The Last Shewolf

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Chapter 11: Rogues

I woke up feeling rested, my hand looking for him in the now-cold sheets. I groaned as I realized I was alone, scenting the air I could tell he had been gone a while. I sat up, stretching my back out, before padding naked to the bathroom.

I turned the shower on, hot, and let the warmth work the kinks out of my muscles. I was really looking forward to seeing everyone today and getting our bikes out of the trailer. Ours were first in, all the way in the back, since we had to drive the truck and trailer. I’d slept until ten, even with the time change that was late. I was just turning off the water when I heard the room door open. “Snake?”

“Ah, Sleeping Beauty awakes,” he said. I stepped out, drying myself off as I heard him moving around. “I got you breakfast.”

“You should have woken me up!”

“I didn’t have the heart, you have such cute, ladylike snores… and when I kissed you, you hugged my pillow and went back to sleep.”

I wrapped the towel around me and went to the sink, brushing my teeth. I heard the door open as Snake, dressed in cargo shorts and a Harley shirt, walked behind me. I could see in the mirror his attention was taken by my towel-covered ass. “See something you like?”

“Absolutely. That’s something I can get behind,” he said. He moved forward, pulling me into his crotch as I tried to finish my two minutes of brushing. “Oh yeah, keep brushing, that makes your butt wiggle SO nicely against me.” I kept going, getting more distracted by the moment. He couldn’t keep his hands to himself, moments later the towel was open in front and his strong hands were cupping my breasts as they moved.

I spit into the sink. “My breakfast is getting cold,” I said.

“There’s a microwave,” he said. He tossed the towel away, dropping his shorts and plunging into my willing sex.

It was a good thing, too.

I had those pancakes for lunch.

We finally got out of the room at 12:30 and got into the truck. After a quick stop for Mountain Dew and gasoline, we arrived at the airport. We had only a half hour before the flight was to arrive as we parked in the pickup area in a place well back from the crowd. We dropped the ramp of the trailer, and Snake wheeled each bike out while I filled it with gas and started it. Once they were all lined up, we got back in the truck to wait; Snake didn’t like me being alone, and we couldn’t leave all the vehicles in the pickup area. I held his hand as we waited. “Snake… what exactly is this? What we’re doing? Is it just a hookup?”

He pulled his hand up, kissing the back of mine. “I hope not. I feel like I’ve outpunted my coverage by thirty yards. I can’t believe a woman like you is with me, and I don’t want it to end.” I blushed. “So no, I’m hoping it isn’t a fling, I feel more for you than that. I’d like to see where this takes us, and I’m not afraid to say I have hopes it could be permanent.”

“I’m not ready for that,” I said as his face fell. “Permanent, I mean. I do like you a lot, Snake, you make me FEEL again, and I need that so bad with everything else that is going on.” I looked down at our hands. “I don’t know if it will work out, but I want to see what happens.”

“Day by day,” he said.

“I love these days,” I said as I leaned in to kiss him. The makeout session soon became heated, and he pulled me over to straddle him as his hands moved inside my T-shirt. I was wearing a jean short with a Harley-Davidson belt, a black Harley shirt and my leather cut. I kissed him passionately as his fingers moved under the cups of my bra, pinching my nipples as I squirmed against him. I was lost in the feelings, I was just about to peak from the movement of our hips when

BANG BANG BANG! “What the hell, Doc? Snake? Since when?” Teri looked in the driver’s side door, the window was already down, and she had a hurt look on her face. “You two?”

I was red with embarrassment, but I nodded. “Us two.”

“Oh my GOD, this is so cool! I thought you were good together, and ummm I can SEE how good together you are,” as I pushed my bra back over my boobs, “but you didn’t even tell ME?”

I scooted off his lap and out the door, jumping into her arms. “It happened kind of sudden, we kind of bonded during the trip,” I said. The other club members gathered around, hugging both of us, thanking us for doing the haul and teasing us about being caught “practicing for soft-core porn,” as Viper said. We went around to the back, where they transferred the contents of their backpacks to saddlebags, and tossed any remaining gear in the trailer.

Teri sat on her bike, grinning excitedly. “So, are you happy?”

I blushed. “You can’t imagine.”

“Oh, I have a VERY good imagination.” She pulled me close and whispered in my ear. “Rumor has it Snake is capable of giving a woman quite the night.”

“Oh, God yes. I swear, if he went any deeper when he fucked me, I’d taste him.” We both cracked up.

“I guess we aren’t sharing a room then?”

“Sorry, no. I, uh, kind of upgraded us to a whirlpool room with a king bed. You get the old room to yourself.”

“Damn. I was hoping to borrow your power tools since Hammer won’t do me any good. It’s not like you will need them.” Snake had closed up the trailer, and everyone was mounted up. “I guess we’ll see you back at the hotel. No road sex, we don’t need any accidents.”

I just shook my head, laughing, as I walked back to the passenger side of the truck. All the motorcycles fired up, Viper and Doc led them out two wide, and we pulled out behind them. Our club had a good start, enjoying the warm weather, and checked into the hotel rooms. While they were getting settled, Snake and I unloaded our motorcycles and gassed them up. We headed south along the beach highway, stopping for dinner at a biker bar, and returning just before sundown.

The next four days were amazing. We would ride hundreds of miles a day, enjoying the warm weather and the sandy beaches and attractions. Snake rode next to me in the back, and as I became a better rider, we moved closer to the formation until we finally were in the right places. I laughed a lot, drank to excess, got too much sun, and spent a lot of time in the sack with my man.

It was New Year’s Eve, and we were heading up into South Carolina to Hilton Head. We took our time, enjoying the three-hour ride on the back roads instead of the freeway. We had lunch at a pizza place, then spent most of the afternoon exploring the beaches before meeting for dinner at a barbecue joint. We spent an hour there, eating way too much in the way of ribs and drinking too much lite beer. “I have to use the restroom,” I said.

“Me too,” Teri said. I got up, leaning down to kiss Snake and licking the tangy sauce off the corner of his mouth. We worked our way through the crowded restaurant and bar; we had tables at one end, and the bathrooms were in the other wing, with the entrance in the middle. We pushed through, doing our business before meeting at the sink. “You look great,” Teri said. “You needed this trip.”

“I need more Snake,” I said with a grin. “We told ourselves we would take things day to day, nothing is guaranteed, but I’m falling for him hard.”

“I see the way he looks at you, Vivian, he’s absolutely in love with you,” she said. “I’m so happy for you both.” We fixed our hair and walked back out, laughing to each other as we went. It was then I froze.

The smell.


I looked ahead, there were three men who were standing by the front doors. They were dressed in beach clothing, all were tall and heavily muscled. The biggest one was sniffing excitedly, looking for the source of the scent that I knew was mine. My eyes met his and they went wide in recognition. The three started to move towards me, spreading out to block my escape.

I had no time to think. Pushing Teri aside, I flipped over a table into the walkway, sending dishes and drinks everywhere. I ran left, banging through the emergency exit and outside as the men tried to catch up. I jumped on my motorcycle, peeling out of the lot, and barely avoiding the hand of the men as they tried to grab me.

I accelerated hard, running a stop sign and taking the sharp curve at speed. I wasn’t fast enough, I heard a car engine behind me, it was big, and it was getting closer. Looking in my mirror, I could see a sports car coming up quickly, a Jeep behind it.

I looked at the road ahead, there were too many lights, too many people to get away. I knew if I got stuck in traffic, one of the men would jump out. Taking a left at speed, I turned onto a road heading out towards the wild marsh areas of the island.

My motorcycle wasn’t big enough and I wasn’t a good enough rider to evade them. I could take the corners faster, but their engines caught them up in the straightaways. We were on a deserted road, nothing but sand and scrub and swamp on both sides, and that is where they took me down.

The Charger pulled up next to me, the wolf in the passenger seat grinning, then they cut me off. I couldn’t brake fast enough, so it was either hit their car or go off the road. I went right, my front wheel sticking in the muck just off the road, and I went flying over the handlebars as my bike somersaulted. I crashed through the brush, cutting myself in multiple places before landing hard on my left shoulder.

I looked back through the weeds, the men were stopping and coming back. I pulled off my cut and tossed it back to the edge, then shifted, destroying my other clothes in the process. I tried to run through the swamp, but my front left shoulder was hurting bad and I was practically on three legs.

I heard three howls from behind me as the rogues took up the chase. I pushed forward, but I knew it was hopeless. There was no way I could outrun three men with a bad leg, bleeding from multiple cuts, and alone.

I sure as hell wasn’t going to give up without a fight.

I found a small clearing where the land rose a little, giving a twenty-foot circle of dry ground. My knife was still around my neck, but I’d never stand a chance in human form against the three of them. I shook it off my neck, leaving it at the edge, and turned to face them. I growled loudly, my hackles raised, as the three spread out in front of me. The man in front shifted, standing naked and clearly aroused. He was about six-foot-two, easily two hundred pounds, and had a scar on his left cheek and across his chest. “There’s no need for you to get hurt any more than you already are, shewolf.” I growled again. “You don’t have a chance. Come with us and it will go better for you.”

I saw one of the grey wolves try to move up behind me, I spun and lashed out, my teeth ripping his ear before he jumped back. The other wolf attacked just then, his teeth tearing into my back left leg. For the next few minutes, this is how it went; they worked together, biting my legs and haunches, while I tried to put up a defense. I was running out of time and strength, I couldn’t heal from the blood loss. I leaped for a wolf’s throat, getting lucky and latching on, ripping it out. I had no time to turn before the second wolf was on my back, his teeth around my neck, biting down hard.

I whined as he forced my head to the ground; he would kill me in seconds if I didn’t submit, so I did. I stilled my body, lifting my head to expose my throat, and the wolf relaxed his grip and got off me. I was panting hard, my whole body hurt, and I was dreading what was coming.

(trigger warning- rape scene)

He pushed his hips forward, moving my own hips up as my neck was still pinned down. I tried to keep my tail over my sex, but he pushed it aside, his red head probing until it was aligned. I howled in pain as he pushed in dry, sheathing himself in one powerful stroke.

He didn’t care about me as he held my broken body down, taking what he wanted from me. I couldn’t cry in wolf form, but my wolf and I were shaking in anger and humiliation. My traitorous body responded as my body was designed, despite my objections; the rapid pounding pushed me higher.

He let go of my neck with his teeth, a large paw keeping me pinned to the ground, as things built to a climax. The first man, still in human form, was watching as he played with himself. “He’s going to claim you, but he promised me he would share,” he said with a leer.

NOOO!” My wolf howled in my head, understanding what was about to happen. He was going to bite my neck when my traitorous body orgasmed, binding me to him permanently, till death do us part. I howled in pain and loss at the thought; my true mate would be lost forever, that thread broken by my bond forming with another. I struggled, helplessly, until the sensation overwhelmed me and I came hard.

He felt my sex clenching around him and released his seed into me as his jaws bit deep into the junction of my neck and shoulder. I howled in pain, soon replaced by pleasure as the bond took rook. He pulled off, dropping to the ground and panting hard, as the bond took root in his mind as well. I felt his bond pushing into my head, overcoming the walls I put up to keep him out. “SHIFT,” he said.

My human side pushed against it, but my wolf couldn’t stop herself. The bond had already sapped her will, forcing her to accept this man, this RAPIST as ours, and to obey him. I shifted back into human form, naked and bleeding.

The other werewolf approached me, and I scooted back on my butt towards the edge of the ring, hoping I was in the right place.

“You’re a hot little wolf, young one,” the man said with a leer. He stood over me, a big hand coming down to grab my hair. He pulled me to his rigid staff, just as my fingers found what they were looking for. Pulling the knife from the sheath, I brought it around and up into his groin, severing his femoral artery and slicing deep into his leg. “BITCH!!!” He backhanded me, knocking me to the ground as I pulled the knife out. He came after me again, and this time I stabbed him in the stomach.

He was mortally wounded, and absolutely furious. He would have killed me if he wasn’t grabbed and tossed aside by my mate, who had now shifted back into human form. I exposed my neck, against my human will, submitting to him again. This time, he wasn’t appeased, and he grabbed my neck, pulling me to my feet, then lifting me into the air. I struggled to breathe as his fingers closed in on windpipe. “You’re going to be fun to break,” he said.

Spots started appearing in my vision, I heard a shot and then everything went blank.

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