The Last Shewolf

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Chapter 26: Wolfnapped

Vivian’s POV

”NO!” I struggled against the big guy in vain as he dragged me through the hallway. My ears were ringing from the gunshots, and my heart was crushed by what just happened. Two friends, hell they were FAMILY through the club, had just been killed while trying to protect me. My decision to give myself up hadn’t accomplished anything but getting me captured quickly, before help could arrive. “The baby! She’s going to DIE, she’s an Alpha’s daughter!”

He just opened the door and pulled me out, I was unable to resist with my wrists cuffed behind my back. The silver sapped the abilities of my wolf, I couldn’t tap the strength of her with them on. “I wasn’t sent to get a baby, I was sent for you,” he said. He shoved me up against my truck, pushing me down to sit next to the rear wheels. I saw another man come out, he was supporting a third man who was bleeding from the left shoulder and right hip. “Bruce, put him down, then get Frank out of there,” he said. “I’m going to get the car.”

“What about her?” The injured man was set by the front wheel as the other man asked.

He tossed the injured guy his pistol. “Travis, if she moves, shoot her in the legs.” He turned and walked away as I tried to figure out what to do. A big, dark green Expedition pulled into the lot just as Bruce came out with the dead wolf over his shoulder. “The humans dead?”

“Didn’t check,” he said, “but there’s a hell of a lot of blood in the hall.”

“Toss Frank’s body in the back and cover him up.” He opened the back window for him.

“Todd, what do we do about Travis?”

He looked at the injured man on the ground. “She’s the fucking doc, Bruce. She can save him.” He came over and pulled me to my feet. “You’re going to fix him up on the drive back, or you’re going to be in a world of pain. Alpha Hans gave me wide latitude in how to bring you back, and there’s a lot I can do to you before I maim or kill you.”

“I need my kit out of this truck,” I said. “And he’s going to have to be laid down. I need the seats down, and blankets if you have them.” He nodded and went back to the truck, opening the back doors and laying the seats down. I watched as he went to my truck, pulling my emergency kit out of the area behind the driver’s seat, and put it in the truck as well. By the time he came for me, they had Larry laid out in the back. It had been at least ten minutes since they attacked, not near enough time for the guys at the Club to make it here. They shoved me in and closed the door, and they pulled out of the lot before I was sitting comfortably.

I took one last look at my clinic, thanking Luna that Jessica wasn’t here when they attacked. She deserved the happiness I was going to lose.

Viper’s POV

“Can’t this piece of shit go any faster?” I ignored Snake. I was bouncing in my seat, adrenaline fueled my veins and I wanted to kill. The idea of someone harming my Club members was enough to set off the demons I knew were inside me, demons I had a hard time pushing back. I knew Snake was the same way, we both had seen combat, we knew what could happen. I looked out at the traffic, the lights, the delays. I wanted to get out and just RUN there, but with a shotgun and midday traffic that wouldn’t end well.

“No, and we have to stick together, guys. We don’t know what is going on, we go blazing in there alone and you’ll get killed. Now sit the FUCK down and let’s think of how we are going to do this.” The order settled over them, they knew I was right. We all had to get our shit together if we were going to save them.

Scrape turned around from the passenger seat. “We can’t go blasting in there, we don’t know how many they have or whether they are humans or werewolves. We need to stop a block away or so.”

I nodded. “Good idea, I’ll drop half of you off before getting there, then drive by the front and park on the other side. I’ll cover the front with the truck. Snake, Scrape and Dagger work your way to the back. Crash, Trigger, you guys take the emergency exit, here’s the key.” I tossed him my master for the building. Keep the gunplay down outside, and no cuts,” I said. “Yell ‘DOG’ when you’re going in. Anyone who isn’t club, you take them down.”

We worked out a few more details, but the plan was sound. Five minutes later I pulled to the curb and Scrape, Snake and Dagger jumped out, holding their pistols low and against their bodies. I drove past, noting the back gate to the driveway was open. “Fuck, they got in back,” I said. I dropped Crash and Trigger off, then turned around and parked across the street. I could see the two at the side door; I got out, my shotgun against my leg as I crossed the quiet street. I made it almost to the front doors, still closed and chained, when I heard “DOG.”

I ran around the side through the gate to the back when I didn’t hear any gunfire. Scrape was kneeling by Doc, who was laying in a pool of blood in the hallway. He checked his neck for a pulse, and shook his head. “SHE’S STILL ALIVE,” shouted Crash from inside the surgery room. I went through the door, squeezing through the opening, and my heart sank as Trigger shook his head no.

Vivian’s POV

“I can’t help him with handcuffs on,” I said to Bruce as we were pulling on to the freeway. “His lungs are filling with blood. The bullets had silver in them, he won’t heal if I don’t get them out. He’s already having trouble breathing.”

The leader, this Todd guy, was busy driving and didn’t even look back. “Bruce, move her cuffs to her ankles. If she tries anything, shoot out her kneecaps. Don’t fucking test me, Doc.”

“I’m a doctor, asshole. This is what I’m meant to do, even if it means saving the life of someone I should want dead.” He uncuffed me, then put them around my ankles. I was still able to move around, and I opened my kit. “Cut his shirt off, pants too. Roll up the shirt and use it to apply pressure to his hip wound while I work on his chest.” He immediately complied; one thing about wolves, they followed the directions of someone in authority, and in medical cases, I was the authority.

Travis started to scream as he pressed down on the wound. “Take the pain, man. We’ll get you fixed up.”

I drew a sedative, making sure it was enough to knock him out. One at a time, I thought. I injected it into Travis’s neck, and he was out in moments. “I don’t need him moving around while I’m inside him,” I explained calmly. I put a headlamp on and gloves, then laid out a scalpel, clamp and retractor on a sterile towel I put next to him. Quickly making my incision, I started working my way down the channel created by the bullet. It had penetrated a rib, shattered his scapula, then fragments had punctured his lungs.

“I’m gonna be sick,” Bruce said.

“Turn around then, but keep the pressure on that wound,” I told him. He did, which made my job even easier. I continued to work, keeping up a running narrative of what I was doing. When they stopped paying attention to me, I noticed we were in bumper to bumper traffic. Perfect.

I reached in and removed the emergency sedative autoinjectors. They were werewolf strength, designed to knock out a feral wolf in seconds. I waited until Todd was moving again, then I turned and grabbed Bruce from behind. My right hand clasped over his mouth as my left hand injected the dose into his carotid artery. He went limp almost immediately, and I laid him down quietly, his body over Travis’s legs.

I couldn’t risk taking the handcuffs off, so this would be fun. Taking the second autoinjector, I pretended to work on Travis again, keeping up the narrative, until he had stopped in the traffic. I lept forward, plunging the needle into his neck.

He tried to shove me off, but the passenger seat didn’t let him. I put the vehicle in park, then popped his seatbelt. He was starting to slump down. I grabbed him under the shoulder, pulling him backwards between the seats until he was laying next to Travis. I moved over to Bruce, finding the key and unlocking my cuffs.

I was in the seat and buckled up again before the traffic started moving.

Viper’s POV

Vivian was gone. Snake ran up, panicked, confirming my fears.

I walked back into the hallway, looking down at Doc’s body in the hallway. His shoulder had been torn up, he had bite marks and chunks out of his arms. His rifle was by his broken right arm. “What do we do? We can’t explain this kind of death.”

“Snake, go get the truck and pull it in back.” I tossed him the keys and he ran out. “Crash, Trigger, carry Kelly out back, set her on the grass by the dumpster. Leave Doc where he is, try not to step in the blood.” They carried her out, she looked bad.

I went back in to the surgery room, taking the hose off the oxygen regulator and opening the valve fully. As the big bottle depressurized, I lifted the cover of the incubator and wrapped baby Jennifer in a blanket. She wasn’t breathing, she was blue, and I was crying as I wrapped her so her body couldn’t be seen.

I walked out with her as Snake pulled in. I handed him the baby, then opened the back and pulled out the fuel can from the back. I ran back inside, spreading the fuel over the couches in front, trailing it back over Doc before tossing it into the surgery room. I got to just outside the back door and took a matchbook out of my pocket. Striking a match then setting the whole book ablaze, I tossed it into the gasoline trail.

The oxygen-rich air caused the flames to burn much hotter than normal. “Crash, you were out getting lunch when you saw the back door open, Kelly was in the hallway, you pulled her out just before the flames came. Trigger, go somewhere and dial 911. Scrape, with me, let’s get the fuck out of here.”

We pulled out, I could see the flames starting to push through the windows in front. We drove back to the clubhouse, knowing Crash would stay with Kelly, and Trigger would be stuck talking to the cops.

Snake wasn’t talking, he was just holding the bundle to his chest, rocking back and forth as his sobs racked his body.

We all felt like shit. A brother didn’t deserve to get burned like that, it wasn’t right, but it had to be done. It was the only way to protect DeWalt’s secret.

A secret that placed our whole club at risk, and a secret that had gotten her wolfnapped.

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