on the inside and the outside, proving that she can do it better than he can.

Action / Romance
Ailish Dean
4.4 7 reviews
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Warning & Note

Thank you for reading Under Her Rule. Just before you get started, please note that there is a lot of cursing and sex in this book. The characters in this story are vulgar people and are apart of gangs. To put it simply, they have dirty mouths. It’s just apart of the world they live in. If you are uncomfortable with this, I do not suggest reading.

Along those lines, this is an original story and I am the sole author and owner of the content and ideas that follow. I do not accept any forms of copying or plagiarism.

Thank you and enjoy!

Ailish Dean

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