The Last Shewolf

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Meghan’s POV

I moved forward to the front seat, grabbing a thin towel and pressing it over my Dad’s shoulder. He’d been bitten, badly, and was losing blood. “There’s too many,” he said as he closed and locked the door, leaning back into the seat. I pressed down with the towel, knowing pressure would help. The shooting stopped, the growls as well, and it was suddenly quiet.

“STAND DOWN,” I heard outside.

Dad shivered, his bloody hand reached down and pulled a fresh magazine out of his pocket. He ejected the magazine from his pistol, releasing the slide he handed it to me. “Don’t let them take us without a fight,” he said to me as his eyes started to close. “Tell Mom I love her.”

“Tell her yourself,” I said as I moved his hand to his shoulder. “Keep pressure on that.” I hid the pistol in my scrub pocket, reaching back to get a combat dressing I ripped it open. Vivian had explained that these were coated with a clotting agent to help stop bleeding; I removed the towel and put this in place. I tied it down while I listened to the man telling Vivian to give up quietly. I took another towel and started cleaning his face, he had some cuts but nothing life-threatening. I checked his right leg, it was broken and swelling, with a bite mark; the wolf must have grabbed it and twisted. I couldn’t do anything now, I was trying to stay low and out of sight.

“How do I know you’ll let them live if I come with you?” Good question, Doc.

“You don’t. I really don’t care, Doc, when we drove by I could smell you and the Alpha told me to bring you to him, no matter the cost. Now toss the pistol and come down here before I get upset.”

I looked at Vivian as she turned and looked at me, she was looking sad and her face was filled with guilt. I just nodded, ‘we’ll get through this,’ I whispered. I stayed down as she stepped out of the ambulance; sneaking a peek out the driver’s door, I saw her being pushed into the car that had stopped in front of us. The car took off, turning out of the lot and speeding down the road towards the Pack entrance. “Hold on,” I told my Dad, “I have to check them.”

“Be safe, take the gun,” he said. I kissed his head before moving through the back, past the unconscious Dagger and to the back. I jumped down, keeping the pistol in front as I checked both sides of the ambulance. I checked Snake first, he had a good pulse and wasn’t bleeding badly, so I moved on.

I went to Stain and Scrape next. Stain’s neck was broken, his head nearly torn from his shoulders. I moved to Scrape, he wasn’t moving and he was in a big puddle of blood, face down. I checked his pulse, not finding any. Rolling him over, there wasn’t much left of his neck to speak of. Pushing back the nausea, I went out to where the wolves were. I hadn’t seen Urial or Maalik’s wolves, but they were both dead, as well as the four other wolves.

I put the Glock back in my pocket and ran back to Snake. He was moaning and starting to move, I rolled him onto his back and his eyes opened. “Vivian…”

“Shhh… she’s all right for now.”


“They took her.”

His eyes got wide and he rolled onto his hands and knees before sitting back down. “Everything is spinning,” he said before he threw up.

“You probably have a concussion,” I told him. “Can you stand?”

“I think so.” I helped him to his feet and we slowly walked to the ambulance. I got him to step up into the back before he stumbled, nearly falling on top of Dagger. “I’m all right,” he said.

“No, you’re not. Sit down in the chair and buckle up.” I closed the back doors then followed him as he sat heavily into the chair, then I helped him buckle up. “Try to stay awake,” I said. I handed him a few big gauze pads to hold on his bites, then moved into the front. Dad was barely awake, I grabbed an Ace bandage and wrapped the combat dressing on tight to keep pressure on it. “We’ve got to get you to the hospital,” I said.

“I’ll drive,” he said as he tried to sit up, but he couldn’t do it.

I slid into the driver’s seat, pulling the seat all the way forward and starting it up. “Remember how you feared me learning to drive in a few years,” I said.

“Don’t remind me,” he mumbled.

“Well, no time like the present.” I put my foot on the brake and put it in drive. When I released the brake we started moving, then we jumped forward when I touched the gas. I may have run over a wolf on the way out, but we did get to the road without incident. Making the hospital ten miles away? That would be fun. I turned onto the empty road and floored it, we were running out of time.

Viper’s POV

We watched as Scrape drove our wounded away, it was like a gut punch. One moment we were doing great, the next I had badly wounded men. “Can you contact Gabriel and update him,” I asked Hezediel. He nodded, then his eyes glazed over. A moment later, he looked back at me. “They are almost to the house,” he said. “He is sorry to hear of your wounded, but says you did a good job drawing them away.”

I nodded and moved off, checking with my other Club members. The adrenaline crash was coming, it always did. I encouraged them to sit down, focus on their breathing, and stay alert. We spent about twenty minutes this way, just decompressing from the excitement.

I heard a vehicle approaching, it was starting to brake as it approached the turnoff for the Pack. “We expecting anyone,” I asked Hezediel.

His eyes glazed over. “They’ve captured Vivian,” he said softly. “Gabriel says to stand aside, if we resist they will kill her.”

“FUCK!” I turned and yelled at my guys. “Take positions, stay out of sight and NO SHOOTING! They’ve got Vivian in that car!”

I ducked behind one of our cars, my pistol holstered, as the car drove by. The werewolves didn’t even look at us, they knew we wouldn’t do anything, but I could see Vivian in the back and our eyes met for a brief second. She was resigned to her fate, a fate I’d promised to protect her from, and I failed.

As the car drove out of sight, I fell to the ground and started to cry.

Vivian’s POV

Gabriel and I were looking over the Pack members, most of whom were between nervous and terrified, when I heard a child scream behind me. I tuned and a young teen girl, thin with curly brown hair and striking green eyes, ran out towards us, tears streaming down her face. She was in agony, and she ran straight to the dead Alpha Stanton. “My mate,” she sobbed as she almost fell on top of him.

It was Lisandra, Zephaneil’s 13-year old sister, who he had mated as soon as she had her first female cycle. My heart went out to her, I went to her side and put an arm around her. “It will be all right,” I whispered.

“You killed him!”

“Yes, I did.” I looked up to Gabriel for help, and by the time I noticed her hand it was too late.

“STOP,” Gabriel yelled as he jumped for us, but the silver blade had already been driven into my stomach, just below my ribs. I screamed in pain as the silver burned my flesh. He knocked her away, she attacked him next. I didn’t pay attention to the fight, he quickly killed her, but it was too late for me. I pulled the knife out, screaming as I did so, and I saw the spray of blood out the open wound. The silver would retard healing, and the wound was deep.

Michael ran to me, pulling off his shirt and pressing it over the wound. I moaned in pain as they laid me down. “Vivian…”

The shirt was already soaked, there would be no stopping this. The only person who could save me was back at the ambulance, and even that was a stretch. “It’s all right,” I said, spitting the blood out of my mouth. I was weak and cold, it wouldn’t be long. “Tell Snake I loved him and I’m sorry. He was my love and my life.”

“You’re going to be all right, Vivian, just hold on.”

I put a bloody hand to his face as Gabriel knelt at my other side. “Take care of my Eve for me. Help her grow strong, tell her about me…”

“We will protect her with our lives,” Gabriel vowed.

“I know.” I coughed, the blood spraying out. I was cold, so cold. I closed my eyes, the darkness faded into light and I heard a voice in my head. “Mother….”

I ran through the field, my wolf leaping over the grass towards my parents. I was home.

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