The Last Shewolf

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Chapter 30: Homecoming

Vivian’s POV

“They are going to shit a brick when we walk through the door,” I laughed as we loaded into the limousine at the Minneapolis airport. We didn’t have many belongings, having sold most before we left, but we each had two large suitcases.

There had been lots of tears as we packed up to leave, we had grown to love the island and the people. Jessica’s news had pushed me over the top; we had cried half the night together. I resolved that I would do anything humanly (and werewolfly) possible to save her and her child. I was going to start as soon as I found out if my upstairs clinic at the clubhouse was still there. She was family, there was no worry about exposing my hideout this time, and no time to stock another clinic.

“I can’t wait,” Snake said as he pulled me into his lap in the spacious backseat. “I’ve loved the time with you, but I miss my brothers and sisters in the Club.”

“Me too.” I kissed him as Jessica got in, Carson right behind her. It took him about two seconds to have her on his lap after he sat down on the seat across from us. “Possessive much?”

“You have no idea,” he said. “My wolf goes nuts if I’m not holding her or protecting her. It was difficult to let her use the toilet during the flight, I had to go up and wait outside while she went.”

“At least you didn’t try to have sex with her on the plane,” Snake said.

He looked away for a second. “Wait a minute, you DID!” I laughed. “In that tiny bathroom?”

“It wasn’t the most comfortable,” Jessica said. We started laughing at her. “I’m sorry, but I needed him and he’d never turn me down.”

“What the hell, kid, you got away with it.” We were moving out of the airport, and it wouldn’t be long until we were there. “I just hope my Harley is still good. God, I miss riding it.”

“I’m sure they took care of them,” Snake said. “I wonder who has our rooms now.”

“I don’t know, I can’t expect them to hold them for all this time when we haven’t talked to them. They had to move on, I’m sure. I just hope all my stuff isn’t in some storage garage, covered in mouse crap and rust.” I leaned over and looked out the window as we got closer. “You are sure we are safe here, Carson?”

“Like I said, there were no wolves around and the Packs in Minnesota are gone. You’re right, though, we should check.” He rolled down the privacy window and talked to the driver, telling him to stop two blocks away and let him out. He did, and Carson did a quick circuit around the building and lot containing the clubhouse. Ten minutes later, he was climbing in. “All good,” he said as before he told the driver to pull in through the open gate.

The parking lot was full of bikes, and I could smell the oil so they must have arrived from a ride recently. It was past nine on Friday night, clear skies and seventies as we arrived. I could hear the music inside through the open windows of the bar, and as the driver parked in front of the door I started to cry. “Leave the baggage by the door,” Carson said as he paid the driver before he looked at us. “Ladies first,” he said with a smirk.

The driver held the door open and I let Jessica get out first. She had grown up quite a bit, into a striking young woman with a surfer’s body and long blonde hair. She looked amazing in the light tropical sundress she was wearing. I stepped out right behind her, my long black hair flowing in the breeze. I had more curves than her, and the light dress showed them off. “God, you’re beautiful,” I heard Snake say as he got out behind me and took my hand. As soon as Carson was out, Snake opened the door and held it for us. Carson got the second, and Jessica and I walked into the loud, busy clubhouse.

There was a scream, and everything got quiet as the whole place turned to look. Viper was standing in front of me, his beer dropped to the floor as he looked at me in wonder. “Vivian?”

“DAD!” I ran forward into his arms, and it was like an explosion of sound as the place went nuts. I don’t think Jessica or I touched ground for more than a second that first minute, as our friends were picking us up and hugging us, then passing us on. It was insane.

A woman came down the stairs, tears running down her face. I almost ran into her arms when I saw her. “KELLY!”

“VIVIAN! Oh my God, I’ve missed you!”

We cried together, I hadn’t seen her since I was walked out of the clinic room by my kidnappers. “I’m so sorry, Kelly. I never should have opened the door, I never should have let Doc stay out there, I’m so sorry!”

She pulled me into her arms again. “Don’t beat yourself up, girl, Doc was a fighter and you don’t always get to win. I’m just glad you got away. You being here means he didn’t die in vain.” It was like a huge weight off my soul, knowing she didn’t blame me. “And I’m doing fine now.”

Fifteen minutes later, I’d hugged everyone. A spot had been cleared at the big table where Viper, Hammer and wife Teri, and new Vice President Tiny and wife Katie were sitting.

“Beers all around,” Viper yelled at one of the prospects manning the bar.

“Orange juice for me, please,” Jessica said.

Viper looked at her, she was old enough. “You don’t drink?”

“I’m pregnant.” She leaned back into Carson as the tears started to flow.

“Oh.” His face went from excitement to fear as it hit him. “I think we need to take this to church.”

“Everyone needs to know about some things, Dad,” I told the man I looked up to so much. “We are here, but not out of danger. No one can know we are back who isn’t in the club.”

“PROSPECTS! Close all the windows and put the blinds down.” They ran off to do so. “How much do you want everyone to know?”

“They all need to know we are here and under Club protection, so they need to keep that information among Club members. They can know Jessica’s condition, she will be staying here under my care. They can also know there is a bounty on our heads, the same kind of people who killed Doc are the ones putting it out there.”

Viper called for quiet and briefed everyone on what was going on. They were happy to see me, pissed I was not out of danger, but I could see the resolve in their eyes. Nobody would let me be taken again.

We partied into the night, no one wanted to do Church until the morning. “Hey, are there rooms upstairs we can crash in? Jessica needs her rest, and I’m running on fumes.”

Kelly pulled me up. “Of course, you and Snake still have your room. We’d never take that from a member.” My eyes were tearing up. “Even if you ARE out of uniform.” She must have snuck up into it, her arm came out from behind her back and she handed each of us our cuts.

I lost it as I put it back on, and Snake couldn’t get his on fast enough. I could see it was too small for him now. “Looks like someone has been eating too much of their own cooking,” I teased.

“Are you kidding? It’s all the muscle I put on in the chest and shoulders from surfing,” he said with a grin. “Come on, baby, let’s see if we still fit in bed together.”

It turns out we did fit in bed, and the shower, and the dresser, the bathroom door, the vanity… he made up for not having me on the plane!

Jessica’s POV

We walked into the guest room we had been given, and I had to say I was impressed. I didn’t know what to expect when they said they had guest rooms above the bar; I half expected 70’s paneling, ugly curtains and a stain-spotted bed that would be at home in a whorehouse. Instead, the room looked like a nice suite at a business hotel; king size bed, nice bathroom, even a little kitchenette with a microwave, hot plate and small refrigerator. “Wow,” I said.

“Wow,” Carson said huskily from behind me. I looked in the mirror, the light was silhouetting my body under the light fabric of the dress, and he was staring at it. “Come here.”

I moved towards him, letting my hips sway a little. We had spent a lot of time talking about what the pregnancy meant to us, and decided we were going to live the next six months like they were our last together. Which they were, but at least I wasn’t sick. We could enjoy our time, enjoy each other, and make memories for him and our baby. I licked my lips, slowly approaching him, as I unbuttoned the front of the dress and let it fall to the ground at his feet.

He dropped to his knees, hugging my waist as he kissed my lower belly. “Hello, little one. Cover your ears, I need to give Mommy some fun time here.”

“Our baby is too small to OOOOH CARSON….” His lips and tongue had moved down, and I threw a leg over his shoulder as I pulled his head closer to me. He soon had me shaking. “Bed now,” I moaned to him.

He stood up, his hands lifting my ass and I wrapped my legs around his as he walked us over. He laid me down, my butt at the edge, then quickly pulled his own clothes off. “Now were was I,” he whispered.

“You were about to OOOHH yeah right there…”

We made some really good memories that night.

Viper’s POV

The party had wound down quickly as soon as the guests of honor had retired to their rooms. I sat in a booth in the back, looking at my beer, and thinking about what just happened.

My daughter was home.

She wasn’t blood, but she was mine. I had claimed her as such before I walked her down the aisle, I had failed to protect her, and I worried about her constantly after she left. Her return filled something in my heart and allowed me to move forward on the other thing I had been holding out on.

I said goodnight and went home just after midnight. I showered and shaved, changed into my silk boxers and a Harley T-shirt, and made sure everything was ready. When the doorbell rang, I was ready. I pulled it open, she was standing there with her weekend bag. “Are you sure you are all right with this,” she asked as she walked in.

“I’m sure, Kelly.” She moved into my arms, our lips crashing together as I pulled her tight to me. We were like young kids again. I led her into the bedroom, where I removed her clothes and laid her down on the bed, my eyes taking in her naked form. “I love you, Kelly.”

“I love you too, Viper.” I pulled off my clothes and made sweet love to her.

The next morning, she was in my arms where she belonged. I got up, she reached for me in her sleep but grabbed the warm pillow and went right back to sleep. I went to the bathroom then pulled on some clothes before going to the kitchen. As I pulled the bacon and eggs out of the fridge, I thought about the strange path that brought us to this point. Kelly had been the wife of a close friend, Doc, my Vice President. We had formed the club together, I had been Best Man at his wedding to her twenty years ago. She and my wife Jean were close friends, and we were always together. When she lost her battle to cancer, it was Doc and Kelly who kept me from slipping into depression.

I made it my mission to return the favor when Doc was killed. I stayed with her in the hospital, took her to her physical therapy appointments, helped her with the estate. She sold their house, unable to pay the mortgage, and I helped her find a small apartment near the Club. I offered to let her stay at my house, but she was afraid of how that would be seen. Moving in on another Club member’s widow was frowned upon, and she didn’t want the rumors.

It was only in the last year that we started to act on how we felt for each other. It started simple; watching shows together, sitting together at the Club, going places together. Our first kiss had been six months ago, our first time sleeping together a few weeks ago. I finished up making breakfast, putting it on a tray with some juice and brought it back to my bedroom.

She opened her eyes when I came in. “Morning, love,” I said as she blinked her eyes open.

“Breakfast in bed?”

I set the tray on the table, kissing her as she sat up. She walked into the bathroom, then asked me if I could bring her bag in. I went and got it, setting it on the bed, I pulled out the bag with her toiletries and knocked on the door. She took it with a smile, and I went back to the bed. I took her clothes and placed them in the dresser, in the drawers I had finally cleaned out. I was ready to move on, I donated the clothes and the other things I didn’t want to save of hers. It took me two weeks of work to make the house ready for a new wife, if she’d take me.

She came out just as I was moving the last of her stuff into the drawer. “Viper, what are you doing?”

“What I should have done months ago, Kelly. I’m making a place for you.” I took her hand and led her back to the bed, sitting down and pulling her onto my lap. “I’ve been holding on to Jean’s memory far too long. She would have wanted me to be happy, just as Doc would want you to be happy. YOU make me happy.” She started to tear up as I pulled her tight. “I prayed to her a few days ago, Kelly. I asked for her permission to do what I want to do, I asked for a sign. Last night, that was her way of telling me that I have a family to take care of, and I need to let her go. Vivian is back, Jessica is like her sister, and she’s having a baby that will practically be my grandchild. I can’t do that alone.”

She was crying now. “Are you sure it isn’t too soon?”

I set her on the bed and dropped to my knees in front of her. Reaching into my pocket, I pulled out the ring I had purchased for her. “Kelly, you would make me happy if you would be my Old Lady. Will you marry me?”

“Of course, silly,” she said before she kissed me. She put the ring on and looked at it before looking back at me. “You may now molest your fiancé.”

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