The Last Shewolf

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Welcoming Party

Alpha Jenkin’s POV

Private aircraft over Wisconsin

“Is everyone in place?” I looked across at my Beta, Charles, and my Delta, Donovan.

“Yes sir, your father contacted me just before you boarded,” Charles said. “Our warriors are in position, waiting for your signal. They report only two werewolves in the area, both at the Knight Pack building. The clubhouse has about thirty people in it now, but the crowd is thinning out as the night goes on.”

I looked at my watch, it was past midnight. The best the motorcade could do from Chicago was a little over five hours, even after landing and driving to the site, we’d still be waiting. “Good, I don’t want to go in until just before they arrive. The fewer humans we have to deal with, the better. Is her mother there?”

“Yes, Alpha, along with several other wives of their leadership, even some of their children.”

“Good.” The humans wouldn’t risk their families for Eve, they would hand her over without a fight once they saw they had no choice. “You did a good job planning this, Donovan.”

“Thank you, sir. Once you ordered us to find the Knights, it all fell into place. Eve would always be heavily guarded, but their families were left almost alone. Plus, almost all of the Knights are still in Chicago.”

“You have the surprise ready for them?”

“Of course, sir. They’ll go into that Pack House and never walk out again.” The pilot announced seatbelts for the arrival into St. Paul, so I buckled in and looked out the window at the lights below. This was shaping up to be a night to remember.

Eve’s POV

I reached into the bag below the seat and pulled out my phone. Dad was already sleeping, he was weird that way. He could sleep anywhere, anytime, and was out within thirty seconds of closing his eyes. He said it was a holdover from his Army days, when you grabbed sleep when you could. Michael was talking on his phone, while the driver and the Knights in the front seat kept watch on the road for any threats. We weren’t even to Madison yet, it was going to be almost four in the morning by the time we got back home.

I sent a text to Mitchell, telling him that I didn’t find my man and I was returning home. He was happy for me, happy I wasn’t being forced into something I wasn’t ready for. “Me too,” I replied. “Now college, maybe?”

“Hope so. When u arrive?”

“Four-ish. Going straight to clubhouse.”

“CU there”

“IDK Daddy won’t like”

“My problem. U rest, my little troublemaker.”

“Nite.” I smiled as I shut the phone down, putting it back in my bag. I needed some sleep too, and as I leaned into my father and closed my eyes, I wondered why Mitch couldn’t be a wolf. He and I would have a chance.

Mitchell’s POV

I had set my alarm for three, not wanting to miss a chance to see her even in passing. When it went off, I was up instantly, my body trained that way in battle. You never knew when trouble was going to start.

I got dressed, it was a cool August evening, around sixty and not too humid thanks to a front the night before. I walked out to my Harley, starting it and pulling smoothly out of the driveway. I wasn’t one of these guys who demanded the loud pipes and exhaust noises some did; announcing your presence like that wasn’t tactically sound. I’m sure the neighbors appreciated not being woken up as well.

I drove through the empty streets towards the clubhouse, my heart was almost racing with excitement. The past few weeks had been hell, not seeing her, her depression and anger at what they were pushing her towards. I really didn’t understand how her parents could do that to her, mates or not, I thought love could be between any two people. I couldn’t figure out why she didn’t tell them to pack sand and leave. She had been evasive on the reasons, just like she didn’t ever tell me why she was in danger or who the people were who were after her.

Someday she would trust me enough to tell her, even though I knew.

As I got to the block where the Knights had their clubhouse, I froze as I sat at the stop sign. Five men dressed in black were breaking in the door in front, guns out. I pulled through the intersection, pretending not to notice, until I was within sight of the Northwoods Riders clubhouse.

It was being swarmed. At least two dozen men, two vehicles. I could hear screams, even muffled gunfire as I pulled away.

I had no choice, all I had was my trusty Glock. I needed backup, mostly I needed to let Eve know she was coming back to trouble. I turned left and accelerated away, heading back to my apartment. As soon as I pulled in, I got my phone out and texted Eve.

“HOSTILES IN CLUBHOUSE AND KNIGHTS HOUSE 2 DZ ARMED. HOSTAGES TAKEN.” I sent the text, copying and pasting it I sent it to Donut as well. Running inside, I changed into black clothing and grabbed a gun case from under my bed. My observation post on top of a nearby building was just over a hundred yards from the Clubhouse gate, an easy shot. I pulled out my custom AR-15 I had purchased for hunting hogs in Carolina. Chambered in 300 Whisper, a suppressor on the end of the carbine-length barrel, it was a quiet and accurate as a rifle could get. The scope had an illuminated reticle and was optimized for nighttime hunts. I slung it across my back, taking extra magazines and placing them in my cargo pockets. I pulled out a shoulder holster from the closet, placing another Glock under my right arm, extra magazines under my left.

I tried calling Eve again, the phone going straight to voicemail. Donut, same thing. I left messages with both before rushing out of the house. I drove a different way, the same way I used when I was watching the clubhouse without raising suspicions. It was on the other side from the Knights, and from the roof of the abandoned building I had a good view of the parking lot and front of the clubhouse.

I briefly considered calling the police, but when I thought back to the way the men moved. They were fast and agile, more so than any human. They were werewolves.

Eve didn’t know that I knew about them, but I had seen some of the Knights shift as they went on patrol. I didn’t freak, I’d seen lots of weird shit overseas, so I just accepted it and moved on. My days of sniper overwatch had figured out the situation quicky; the Knights were all werewolves, while the Riders were human. It made a little more sense why Eve was behaving that way once I knew who was protecting her. I didn’t know for sure, but I think she is a werewolf as well. I drove through the quiet streets, thinking about what I had read on the Internet. There was a ton of information on werewolves, but what was reliable and what was not? I mean, just because some Wattpad story says werewolves are one way doesn’t mean they are.

When she trusts me, she’ll confide in me.

I parked behind the building and climbed the fire escape to the top floor, then went inside to the staircase leading to the roof. My hide was well protected, tucked under an overhanging roof. I had a foam pad down, netting around it to break up my silhouette. I unslung my rifle, setting up the bipod to the right height. I settled behind the four-power scope, scanning the parking lot for targets. I could see five men outside; they were guarding the main gate and the perimeter, making sure none of the people inside would escape. Looking through the windows, I could see people being herded down to the main area at gunpoint.

I shifted my scope over to the Knight’s apartment building. I could see a man near the entrance, blood pooling from his head on the carpet. I checked the windows, lights were turning on and off as the gunmen checked the room for occupants. I moved back to the clubhouse, looking through the front door I could see a few of their men, guns out, and a few Club members and families in the tables. The first floor had no windows, so it was tough to tell what was going on.

I rolled to my side, taking my phone out of my pocket and setting the extra magazines where I could get them quickly. I opened the phone, calling Donuts first. Once again, it went to voice mail. I called Eve, same thing.


I kept watching as two men, big guys, walked out to stand in front of the clubhouse doors. The other wolves were deferential to them, so they were obviously in charge. I put both of them at the top of my hit list; when you take out the leaders, the troops falter unless they are highly trained. Even then, you might gain a critical few seconds before the next man steps up.

I saw vehicles approaching fast, and so did they. The men at the perimeter hid themselves, and the men out front went back inside. I looked over, there were two large SUV’s approaching the gate. They rolled through, taking two spots in the lot right out front. I watched as the men got out, the ones in front running back to open the doors. I saw Snake get out, he reached back and took a hand.

Eve was walking right into the trap, and I couldn’t stop it, not without endangering everyone inside.

Eve’s POV

“We’re home,” Dad said as he shook me awake. I looked out the window, we were just up to the clubhouse gate. I grabbed the bag under the seat as we parked, reaching in to get my phone. I turned it on just as Dad opened the door, quickly checking the time. When I saw the first message and the missed calls, my blood went cold.

“DAD WAIT!” I tried to pull him back in the car, but it was too late.

“Hello, Snake, Michael. Before you do something stupid, look behind me.” I looked through the open door towards the entrance, and I dropped my phone when I saw a man coming out with a gun to Sheri’s head. She was terrified, and all I could think was God help them if anything happened to her. Moose would burn the city down if anyone hurt her.

“Tell him,” the man I recognized as Alpha Keith Jenkins said over his shoulder.

The man walked Sheri closer, the gun against her temple. “They… they have us inside. All of us. They said they will kill us if you don’t cooperate.” Her eyes told the story, she wasn’t lying.

“What do you want,” Michael said calmly.

“I want Eve to come with me, quietly and calmly. If she leaves with me, they live. Now toss your guns on the ground over there.”

Dad looked at him, then back at me. “I…”

He had no choice. There was no way I could let all my friends and my family die over this. “It’s all right, Dad.” I felt under my shirt, Vivian’s silver knife was in its usual place on the lanyard around my neck. I got out, feeling the eyes raking over me as I stood tall by my father’s side. “I’ll be all right.” I put my hand on his arm, I could feel him shaking.

“She’s right, Snake. You don’t have a play here. I’ve got twenty men around you or inside, and we have your Club members and their families. Michael, your men here are dead, the rest are still in Chicago. Don’t be stupid, do what you’re told and they all get to live.”

My father looked around, then at me. “I’m sorry, baby.” He took my arm, leading me over to Alpha Keith. “Keep her safe,” he said.

“I will. Now go inside, and my men will come out.” The men parted, allowing Michael and his guards to go inside. I watched as my father walked in, his shoulders slumped. The Alpha walked me towards a car, his men had started to run back to their vehicles. His Beta, Charles, walked ahead and opened the back door of his car for me. “You are going to love being with me, sooner than you think,” Kevin said.

“This isn’t the right way,” I said. “I need to find my true mate. You’ll doom us all.”

He took my arm and pulled me to look at him. “I don’t believe that, I’ve never believed a word of it. Now get in.”

I turned to the car, getting my leg in, and just before I pulled my other leg in there was a POP sound, like someone dropped a melon on the ground, and blood sprayed all over me.

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