The Last Shewolf

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Chapter 28: I did what i had to

Vivian’s POV

I had to get this vehicle off the road, but that wasn’t going to be easy. I had two unconscious wolves in the back seat as I drove back towards St. Paul. Both would be knocked out for two more hours or so; Bruce and Todd were laying down and breathing evenly. Travis was dead, I had heard his lungs rattle before stopping. I never removed the silver from him, and the sedative was too much for his body. Good riddance.

My wolf wanted them dead, she wanted to bathe in their blood for what they had done. They had killed her friends, those she thought of as her Pack, but that wasn’t all. They left the baby there to die, the baby my wolf had bonded with, the one who fought to live with all her strength. An innocent. She wanted to rip them apart while they screamed for mercy she wouldn’t give.

I didn’t know whether they were lucky or unlucky that I needed information more than revenge right now. I had exited the freeway, and drove around for a few minutes until I found a pay phone I could use from the SUV. I couldn’t get out, my scrubs were covered in blood from Travis’ emergency surgery. I called the clubhouse. “Northwoods Riders, this is Teri,” she said.

“Teri, it’s Vivian. Is Viper or Snake there?”

“Oh GOD, VIVIAN! Are you all right?”

“I’m fine, I need to talk to them.” She yelled to Snake, and he ran to the phone. “Snake? Baby?”

“Oh God, Vivian, you’re alive,” he said. “We got to the clinic and you were gone.”

“What happened, Snake?” My heart prepared itself.

“Doc’s dead, baby. Kelly is still alive, she was taken by ambulance to Regions Hospital, we’re sending some club members to stay with her. Crash is with her now, Trigger is still at the clinic along with some other members. We had to torch the place, too much evidence,” he said.

He wasn’t saying something. “Jennifer?” My voice was weak, pleading for good news.

“I’m sorry, baby. She didn’t make it.” Tears started flowing down my face. “Where are you?”

“North of Minneapolis. They got sloppy, I took them out, but we need information out of them. I don’t know how they found us, but they were looking for me specifically.”

I heard the phone being handed over as Snake said some words. “DeWalt, it’s Viper. Don’t go to the clinic or the clubhouse, both could be hot. You’ve got prisoners?”

“Yes, but if someone gets a good look inside this SUV I’m going to jail,” I said.

He paused, letting a breath out. “Drive to my house, we’ll meet you there. I’ll have the garage door open and we’ll be ready.”

“Thanks Viper.” I wiped away a tear. “I’m so sorry about Doc and Kelly. I never should have…”

“Just stop, DeWalt. It’s not your fault. Drive safe.” The line cut out and I hung up. Rolling up the tinted window and turning the air conditioning up higher, I headed back for the freeway.

Trigger’s POV

Statements given, I stand behind the police tape and stared at the shell of a building that used to be DeWalt’s clinic for pregnant Werewolf females. It’s a total loss, the roof has collapsed in at the front, the flames had completely consumed everything inside. Stain, Tiny and Katie, and Rocket and Taser stood by me as we watched the fire crew overhaul the scene.

We heard someone yell, and a crowd of police detectives, firemen and the coroner were standing around a place where pieces of the roof had been removed. It was in the area of the hallway, I knew what it meant. “They found Doc,” I said. “I feel like shit having to do that to him, he didn’t deserve to be burned like that.”

“He would want to protect DeWalt, you know that,” Tiny said. “He didn’t feel anything.”

“We should have had more people here,” Rocket said. “Any word on DeWalt?”

I shook my head. “No, she was gone before we got here. Snake’s going nuts, I’m glad Viper took him and Jennifer. He was pretty protective of her, too, he’s got to be crushed right now.”

“I’ll go call the club, see if they heard anything,” Taser said. Rocket went with her as they walked to the pay phone at the minimart.

“You think the cops suspect anything,” Tiny asked as he watched the others leave.

“I don’t know. The power and phone cables were cut, the back door was pried open and bent. With what Crash and I told them about it being junkies seeking drugs, they should accept that. Easier than the truth.”

He nodded. “Arson for money is out, the building is leased and DeWalt didn’t have insurance on anything. She’s out a ton of money.” We continued to watch. Rocket and Taser’s bike drove up just as they were removing a body bag from the rubble. We stood tall, hands on our hearts, as he was carried to the coroner’s vehicle.

One of the cops looked at us. “Friend of yours?”

“Yes,” I answered. “And a veteran, an Army medic. One of the finest men I’ve ever known.” He nodded and walked back to the others. As the coroner’s van pulled away, the police and firemen all stood at attention and saluted him.

When he was gone, Taser gave us the news. “Kelly is in surgery, Rocket and I are going down there. Viper needs you guys back at the clubhouse. He said he and Snake have something important to do in his basement, and they are bringing Hammer.

I smiled. Bringing Hammer, the club Master at Arms, meant only one thing. They caught one of the bastards who did this.

Vivian’s POV

It had taken thirty minutes of nervous driving to make it to Viper’s home. As promised, the garage door was up; it was a big garage, fitting of a guy who liked to work on his motorcycles. I could see a few bikes outside as I pulled in, recognizing Snake’s and Hammer’s rides. I pulled in, and before I shut it off the garage door was going down.

The guys rushed the truck as soon as the door was closed. Snake practically ripped open the door as I removed the belt, pulling me out and into his arms. He checked me over for wounds. “I’m fine,” I said, then he pulled me into a kiss that took my breath away. We poured all our worry and love into that kiss, coming up for air only when Viper cleared his throat. “I love you, Snake,”

“I love you, Vivian. Now, who are these guys?”

“Werewolves from the Brainerd pack. The injured guy died, Doc took him out. The big guy is Todd, he’s the leader of their bunch, and the one that gave the order to shoot Kelly and leave Jennifer behind. The other is Bruce, he was the one who shot her. I gave them a powerful sedative, they will be out for another hour at least. The dead wolf in the back is Frank, Doc killed him. Todd told me he had been sent here specifically to find me and return me to Alpha Hans.”

I could see a smirk forming on Hammer’s mouth. “I guess we should show our guests to their room then.” He reached in and grabbed Todd’s arm, pulling him out. He threw a shoulder under his arm and started walking into the house with him while Snake grabbed Bruce and followed him.

“What do we do with the other two,” I asked Viper.

He walked over and grabbed some tarps. Laying one on the ground, he pulled Travis out, then rolled him in it like a burrito. He used some duct tape to hold everything in place. He then did the same with the wolf, before putting both back in the car. “When a few of the guys get here, I’ll have them go bury the bodies out in the woods. We’ll drop the SUV off at a chop shop, it’s fairly new so it will get us some cash.” He closed the door up. “Now come on, we’ve got to get you cleaned up.”

He brought me into the guest bedroom of his house. “The shower’s in there, towels are in the cabinet to the right of the sink. I’ll find you something to wear and leave it on the bed,” he said.

“Thank you,” I said, my voice starting to break.

He pulled me into a hug, kissing my head. “I think of you as a daughter, Vivian. I haven’t felt fear like I did when I heard about the attack since my wife got her diagnosis. I thought I had lost you, and I was barely hanging on.” I hugged him back as I started to cry with him. “I’m just glad you are the toughest old lady in the club. Captured by three werewolves and you take over and come home to us.”

“I did what I had to, Dad.”

His eyes were full of tears. “We all will, that doesn’t make it any less heroic. Now take a shower, our guests will wake up soon and Snake is waiting for you.” He walked out the door and I went to take my shower. I tossed the soiled clothes into the garbage, stepping into the warm shower felt fantastic. I stayed in too long, until the hot water was gone, then I dried myself and wrapped a towel around my hair. I dried my body, leaving the towel on the counter as I walked out and froze.

Snake was sitting on the bed, staring at me. He had changed into scrubs, and he looked like a fantasy doctor come to life. His eyes bugged out, his jaw was dropped, and there was no mistaking the lust in his expression as his eyes raked my body. “Vivian…”

I didn’t let him say another word. I rushed into him, pushing him back onto the bed as I straddled him and kissed him hard. I couldn’t get his clothes off fast enough, and we didn’t wait for his pants to pull off. I reached back, getting him aligned and dropping down as I moaned deep into his mouth. This time wasn’t about romance or love, it was pure animal need and my wolf and I loved it. He rolled me onto my back, pounding me hard until we both came together. I pulled away from his mouth. “All I could think about was not having you with me any more,” I said into his ear as he rolled me onto my side.

“I couldn’t handle losing you,” he said. “I was ready to burn the world to get you back.” We kissed again, only to be interrupted by a knock on the door.

“If you two are done bumping uglies, our guests are waking up,” Viper said.

“Couple minutes,” Snake said. He got up and started to get dressed as I grabbed some underwear that had been left for me. It must have been his wife’s, he’d never been able to get rid of her stuff. “You don’t have to watch this, honey. Getting answers out of them is bound to be bloody. Hammer doesn’t mess around.”

“I can handle it,” I said as we walked out the door.

We went out and got my medical kit out of the SUV, in case I needed it. We got downstairs and walked through a steel door into a room that had concrete walls and a ceiling. The door itself was sealed, and when the door closed you couldn’t hear anything from outside. “The walls are eight-inch solid concrete, insulated on the outside. It’s completely soundproof, they can scream all day and no one will know anything.” The guys were dressed in scrubs, except Hammer. He wore black leather pants, a black shirt and a black, long leather jacket. He looked intimidating as hell.

The two prisoners were chained to metal chairs. Bruce was in front of the table, a single lamp on it illuminated him and the tools laid out for use. Todd was placed next to the table, his back to us. He could see Bruce, but not much else. They had used the silver chains I had made to hold them tight. They weren’t fully conscious yet, but I could fix that. Opening my kit, I drew up two syringes. Each contained two chemicals; a stimulant to counteract the earlier sedative, and wolfsbane to retard their healing. I handed the two syringes to Hammer, and he took care of the injections for me.

A few minutes later, both men were awake and screaming. Wolfsbane feels like fire going through your veins and sets the nerves afire. We sat in the darkness as Hammer did his thing. “Welcome to my hell, boys,” he said as he stood in front of them like a huge angel of death, which he basically was now. “You two have sinned greatly.” He picked up a heavy construction hammer from the table, making sure the two saw it. They couldn’t link each other, but I could see Bruce as his eyes got wide and filled with fear. Hammer knelt down in front of him. “They call me Hammer for good reason. I like this one,” he said as he showed them the head. “It turns flesh into a waffle fry.” He brought the hammer down hard on Bruce’s left instep, and the scream of pain was immediate.

“Please,” he begged.

“Oh, don’t start now, I’m not even ready to ask questions yet. I’m just doing this because you pissed me off.” He brought it down five more times, once on each toe on his left foot. Bruce was screaming and begging for mercy now. “Ooh, that must have hurt. That little piggy isn’t going to market anytime soon.”

I could smell the blood as he set the hammer down. “I can’t have you bleeding to death now, can I?” Taking a propane torch, he lit it in front of his eyes, then knelt in front of him. He screamed and passed out as the torch cauterized the wounds, stopping the bleeding. Hammer stood up and shook his head. “Your friend doesn’t have much of a pain tolerance, this is going to take all day Todd.”

“Fuck you. You don’t scare me.”

Hammer just smiled at him. “Good. I’m hoping you provide a little more of a challenge.” He used the blowtorch directly, burning off each of the toes on his left foot as he tried not to scream. “That’s better.” He worked on him for twenty minutes, using a hammer, blowtorch, linesman’s pliers and a couple knives to introduce him to new levels of pain.

And he never asked a thing.

Bruce had woken up during the work and threw up on his shirt when he saw what was happening to Todd. Finally, Hammer stood and faced them. “You two are going to die, there is no escape from that fate. You killed my best friend, put his wife into intensive care, and let an innocent baby die. The only question is how much fun you let me have before I end you. The one who answers my questions gets a quick and relatively painless death. The other? I’m going to make this last DAYS. There’s a whole line of people who loved them, people who want nothing more than to have a chance to torture the shit out of you until you beg for death. Now, which one is it going to be?”

The two looked at each other and both shook their heads no. Hammer just smiled. “I was hoping you would say that.” He walked over to Todd as he put brass knuckles on. With one powerful right cross, he was out. “I didn’t want interruptions, Bruce.” Walking back, he used the brass knuckles on his ribs, you could hear them cracking as he methodically worked his way from shoulder to stomach.

It took an hour to break him, and he sung like a canary. It turned out he and the others were lone wolves, who sought to join a Pack. Alpha Hans said he didn’t need men, he needed a doctor, and the only one he knew of that was left had fled the Boundary Waters pack. A spy there told him they had contacted her via a guy named Moose at Bill’s Gun Shop. “He told us if we brought her back, we could have a place in the Pack, fifty grand each and a chance to pick a mate. He wanted Doctor Vivian DelMara, said that without her they had no chance of finding a cure. That was two weeks ago. We started following Moose, it took a while but we saw him go to this closed pet clinic with some other men. We sniffed around, there were two there, but the young one left in the morning. We watched for three days, and when we knew there were only two humans there with her, that’s when we struck.”

“Why kill the humans?”

“Frank was shifted when Todd used the crowbar to open the back door, he took down the human but was shot a couple times. We couldn’t risk a human knowing of us.”

“And the baby?”

“Not what we were sent to retrieve. I thought she was lying about it being an Alpha’s child, no baby has survived.”

Hammer’s shoulders slumped. “Who else knows about the clinic?”

“No one else is down here, but the Alpha knows about Moose. It didn’t take us long to figure out he was with a biker club, especially since it was the same club she helped save a guy with. A little research at the library and we found her marriage certificate and her new name. It wasn’t hard, really. We haven’t talked to the Alpha since we left, but he’s going to find out. He’s attacking the Boundary Waters Pack, he’ll beat the information out of their Alpha.” He looked Hammer in the eyes. “You have no idea how valuable this woman is. A pack doctor is gold, rumor is that she’s the last one. Was that really an Alpha’s daughter?”

“Yes, she was premature, but she survived. The only one from twelve mothers to do so. She was a beautiful baby, and she’s lying dead in a cooler upstairs thanks to you.”

Bruce looked down at his feet. “I’m sorry about that.”

Hammer just turned his back to him, taking a combat knife from the table. “I know.” Turning back, he slammed the knife into the top of his head, killing him instantly. He wiped the blood off his hands and the leather. “Come on, we need to talk.” I allowed Snake to lead me out of the room, and Hammer turned out the light as he left. Todd would wake up to his buddy dead, a knife sticking out the top of his head.

We sat at Viper’s kitchen table, he handed out Cokes as we sat down. “Your cover here is blown, DeWalt. I can’t protect you.”

“I can’t ask you to, Dad. They’ll kill more Club members to get to me.”

He took my hand. “You two need to get the hell out of here. I’ll have Marcus and Jessica come here, you can take them along. With Snake and a male werewolf, you have a chance if they don’t know where you went.” He got up and walked into his bedroom, returning a few minutes later with a bag. “There’s about seventy grand in cash, plus some clothes.”

“I’ll trade you for this, I have stocks and bearer bonds in my room. I need the rest of the cash in there, though.” I wrote down the combination of my room safe on a piece of paper for him. “Have Jessica grab my passport, identification, everything else in there and pack a bag of clothes for each of us. We’ll get more later.”

“I got that,” Hammer said and went to make the call.

Viper put his hand on my shoulder. “I’ll take care of your Harleys, and let the club know why you had to leave without saying goodbye,” he said. “Don’t tell me or anyone else where you are going, and don’t call back. We’ll pull the bodies out of the SUV, you can take that, no one knows it is stolen. If you need to talk, send a letter to me here, not at the clubhouse.”

I was starting to cry, everything was falling apart, and I was running again. I leaned into Snake, sobs racking my body as Viper moved over to hug me around the waist.

I hugged him back, sensing deep down I would never see them again. An hour later, the four of us drove off into the unknown.

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