The Last Shewolf

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Chapter 22: Duluth

Snake’s POV

I walked back downstairs, still pissed off about what happened. I couldn’t calm down enough to sleep after I got Vivian back home and put her to bed. I asked Moose to make sure she stayed safe while I did what I had to do. I knew he would protect her while I was gone, that wasn’t what was eating at my gut.

I almost lost her tonight. If I didn’t take care of this problem, she would never be safe from them.

I grabbed some stuff out of the shop, finding Scrape working on his latest restoration project. Scrape was a welder by trade and an absolute maniac on the road. He drove so fast that if he ever crashed, they’d have to scrape him off the road, hence the name. He flipped up his welding mask and looked at me, his scarred face from a previous crash took a while to get used to. “What are you doing, Snake.”

“Going to the clinic, then heading north to the meetup to kick some ass,” I said.

“Good, it’s too damn quiet around here.” He set his stuff down and pulled off his welding jacket, exposing the scars on his shoulder and arm. He wiped the sweat off with a towel, then put on a wifebeater and his cut along with his worn jeans and boots . “You’re not going alone. DeWalt is being watched?” I nodded, Moose must have told everyone here what had happened.

“Moose is taking care of it, plus some of the women are here. They are strapped as well.” We taught our women to shoot, they weren’t weak ones who would hide in the corner. I know I wouldn’t want to go against Teri and her favorite shotgun.

“Viper know we’re coming?”

“Teri will tell them when they check in.”

“I’ll follow you.” I did a double take, he wasn’t the kind of guy to follow, he was the guy who was already there before you decided to leave. I went out to the van, he pulled his big Harley next to me before I left.

The ride was short and quiet at this time of night, and we let his bike out by the street while I opened the fence and parked in back. “We’ve got a little cleanup to do,” I said.

“Figured that.” We walked into the back of the clinic, and I opened the storage room where the guy had been dumped.

Scrape rolled the guy over, inspecting the wound. “Fucking clean kill, brother. Remind me not to piss her off.” He started removing his clothes, we’d burn them, while I removed everything from his pockets. His wallet had $822 in cash, which I put in my pocket. He had a receipt and key card for a hotel not too far away, and keys to a Ford. I put his driver’s license and credit cards with his clothes, we’d burn those before we left.

Once he was stripped, I brought in the big cooler. Scrape helped with lifting him and setting his upper body in the cooler. We had to push down to get his legs and feet folded so we could close and latch the top; we used some rope to make sure it didn’t pop open. After we put it back into the van, we came back inside to clean up the evidence.

Scrape got to work with bleach and a mop, cleaning up the stains in the storage room and the driveway. Meanwhile, I used the crematorium to turn the clothing and identification into ash. It was a handy little thing, the club could find uses for it.

The only thing I hadn’t burned was the truck key. If it was in the neighborhood, I didn’t want a missing person traced to us. Scrape grabbed the key. “We can drive around in an expanding circle and use the remote to find it. Then we can drop it back at the Holiday Inn.” It was a good plan, and it worked quickly. We found it parked in front of a mini-mart a couple blocks away. Ten minutes later, it was parked in front of the hotel and Scrape was pushing me out of the driver’s seat. “You need to sleep, Snake. I’ll drive the first couple hours.”

“Thanks, man.” I buckled up in the passenger seat and leaned the seat back as far as it would go. Army life had taught me well, I was out before we left the parking lot.

“Wake up, Snake.” I opened my eyes, we were at a McDonald’s. The sun was coming up, it was 5:30 in the morning.

“You were supposed to wake me up,” I said.

“You needed your sleep for what you have on tap this morning,” he said. “Come on, drain it and grab some breakfast. We’re about an hour away from the exchange point.” Vivian had set it up when they agreed, the meet was to take place at ten AM, but we hadn’t told them where in Duluth yet. Viper, Doc, Hammer, Dagger, Rocket and Crash were already in place. By the time they arrived, we’d have sniper coverage of all sides of the site. Winchester Silvertips in hunting calibers, elevated firing positions and scoped rifles… it would be a turkey shoot if they tried anything.

Fifteen minutes later, I was driving on the freeway again with a tall coffee and a McMuffin. Scrape took a quick nap, waking when we were in the city. The area we had picked was an industrial park near the docks, a place with big empty parking lots and buildings. I pulled behind the warehouse that we were staging from, Viper waving me over. They had talked to Teri in the morning, so they knew what happened and they were pissed.

DeWalt was one of ours, and you didn’t fuck with us.

We went over the plan; originally Viper and Dagger were going to meet them, and Hammer and I would drive the large rented U-Haul. They had room in the front for the medical equipment, and had set up couches in the back along with coolers of food and drink for the women in back. Doc would ride back with the ladies in case anything happened, his first aid kit already loaded. I told Dagger I was taking his place; Carson had already seen me, and it was best if as many faces as possible remained out of sight.

We had plenty of weapons available. Viper and I both put on concealed .45’s, along with silver knives in our boots. Doc had a pistol as well, plus we had an AR-15 in the cab of the truck Viper would be driving. The rest of the guys took rifles, they would take up positions between fifty and two hundred yards away, easy shots for us. Finally, I grabbed a pineapple grenade and put it in my pocket.

The guys took their motorcycles and parked them near their sniper positions, so they could get away quickly if needed. Viper had called them at 7:30 with the location, so we moved the truck into position and sat to wait. I took another nap, I’d need to be sharp. All of us had small radios with earpieces, voice activated microphones attached, and the snipers were watching in all directions.

At 9:52, we got the first call. Two Suburbans and a Escalade were approaching from the north; it had to be them. Viper put the truck in gear, parking in the center of the meeting area, the back of the truck facing north. I left him in the cab as I walked out. “Opening the back,” I said as I unlatched the rollup door. I pushed it up, exposing the couches, and pulled out the ramp from underneath. The big cooler was right up front, and I pulled it out and down the ramp before setting it twenty feet from the ramp.

“They’re here,” Dagger said as the vehicles pulled into the open area of the lot. I turned, arms crossed on my chest as I stood in front of the cooler and waited. The three vehicles stopped in a line, and a big guy got out and opened the passenger door of the Escalade. The guy who stepped out looked dangerous, and I knew this was the Alpha. He walked towards me, flanked by the big guy who must be his bodyguard.

“Where’s Doctor DelMara,” the man demanded as he stopped on the other side of the cooler from me.

“She’s at home,” I said. “She’s none of your concern. I’m here to do the exchange and deliver the women to her for care, as you agreed to.”

He didn’t get told no very often, I could tell by his reaction. He was used to being the bully, and I wasn’t playing along. He looked at my scars, my tattoos, and I could see him sniffing deeply. I wasn’t scared, I was dangerous. He wasn’t the only predator on this land.

“Of course,” he finally said. He gestured to the other vehicles, doors opened and guards started helping women out of the vehicles. Doc jumped down, helping the women up the ramp as they filed in, getting them settled. He was wearing his EMT vest, and that helped calm them. I smiled as I saw Jessica and her mate Carson helping the women before they settled in with them. They had sent all eleven pregnant women.

“They will be well taken care of, I assure you,” I said.

“I don’t like this a bit,” he said.

“You don’t have a choice, Alpha. It’s the only chance your mate has, and you know it.” He tensed up, recognizing that I knew a hell of a lot more about him then he thought. It only took a couple minutes to get the women loaded, each with a suitcase, before Doc was pulling the door down. I latched it from the outside and walked back to the Alpha and his bodyguard. “Stay here until we leave, and don’t even think of following me,” I said.

“You don’t give me orders, pup.”

I walked around the cooler, getting into his personal space. My voice got softer, but the malice in it was unmistakable. “You have a delusion you are in charge, Alpha Clark. Let me assure you, you are not.” I turned to the cooler. “I brought you a present for your Pack.” Reaching down, I unlatched the cover. I made sure he was next to me as I lifted the lid.

“Donovan…” he said, and in that moment I took him down. Kicking the back of his knee, I grabbed him arm and forced him to the ground. Taking a knife out of my boot, a second later the silver blade was against his neck as I controlled him from behind. He started to struggle, so I used the blade to cut a little. The silver caused the healing to be delayed, meaning he bled and healed like I did. Slowly.

“Tell your boys not to do anything stupid,” I told him, knowing his men could hear. “You’ll be dead before they touch me, and you’re an idiot if you think I came alone. Right now there are a half-dozen snipers out there, each with silver ammunition, each ready to cut down anyone who makes a move towards me.” He froze, his eyes looking around, but his men stopped, and a few moments later backed off. “Good boy.”

“I’ll fucking kill you for this,” he said.

“No… you won’t. Let me lay things out for you.” I told him to look in the nearby building, a telephoto lens was pointed out the window. “I’ve got photos and video of all of you, including the women. I know your names, your faces. I know how many Pack members, how many warriors, where your safe rooms are, and what your defenses are. And, I know how many females of childbearing age you have that are not in my moving van right now.” His eyes opened wide as he caught the meaning. “I know the phone numbers of four Packs who are still active, who would pay a lot of money for the information they need. You and your Pack will be gone within twelve hours of that phone call. And do you know what?”

“What, asshole.”

“By the next morning, every wolf who lifts his leg to piss will be dead, and all your women will be getting fucked silly by their new mates.” He growled, I tightened the knife until he stopped. “The best part is that I don’t even know who it is who has that information. All I know is that if anything happens to Dr. DelMara, the phone calls get made. If she goes missing, if she is killed, if she is raped, if she is sucked up by a tornado and dumped in the river… you and your Pack will die. I don’t want to see any of you south of Duluth, EVER.” I kicked the cooler, causing the lid to drop. “And the first fucking thing you do when I’m gone better be to contact the remaining four men you sent down to rape and kidnap my WIFE, and get them home before I find them. Got it?”

“Got it,” he said reluctantly. I stood up, knife held out, and walked around the cooler and back to the truck. The Alpha stood up but didn’t approach, and Viper put the truck in gear and we moved out.

My hands were shaking, the adrenaline was coursing through my system, but I felt fucking great. I had stood down the Alpha and made him my bitch.

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