The Last Shewolf

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Momma Kelly

One month later

Viper’s POV

I held Kelly’s hand as we sat in the doctor’s examining room, her hand on her rounded belly. Doctor Catherine was looking through the examination notes we had brought, the files Vivian compiled in her daily monitoring were very complete. “It must be nice having a Doctor as a daughter,” she said as she looked over the notes. “I’m glad you were monitored so closely, because the trend is clear. Tomorrow, you will hold your son.”

I started to tear up. “Everything is good with him?”

“The ultrasound results look good, I’m more concerned with the mother’s blood pressure. The baby is fully developed, it’s lower risk to deliver now than to risk complications for her. We can schedule a C-section first thing in the morning. The nurse will be in here after me, she will get you pre-registered and give you instructions for tonight.”

The day was here, our boy was coming. I held her hand, smiling like a fool. “We’ll be there,” I said. She left the room and Kelly looked at me, a little fear in her eyes. “It’s going to be fine,” I told her as I pulled her to my chest.

“I’m scared.” I kissed her hair. “I’m scared something will go wrong. I’m scared I’m too old. I’m scared I won’t be a good Mom. I’m…”

“Going to be fine,” I said. “I love you, you’re amazing, and our boy is the luckiest boy ever because of it. Now, I think we need to get you home and make sure you get a good night sleep.”

“Yeah, like THAT will happen,” she grumbled as I helped her up.

“There won’t be much sleep after tonight, so let’s give it a shot,” I said. I helped her waddle out of the room. “Keep wiggling your ass like that and you won’t get much sleep,” I teased.

“I’m heavily pregnant, my ankles are swollen, I’ve gained almost forty pounds and I’m hormonal,” she said with a glare. “How the hell does that get you excited?”

“You forgot that the boobie fairie came.” She smacked my shoulder. “Fifty years from now, we’ll be rocking on the front porch, teeth in jars by us, your boobs down by your lap, and you’ll still be sexy as hell to me.”

“Let’s just get home, Viper.” The elevator door opened and we got in. “Fucking bikers.”

“That’s what got you pregnant, baby.”

Snake’s POV

I finished up the lunch prep for the day care and the Club members who were here. I turned everything off and did a quick cleanup. I had made up three plates in the warmer, today was sloppy joe’s and chips with pickle wedges. I put them on a tray with some milk and carried it up the stairs to our room. I knocked on the door, and Meghan opened up. “Done with school already?”

“Of course, this homeschooling thing rocks. I’m a grade ahead of my peers, and I can get the whole week done by Wednesday. Mom said I could take another shift, so I gave Katie a break.”

“How’s my girl?”

“She’s sleeping,” Vivian said from the rocking chair. I set the food down on the desk after Meghan moved her study materials and went over to see them. She pulled the blanket down a little, enough so I could see her face. She was on her bare chest, head just under her neck. “She finished her bottle and was asleep as soon as I got the diaper changed.” She was so much bigger now, still not as strong as if she had gone full term, but she no longer needed the assistance of machines. We had moved her into our room two weeks ago. “You guys eat, then we’ll trade off.”

I sat at the desk with Meghan. “How is the studying?”

“Good, I’m working my way through Freshman Chemistry now.” Not high school chemistry, College. “Having all of Jessica’s books and notes is a big help.”

“I bet. Keep this up and you’ll be attending college by your junior year in high school.” She was such a gifted and hardworking student that she would meet high school graduation requirements in two years. The school district would then allow her to take college courses at their expense, which she fully intended to take advantage of.

“It’s going to save me a lot of money on my pre-med courses,” she said. “Plus, having Doc here to help me is making it much easier.”

“I’m thinking about becoming an assistant professor at a school here, work a deal where we can get Meghan free tuition in exchange for me teaching a class,” Vivian said. “I enjoyed teaching in Grenada.” We finished our meals, and Meghan took the plates downstairs while I washed up.

Vivian passed Eve to me, and I took her place on the rocker before settling her against my chest. “I got word from Viper, they are scheduling Kelly’s C-section for the morning.”

Vivian nodded, already thinking. “She should be able to have visitors by dinnertime, then.”

“We should go.” She started to hesitate. “We’ll take a few Club members with, you’ll be fine.”

“I don’t want to leave Eve, and I don’t want to risk her being exposed to germs in the hospital either,” she said. “You go, I’ll stay.”

“I’ll go in the afternoon, and you go after dinner,” I said. “I’ll stay with Eve, and you can go with Hammer and Teri.”

“I don’t know if it’s safe.”

“We’ll have a couple prospects drive you, they aren’t going to be in a human hospital,” I countered. “You’re her daughter, she’ll want you to visit.”

“FINE.” Oh shit, the F-word feared by all married males. “But I’m not going to stay long.”

“We’ll get you back here as soon as you’re ready.” I rocked my daughter as Vivian ate, enjoying every moment.

The next morning, I was setting up for lunch when a cheer went up in the bar area. I poked my head out, catching Teri’s eye. “Baby boy, named Andrew Carson, seven pounds two ounces, twenty-one inches, born at 8:14,” she said with a smile.

“GREAT,” I smiled, “Can you tell Vivian for me?” She nodded and went up the stairs while one of the prospects was lining up shots. What the hell, it was five o’clock somewhere. We toasted our President and his lady and slammed the tequila down.

Teri came back down. “It’s all arranged, you go at 3:30 and when you get back, Hammer and I and the kids are going. We’ll take DeWalt with us.”

“And at least one other member, and have the prospects drive you,” I said. “She needs to feel safe or she’ll never leave.” She hadn’t left the clubhouse, hell, she’d barely come downstairs since Eve was born. She needed to get out for her own sanity, and what better excuse than to meet her new little brother?

Vivian’s POV

Teri and the girls had stopped in through the day, showing me photos of baby Andrew and his parents. I was excited to go visit, but nervous to be leaving my baby behind. “Go,” Snake said as he changed her. “We’ll be fine.”

I leaned down and kissed her as he finished snapping up the outfit, it was my favorite with little wolves and sheep on it. “Love you, little Eve,” I said as she looked wide-eyed at me. I kissed Snake and walked out.

“Come ON, visiting hours start in twenty minutes!” Teri was almost bouncing with excitement. Hammer poked his head in the door to say they were ready, and she gathered Meghan, Connor and Cash around her. “Behave tonight, and we’ll get a treat on the way home,” she said as they filed out. I followed, Tiny behind me as he volunteered to be my bodyguard. Nobody was stupid enough to fuck with me with Tiny at my back.

We loaded into the SUV for the short ride to the hospital, and soon we were in the waiting room. Only two could go in at a time, so Teri and I went first. Kelly was sitting up in bed, Viper at her side, and little Andrew was feeding from her left breast. “Oh my GOD he is cute!” Teri rushed over, leaning down to see the little guy.

“Congratulations, Gramps,” I said as I went on the other side of the bed and sat in his lap. “He’s beautiful.”

“I’m blessed with a great family,” he said as he gave me a hug.

When Andrew was fed and burped, she handed him off to Viper. “He needs to get used to this,” she said as I leaned in to give her a hug. “I’m doing good, he’s doing good. I’m so glad I had you two around to help me through this.”

“I’m happy too,” I said. “Our little babies get to grow up together.”

“Yeah, and he’ll beat the shit out of anyone who even looks at her funny,” Viper said as he changed the diaper. “Oh my GOD, what has he been eating?” The smell was damn near driving me out of the room, and my wolf liked to roll around in deer poop and lick her own butt, so it was BAD.

“Boobie milk, it’s good for you,” she laughed. “I read the book, I knew what was coming,” she giggled.

“Jesus, it’s like black tar.” We carried on, talking about the C-section and what it felt like to have him in her arms.

All of the sudden, Tiny burst into the room. “DeWalt, OUT NOW,” he said as he pulled me out of the room. We were almost running out of the hospital, taking the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator. The prospect was waiting at the curb, Tiny damn near tossed me into the back and jumped in before we peeled out. The prospect in the passenger seat had his gun out, and Tiny had his hand on his.

Before we got halfway home, three Club members pulled U-turns, two escorting us from the front and one behind. We took random turns, cutting across lanes without warning, anything to throw off a tail. When they were satisfied, we pulled into the clubhouse garage, the door closing instantly. I almost ran up to our room, surprising Snake who was sleeping in the chair with Eve. “What’s going on?”

Tiny knocked and came in, a piece of paper in his hand. “Sheri had this guy in her bar, big dude, good looking. He was asking around if people had seen this person, said there was a ten-thousand-dollar reward if they could help him find her.” He handed Snake the flyer as I looked over his shoulder. It was the portrait I had taken when I worked at the clinics up on the North Shore six years ago, with my old name.

I brought the paper close to my nose, sniffing deeply. “Werewolf.”

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