The Last Shewolf

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Sworn Duty

Snake’s POV

Vivian was tired, and the news from the Knights was more than she could handle right now. I didn’t like the depression that was setting in. “Come on,” I said, “Let’s get you some rest. We’ll talk more tomorrow.”

“All right.” I walked her through all the people, all of them loved her and were there for her, but none knew what to say at this point. How do you tell someone their Goddess has cursed them? What do you say to someone who just found out her entire race depends on her infant daughter? I could see the confusion in their eyes, I felt the same. Hands reached for her, lending her comfort as we went to the stairs.

I opened the door to our room, and she walked over to the crib by our bed and place the sleeping Eve there. I pulled my boots off in the chair, followed by my shirt and jeans. I watched the tear fall down her face in the dim light coming through our window, and it broke my heart. I walked up behind her, pulling her back into my chest. “Nothing has changed about how I feel about you, or about our daughter,” I whispered into her ear. “Come on, let’s get you ready for bed.”

“I’m so tired of it all,” she said as I moved her to sit on the edge of the bed.

“Let me take care of you,” I said as I pulled a boot off. I removed her socks, her shirt and her bra before pulling her up so I could get her jeans and panties. Both of us naked, I led her into our bathroom and into the shower. She was still crying as I guided her under the spray. I grabbed the shampoo, it was a natural product with very little scent; her nose didn’t like the strong perfumes of human products. I turned her to face the spray as I worked the shampoo into her dark hair. She calmed as I groomed her, she said it was a werewolf thing, being taken care of like this soothed and reassured her animal side.

“I never was me,” she whispered. “All these years I blamed myself, that if I was just faster, if I’d done something different, I could have saved those women and their babies.”

“No,” I said as I turned her to rinse her hair out. “None of this is your fault, nothing you tried could fight against the curse.”

“Why me?” I picked up the washcloth and got it soapy. “I’m nothing special. I didn’t wait for my true mate, I gave up and fucked my bodyguard when I was lonely. I was raped and mated. I gave up any chance at a child by marrying a human. Is that why she picked me? Does Luna hate me so much she cursed me with this knowledge of my fate?”

I pulled her into my chest, washing her back as she sobbed into my shoulder. “I don’t think that is it at all,” I said. “I think she looked at you and decided to bless you with our child.”


“Because you care, because you tried, because you loved Eve from the moment she was in your arms,” I said. “You are a good person, a good wolf. Someone had to have the responsibility to raise the hope of your race. She chose you.” I ran the cloth over her breasts and down her flat stomach, earning a moan. I kept going, working the cloth over her tanned legs. She turned so I could get her back.

”My turn,” she said as she rinsed off. She worked the shampoo through my hair, then started to wash my neck and shoulders. “I don’t regret being with you,” she said as the water beat into my chest. “With no fated mate, I picked, and you are my pick.” Her hands moved down my back, going all the way to my ankles before I turned and put my head under the shower to rinse. I closed my eyes, feeling her fingers caress my body before she took my dick in her hand, gently cleaning it. I responded to her touch, I couldn’t have NOT responded to her as she soaped up my balls.

“I don’t regret a thing either,” I told her as she caressed my length with both hands.

“I need you,” she said. “I need you to love me.”

I pulled her in for a kiss. “Let’s rinse off and get you to bed,” I said. I dried her off and we quickly went through our bedtime routine. I led her to the bed, pulling back the covers and laying her down. “Let me make love to you,” I said.

“I’m tired, my head is spinning, and I just found out I’m cursed. I’m not up for your usual three hours of athletic sex.”

“Then just lie back.” I crawled onto the bed, straddling her on my hands and knees as I kissed her deeply. Despite her fatigue, she moaned in my mouth and responded. “Beautiful,” I said as I broke the kiss and looked into her eyes. Moving down her neck to her breasts, I paid homage to both before my tongue dragged down to her navel. Her legs spread, her excitement growing by the moment, I could smell her arousal strongly before I moved down. Tasting her was one of my favorite things, and I indulged myself in her. She gripped my hair, moving me to where she wanted my tongue, as I lapped at her essence over and over. Her movements became more urgent as she built to her peak, and I knew exactly how to tip her over the edge. Sucking hard on her swollen clit, I pushed a well-lubricated finger into her rear end. Two flicks of the tongue and she broke hard.

If it was the rodeo, I didn’t come close to seven seconds before I was bucked off. I sat back on my knees, watching my love as the orgasm continued to roll over her. My face was soaked in her essence, and her juices were soaking the bed. I watched until she finally relaxed, then leaned forward and kissed her again. “I’ll be back,” I said.

I went into the bathroom, getting the water hot before I soaked a washcloth. I’d only been gone a minute, but when I returned she was snoring softly. I gently cleaned her up, then pulled the sheets up to cover her while I went back to the bathroom. I got back into bed, she said something in her sleep and rolled into my side for the night.

Viper’s POV

I watched my daughter go up the stairs with Snake, my heart breaking for her with every step. Today had been a shock for all of us; we went from using her as bait to finding out a whole Pack was sworn to protect her. I didn’t trust male werewolves around her after her rape, but these men felt different. I trusted them, I just hoped that trust wasn’t misplaced.

I pulled Gabriel and his leaders over to a table, Hammer and Tiny joining us. A prospect ran over and made sure we had beers, then Kelly came over and sat in my lap. I looked at the three men. “You haven’t explained yet how you found her,” I said.

“I felt Eve when she was born,” he said. “It’s weird; I have a bond with her, Luna must have done something after I had the dream. It’s a pull; it’s not specific, but it was enough to tell me she was here. It affects my wolf kind of like the mating pull did when we were separated. It took us weeks of travel to figure out you were in St. Paul.”

“Why not just walk up and tell us?” Kelly was trying to understand. “If you are here to help, why not say so?”

“Two reasons. First of all, we knew she was in danger. Doctor DelMara had a huge bounty on her head, she was in danger, and a large group of males showing up would force her into hiding again.”

“Damn right, last time she went to Grenada for six years. I was about to send her back,” I said.

“The second reason was that in order to protect her, we had to find the people sent to take her. We could tell she was protected, that she had found sanctuary among humans. We didn’t if the humans knew of us. So, we staked out the area and watched and learned until it was time to show ourselves. Finding the Sheridan men was easy, we started tailing them when they were handing out flyers, but they didn’t come back together. They were staying at hotels all over town.”

“So how did you know about the attempt on her?”

“We followed them. One of my guys is a tech genius, he put trackers on their vehicles. I knew Eve wasn’t moving, but when they headed East we followed. I just left the three down at the farm to protect her. We stopped a few miles away and worked our way towards them. The trail they left was easy to pick up, and we stayed back to see what they were doing. We didn’t want to expose our werewolf forms, we knew you were there, but we also knew a few humans with guns wouldn’t stop them.”

“It was more than just guns,” I said. “If they had gotten closer, they’d have been shredded with buckshot and silver. Shakes over there is an explosives whiz.”

He laughed. “Still, when the wolves surrounded the house and the man shifted, our hesitancy to expose our nature went away. You clearly knew who they were and so we moved in.”

“Took away all our fun, too,” Hammer said. “We’d been waiting for some payback.”

“It’s not over,” Gabriel said. “The people they sent were Pack fighters, led by a Beta. He was the one who threatened Vivian. According to my man, he was promised Vivian as a mate.” He leaned forward. “The Alpha knows she is alive, and his men must have told her where she was found. He won’t give up, the threat won’t end until he is ended.”

“We’re in,” I said.

“It’s not something I can ask you to do,” Gabriel said. “We will take care of him, it’s our sworn duty.”

“You don’t understand. We can go do this together or I’ll leave you here and do it myself. This guy killed my son-in-law and threatened my daughter and granddaughter. If there is a fight, we’re in it.”

He let his breath out, he was obviously linking his men. Finally, he looked at me. “Fine, but we do this together.”


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