The Last Shewolf

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Vivian’s POV

As soon as I pulled the dressing off Viking’s neck, I knew it was hopeless. Major arteries had been cut, and he had stopped bleeding. I checked his heart, no pulse. There was no way to help him now, and I had other people to treat. “He’s gone,” I told Stain and Snake. Their faces fell in shock and loss, but there was no time to grieve now. I watched as they took the gurney back out, taking him off and setting him down somewhere. “Who’s next?”

“Dagger is,” Meghan said. She was standing at the doors, watching him being brought over. It looked like his calf had been bitten badly, Stain moved the gurney over.

“Put him face down,” I said and they did so. They wheeled him up into the ambulance, and Meghan and I got to work. His vitals were still good, and Meghan started a saline drip right away. I gave him a sedative, no way he wanted to be conscious for what I was about to do. I pulled the cloth away from the wound; a big flap was torn, and it looked like a chunk was missing from the muscle and skin. It was bleeding, but not badly, it hadn’t taken out the artery. “Warm up a bag of O positive,” I told Meghan as I finished inspecting the wound. It would be an ugly scar, but it was fixable.

Scrape was led to the back of the ambulance as I was cleaning the wound with alcohol. “Doc, he’s got a broken arm.”

I didn’t have time for it, a broken arm could wait. “There’s a sling down there,” I pointed at the cabinet. I was busy, light on my head, instruments in my hand as I opened the wound on Scrape’s calf and cleaned it out. It would take lots of internal and external stitches, maybe even a skin graft later, to put the muscles back together. If he was lucky, the nerve damage wouldn’t be bad enough to Meghan was moving around, getting the blood prepped, and setting up the suture tray when I heard tires squealing and cars coming closer.

“Doc, we got more wounded,” Stain yelled from out by the car. I looked down, I could wrap it for now if a more critical case came in and do the stitching later. The cars skidded to a halt, then Stain yelled, “THEY AREN’T OURS” and all hell broke loose.

I could hear the pistol fire start, it was like firecrackers as they tried to hold off the attacking wolves. Scrape pulled his pistol, firing with his left hand as he moved to help Stain. I grabbed Meghan, pulling her backwards and shoving her down behind the cabinet next to the chair. I reached down and pulled a pistol out of my jacket, which was on the back of the EMT chair by me. “STAY DOWN,” I told her as I moved past the gurney towards the back. It was bedlam.

I could hear Snake yelling around the corner as he fired his pistol, but Stain was in sight. He shot two wolves, I saw too late a wolf approaching from behind. The wolf jumped him, breaking his neck, before running past. I got off a couple shots but hit nothing, they were too fast, and I dared not leave the ambulance and Meghan to get a better shot. Scrape screamed, then his scream was cut off as a wolf tore out his throat. I could hear the fighting out of my sight, Urial and Maalik were in wolf form, and they were in pain. I snuck a peek, Urial’s wolf was fighting three and losing. The attacking wolves were avoiding me, and I was helplessly listening as Maalik’s neck was broken with a loud crack. Urial went down howling, they tore him apart.

I heard the door to the front open, Hammer had crawled in the passenger seat. His face and shoulder were covered in blood, and Meghan rushed forward with a towel to help him. “There’s too many,” he said.

As soon as it started, it was quiet again, and there was a pit in my stomach as I realized I couldn’t hear Snake out there. I heard one of them shift, and a strange voice yelled, “STAND DOWN.” I looked at Meghan and Hammer, then back outside, this wasn’t good.

A man knocked on the side of the ambulance. “Doctor Vivian DelMara, it’s over. This human won’t make it long without help. I’m coming around to talk, don’t shoot or he dies.” I could see wolves starting to gather at the edge of the lot, covering my exit. I didn’t have a choice.

“Come talk,” I said as I lowered my pistol.

The large naked man came around to the back of the ambulance, an unconscious Snake being held by his neck in front of him. He was wheezing, he probably had a few broken ribs, maybe a punctured lung. There were bite marks on his hands, forearms and leg. The man let do, causing my husband to smack down against the pavement on his face. “It’s over, Doc. Your guards are dead. You’ve got three more in there plus this guy who will die if you don’t come quietly.”

“How do I know you’ll let them live if I come with you?”

“You don’t. I really don’t care, Doc, when we drove by I could smell you and the Alpha told me to bring you to him, no matter the cost. Now toss the pistol and come down here before I get upset.”

I looked back at Meghan, she was holding the pad to Hammer’s bleeding shoulder, she was frightened and she was my responsibility. I tossed my pistol on the floor of the ambulance. “I’ll come,” I said.

He raised his hand, helping me jump down from the back. His men shifted, going back to their cars and pulling on clothes. The man had a steel grip on my left arm as he dragged me to the big cars. “I lost four men getting you, bitch, you better be worth it.”

“Maybe Alpha will let us have a taste, you know, for the effort,” the driver said as I was pushed into the back seat, my captor with me.

“Nobody touches her, we deliver her to the Alpha unharmed,” he said. He then looked at me, a smirk on his face. “After that, we’ll see.” The car pulled out, following the other vehicle. I looked back at the lot, at the blood and destruction, and hoped to Luna that Snake, Dagger, Hammer and Meghan would somehow be safe.

Gabriel’s POV

I looked out the window to where the Pack was starting to assemble. His time was up; I would steal his Pack from him, whether I killed him before or after didn’t really matter to me. I sent Michael with the old warrior to the shop. He might barricade himself in, but acetylene torches could fix that. If it was too much, I’d let Shakes have some fun. I’m sure that crazy fucker brought some extra.

Our plan had worked perfectly, and my men imbedded with Viper’s attack group confirmed that the reaction force from the Pack had been wiped out. We had basically waltzed in to his compound, and the pussy had hidden in his office while his Pack members fought and died for him. I’d felt the loss of a couple of my Pack, but I didn’t have time to figure out who yet.

Good men died today because this piece of shit Alpha wasn’t honorable enough to fight with his men. What a waste.

I turned towards the door when I heard the sounds of sliding bars and turning bolts. Maybe he was going to come out and fight after all? At least then he would die with honor. If I had to come in there, I’d slice his neck while he knelt before me. I stood before the door, arms crossed, my men behind me. Finally, the door opened and Alpha Stanton came out and stood before me. He didn’t look like a man who was about to die, he looked positively giddy.

He held out a cellphone towards me. “It’s for you,” he said.

I hesitated, then reached for the phone and put it to my ear. “This is Alpha Gabriel,” I said.

The voice on the other end I instantly recognized. “Gabriel, they’ve got me,” Vivian said as her voice broke. “The guards are hurt or dead, they need help.”

“Where are you?” My hand was shaking.

“We’re coming to the Pack House. I’m to tell you that if anyone does anything stupid, they’ll kill me.” Her voice lowered. “I’m sorry, Gabriel. I shouldn’t have let you do this.”

“You have nothing to be sorry for, Vivian. It’s I who should apologize. I’m at the Pack House, I’ll see you soon.” I clicked the phone closed.

Alpha Stanton was rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet. “Stand your men down,” he said, “And tell the humans to back off.” I sent out the mental command to my men, along with the reason. “The key to playing Capture the Flag is to know how important protecting your own flag is,” he said. “It was foolish to bring her so close my men could scent her. Tell all your men to gather together out front by my Pack,” he said.

I gave the order, and they started to head outside. “Tell Charles to go there as well.” I raised my eyebrow, not knowing who it was. “The former warrior who abandoned his Pack and joined yours,” he said.

I sent the command, knowing what was coming. We walked together down the stairs and out the door; the Pack House had a sweeping curved driveway, with a oval grassed section in front. The Pack was gathered there, and emotions were widely varied. Some were angry, looking at us with murder in their eyes as they blamed us for the deaths of family members. Some with relief, hoping that we would rid them of their Alpha. Still others, it was resignation. One way or another, people were going to die here.

The old warrior was brought before his former Alpha. “You are a traitor,” Alpha Stanton said.

“I regret nothing except following a man such as you. May Luna avenge me,” he said just before Stanton sliced his throat, leaving him to bleed out in front of his Pack.

It took about ten minutes before we saw the headlights in the distance, two vehicles approaching. They stopped in front of the house, their doors opening as six men got out. The last pulled a dejected Vivian with him. He walked her in front of us, forcing her to her knees. “Alpha, your Doctor Vivian DelMara.”

Alpha Stanton walked forward, clapping the man on the shoulder. “Good job, Beta. When we are done here, if you want her as your mate, she is yours.” I saw Vivian shiver, she didn’t like this man, she was dreading the fate I was powerless to prevent. “Warriors, restrain his men.” Men moved forward, silver knives drawn as they forced my men to their knees in front of them. He turned to me, but didn’t demand the same. “You get to watch. This is what we do, we take over Packs, we take their women, and we mate them. We are the richest Pack in the country, and with this Doctor here, we can deliver our heirs alive and save the mothers.”

“Luna laughs at you,” I said as I shook my head. “Men like you are the reason Luna has cursed our people. The Doctor will not be able to stop her judgement; your women will all die, your children with them. The more you try, the faster you die,” I told him.

“Once she is mated, she is bound to our will,” he said. “She will save them, she will save herself. But first, she must pay the price for the losses we have suffered.”

“What have I done?” Vivian’s voice was weak, it cracked as she talked.

“You hid yourself from your people when you had the power to save our children,” he said. He moved in front of her, bending over to take her chin in his hand. She struggled, but his grip shifted to her throat as he forced her to look into his eyes. “I lost mates, I lost heirs because of you,” he said as he lifted her by the neck until her feet were dangling in the air.

“Too… bad…” In a move I barely caught, her right hand reached under her scrub top in front and came out with a silver dagger. Before Stanton could react, she plunged the blade into the left side of his chest, directly into his heart. He dropped her, reaching for the blade, and I reacted. I grabbed his head with both hands, twisting it until there was a loud crack before I dropped him to the ground. “I had that,” Vivian said as she tried to catch her breath.

“I can’t let you have all the fun.” I turned to the Pack, my men were well trained and took advantage of the pain caused by the Alpha’s death to escape their guards. Now they held the blades to his men. “Line them up,” I said. “He’s gone, and those who shared his poisonous beliefs will go with him.”

It would be a long night, but this Pack would be purged.

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