The Last Shewolf

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Vivian’s POV

“When are we looking to hit the Sheridan Pack?”

“A couple of days,” Gabriel said. “We have to plan, scout, and wait for the best time. Plus, it’s a good long day’s drive to get there.”

“Good,” I said. “Gabriel, I need each of your men to rotate up to the clinic for blood donation and typing.”


I nodded. “I have a supply of human blood, but no werewolf, and it isn’t compatible. If you’re going into battle, I’ll need a full stock for the injured. No better way than to get it now, that gives your bodies time to recover before you fight.”

“That makes sense. I’ll make sure it happens.”

“I’ll go set up. Teri, can you send Meghan to help me?” She nodded. “All right, I’ll see everyone at church. Snake, can you take Eve for the morning?”

“I’ve got her,” Kelly said. “The two of them can have tummy time together.” I smiled and went upstairs, setting up for the draws. “How are you feeling this morning, Zephaniel?”

“Much better, Doc. Pain isn’t as bad.” I gave him a pill and checked his wound, it was healing well. “Stay put in bed and rest, it’s going well.”

“I’m getting bored, and Uriel isn’t the best way to kill time,” he said.

“I’ll have Meghan bring in her portable DVD player and some movies,” I said. “Uriel, come over here and lay down, you’re donating blood.”

“Blood? Don’t I have to volunteer?”

“You’ve been volunTOLD,” I laughed. “I cleared it with Gabriel, everyone is giving a pint so I have blood for the battle.” It didn’t take long to get the line started. “I don’t want to lose anyone because I can’t get blood, that’s already happened once here.”

The rest of the morning was busy. Meghan got Zephaniel set up with the Die Hard movies, then helped me with the blood draws. We had most of them done before it was time for church.

Viper’s POV

Gabriel and I sat at the center of the room, the doors locked for church. We had sequestered the children and family not involved upstairs in the classrooms with a movie, our usual way. Kelly was supervising the group with the help of the older kids.

I was just about to start when Vivian came down the stairs, Snake by her side. She had Meghan with her, both were in scrubs since they had been drawing blood all morning. She came over and kissed my cheek. “How are you doing, Pops?”

“Good, is Eve with Grandma?”

“Of course, has been all morning. I swear sometimes I just get in the way of her time,” she laughed.

“She waited a long time for babies, you can’t blame her for spoiling them.” Snake took a chair at a nearby table and pulled her down to an adjacent chair, whispering something that made her blush. I stood up and held up my hands for quiet, which was immediately given. I looked out at my family, and the new friends with the Knights. All of them were present except the four on patrol and the one in the clinic. “Thank you for coming, everyone. Our Club is on a war footing now; the Sheridan Pack has already killed Carson, and they attempted to kidnap DeWalt. They won’t stop, and she and Eve can’t be safe until that Pack is stopped.”

Gabriel took it up. “The Sheridan Pack’s Alpha Stanton is the worst kind of Alpha. Right now, he’s desperate and pissed because we took out his Beta and his men. He’s force mated a thirteen-year-old girl, the younger sister of one of ours, and his doublecross on the blood shows he can’t be trusted. There’s no telling what he will do, and we aren’t going to wait for him to attack. We’re taking him out.”

I stood side by side with him. “This is a first, few humans outside this room even know of the existence of werewolves. This gives us an advantage because they will not expect humans to cooperate with werewolves. This will be dangerous, the Pack is dangerous, so I will only take volunteers from our Club. We will need people back here, so I’m limiting it to ten men other than me.” Immediately a bunch of my men stood up, volunteering. “Hammer, I need you here with Teri and Kelly. Snake, you too. We need to protect Vivian and Eve while we are gone.”

“Come on, Viper,” Snake started to argue, “Carson was practically my brother-in-law, we lost him on a mission I was in charge of. They came after MY wife, I want in.”

“Sorry, Snake. You need to stay with DeWalt.”

Vivian stood up. “Good, Snake is going, because I’ll be there with you.”

The whole place went into an uproar. I heard a bunch of “Hell No’s” and other challenges. “DeWalt, I appreciate your willingness to fight, but we’re trying to PROTECT you. I’m not letting you anywhere near that battlefield.”

“With all due respect, Mr. President, I need to be there. This is a war, wars have casualties, and I’m the ONLY medical person you have available. Who takes care of the wounded werewolves if I’m not there? Maybe you take the Club members to a hospital in Sheridan, but how do you explain why they have bites or bullets in them?”

“We will find a way, Blessed One,” Gabriel said. “We haven’t had a Doctor before.”

“Yes, and you’d be one member short right now if it wasn’t for Meghan and I. Tell me honestly, how many of your men can expect to be hurt or killed in this war? Why would you keep me from saving them?” She looked directly at me. “The men you take are my family too, I can’t sit back and hide here in the Clubhouse while my family is dying. I can save them, it’s why I’m here.”

“You could get hurt, captured, even mated!” Snake was furious, his face showed his dislike of her being in danger.

“And you could die without my help,” she told him. “Look, I’m not asking to be on the front lines of the attack, that would be stupid. I am asking to be in the area, able to come to your aid when the battle is done, or when casualties are brought to me. I’ll be like a M*A*S*H unit, close to the lines but not close enough to get hurt, and I’ll treat werewolves.”

“Call it a W*A*S*H,” Meghan said as she stood by Vivian’s side.

“I don’t like it,” Snake said.

“You’ll like this even less. I want Meghan with me.” The room exploded again, I had to bang my hand on the table a few times to quiet it down. “She’s my assistant, I need her by my side.”

I looked over at Hammer, he had sat down in shock. Meghan ran over and hugged him. “Dad, this is what I’ve always wanted to do. It’s what I was born to do.”

She buried her face in his shoulder; his hand slowly came up her back. “I know, baby. You’re going to be an amazing doctor.” He pulled back so he could look in her eyes. “You know your Mom is going to grill my balls for dinner for this.”

“No, she’ll see it has to be done, she just won’t like it.”

Hammer stood up, pulling his daughter to his side. “I am going, I’ll protect these two while they are out saving the others,” he said.

“I’ll volunteer to be their escort as well,” Maalik said as he stood.

“As will I,” Urial stood by his friend.

I just rubbed my eyes, wondering where it all went wrong. Kelly was going to barbecue my ass in molasses, but Vivian was right. “Fine, but you stay well clear until we tell you to come up,” I said. “If it goes bad, you get the hell out of there and don’t worry about us.”

“I’ll keep Meghan safe,” Vivian said. “I have my own family to return to.”

“How are you going to do this?”

“I’ll outfit one of the panel vans to be an ambulance,” she said. “Coolers for blood, machines, drugs. A portable generator for power. I’ve got all the stuff, it’s a matter of getting it stowed correctly.”

“I’ll help with that,” Scrape said. “I can weld in racks, beds, anything you need. It might be easier to just buy an ambulance, though.”

Vivian was thinking, she liked the idea. “See what you can find, I’ll buy it,” she said. “It will be a lot less suspicious if we have to transport wounded back here, and it will work better.”

The whole meeting had spiraled away, I was starting to wonder who was really in charge here. “You guys figure that out and make it happen. Snake, go with them. Four men ought to be enough to protect those two, you’ll need another vehicle and I want you loaded for bear, ready for anything.” Snake nodded. “Get out of here and get to it. I want all the Club volunteers with me, I’m picking eight more.”

Gabriel looked at his men. “We will leave six here to protect the Promised One, plus Zephaniel. The rest of you come with me.”

“Church is over, those going to Wyoming will meet in one hour so we can start giving out assignments.” I looked around the room, no one was moving.

“Pres, what’s the plan?” Crash was itching for a fight.

“We distract them and the Knights swoop in and kill their leaders,” I said. “Now clear out, we’ve got work to do.” I watched as they started to get up. I selected the other eight, then gave Hammer a resigned look. “Ready to talk to the old ladies?”

“Why not, I didn’t NEED to get laid this year,” he said. “I don’t know who is going to be more pissed off.”

“Does it matter?” I threw my arm around his shoulders and walked him towards the stairs. “DEAD MEN WALKING,” I said to the laughter of the Club members still downstairs.

Vivian’s POV

Scrape went off to look on Ebay for an ambulance after I gave him a dollar limit. “Find something not too far away,” I told him, “We can’t waste half our prep time going to get one from Texas or something.” He walked off, shaking his head, while I followed Snake and I back upstairs. The tension was still high, and as soon as we got the door closed to our room, he was in my face.

He wasn’t mad, he was worried, and his hands held my head steady while his forehead moved to touch mine. “I can’t lose you,” he whispered.

“You’ll be with me, you won’t let anyone hurt me,” I said. “I trust you, Hammer and the boys can keep Meghan and I safe or I never would have brought it up.” His lips crashed into mine, and I jumped up and wrapped my legs around his waist as he walked us over to the bed. As soon as he was setting me down, I was pulling his shirt over his head, my sandals flying across the room. He was just as urgent, pushing his jeans and underwear down and letting his Python out. I lifted my hips, letting him pull my shorts and underwear off, then he plunged inside me in one long thrust.

“Oh yes,” I moaned as he touched deep inside me. I moved my shirt up, unhooking my bra to let the girls out as he pounded into me fast and hard. It was hot, it was urgent, it was just what we needed. The room filled with the sounds of our love; the smack of his hips into me, the wet squoosh of my sex around him. He didn’t let up, he didn’t slow down, he just pushed us higher and higher until I couldn’t remember my own name, I could only feel. He claimed me, shooting his load inside as I arched my back with the pleasure. His hands lifted me up, fucking me through my orgasm and into the next one. Finally, I had to push off him, doing a backflip in the bed as I tried to get my body to listen to me again.

“Holy shit, that was intense,” he said as he collapsed next to me.

I couldn’t even talk, I was all tingly and still breathing hard. He pulled me over until I was lying on top of him, both of us hot and sticky. We stayed until I could feel his seed draining out of me; cupping my sodden folds, I got up and went into the shower. He joined me there, getting me deliciously clean again before I returned the favor.

I finally left him when I heard Teri come in with Eve, who was crying. I pulled on a T-shirt and panties, leaving the steam-filled bathroom. “My my my, she must have missed me,” I said as I took her into my arms.

“She woke up fussy,” Teri said. “She’s been changed, I was coming to get a bottle.” She started to prepare one as I sat in the rocking chair. I went to the window and opened it up, letting the breeze blow the smell of our sex out. “Thanks for that, it smelled like a cathouse in here.”

I just laughed. “Snake was a bit wound up after the meeting,” I said. “How are you doing about Meghan coming?”

She slumped into a chair. “It scares the shit out of me, but I’d never forgive myself if someone died because you didn’t have the help you needed. Then I think about how Hammer would find a way to go, and at least this way I know he’ll stay out of the fighting. I’m glad I’ll have the babies to distract me from thinking about how dangerous this all is.”

“You know I’ll protect Meghan with my life,” I said.

“I do, but I’m a Mom, we worry.” She looked out the window. “Meghan’s growing up so fast, she’ll be at medical school before I can blink.”

“Look at the bright side, she isn’t chasing after boys yet.” I giggled as she shivered in fear. “She’s going to have to beat them off with a stick.”

“Hammer is already putting the fear of God into some of those boys,” she said. She handed me the bottle and Eve started to drink it, her little hands waving in the air. Snake came out of the bathroom, a towel around his waist, and went into the closet to get dressed. “When are you getting a tattoo?”

“I don’t know, I need one to be a proper old lady, don’t I?”

“Damn right. Get yourself a big ol’ snake.”

“She just did,” Snake said as he walked out with a shit-eating grin on his face. “Repeatedly.” I smacked his arm as he walked over to kiss me.

“Teri thinks I need a tattoo,” I told him. “I’m thinking of getting a Rod of Asclepius. It’s a symbol of medicine with a snake wound around a staff.” I showed him the cover of one of my medical textbooks.

“I think you need a snake wound around a cordless drill,” he said with a grin. “Or maybe one climbing up the front leg of a wolf.”

Eve had finished eating, so I gave her to Snake to burp and change while Teri and I left. We got downstairs and Scrape ran over. “I found one in Rochester,” he said excitedly as he showed me the printout. It wasn’t bad, based on a Ford chassis it didn’t have too many miles and the internals hadn’t been stripped. The price was in range as well. I talked to Viper and Gabriel, they sent a couple guys with us and by dinnertime our new ride was parked in the garage.

I hopped out as Snake ran over to me. “Everything go all right?”

“Yep, we got ourselves of werewolf ambulance.”

“A Wambulance?” I cracked up. It was going to be a long road trip with that man.

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