The Last Shewolf

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Snake’s POV

I was barely keeping myself in control as I followed Michael and the others into the clubhouse. I looked around, everyone looked all right. Pissed, but all right. The bad guys filed out, the last one turning and pointing the gun in my direction. “We’ll be watching, don’t come outside for five minutes or you’ll be killed.” He ducked through the doorway.

Viper took charge immediately. “Load up, if you’ve got an extra pass it on. I want rifles in the upstairs windows.” I pulled out my backup piece, a compact Glock, out of my inside-the-waistband holder. The Alpha hadn’t bothered to search us, he just assumed we tossed all our weapons. The Knights handed their pistols off, then pulled off their clothes and shifted into their wolves. “We can’t let them get away with her,” Viper said as people scattered. “I want everyone not fighting in the safe room.” There was room with reinforced solid concrete walls and ceiling, accessed from underneath the stairway to the upper floors, that we used for shelter. We hadn’t had enough warning to use it before.

Viper and I hugged the wall, looking out the window towards the enemy vehicles. Moose, Hammer and some others were headed for the garage. I watched as the men ran towards their cars. The Alpha grabbed my daughter’s arm, saying something to her, before she started getting into the car.

All of the sudden, the Alpha’s head exploded in a red mist, followed quickly by his Beta. “GO GO GO,” Viper yelled. We ran through the outer door, catching the men by surprise. I went left and Viper went right, firing rapidly into the warriors before they could turn and engage us. I felt the wolves running past, using the confusion to get the jump on their foes. Some of the men weren’t fast enough in shifting or shooting, and soon a few throats were torn out among the furious growls.

I was running low on ammo, so I took cover behind a car and watched for bad guys coming from behind. Our pistols were soon useless, but the rifles from upstairs were a different story. The fire decimated their lines, causing them to turn and flee.

I looked over the hood for Eve, but she was in the car and it was already leaving through the gate. “STOP THEM,” I yelled as I went back to where our pistols had been tossed. I put the Glock in my pocket and found my main gun, putting it back in the holster under my right arm. A few of my guys came up next to me, and we grabbed the rest. “As soon as the shooting stops, mount up and we go after her,” I said.

The firefight had bogged down quickly. The bad guys had regrouped outside the fence, trying to cover the escape of the others. In the dark it was tough for us to pick out targets, so we were mostly firing at muzzle flashes. I heard a yell, and looked over at Viper. He was rolling on the ground, holding his foot. “I’m hit,” he said.

I ran over and picked him up, helping him back through the front door of the club. “Meghan!”

“She’s in the clinic,” Chewie said. “I’ll take him.”

I handed him off and ran back outside, where the shooting was still going on. I ran back to the cover of the car. “Where is Eve?”

“She’s gone, Snake. Ran off down the road, a couple of their guys on her tail.”

Shit. The rifles continued to bang out, the return fire stopped, and as I looked out I didn’t see anything. “CEASE FIRE,” I yelled. “CEASE FIRE.”

Someone turned on the floodlights for the parking lot, and in the light we could see the carnage. Wolves and humans were strewn over the lot, by the fence and outside. One of the wolves shifted, it was Michael. He had been shot in the right leg and stomach. “They’re dead or gone,” he said as he limped towards me.

I could hear the sirens in the distance. “OK, quick cleanup,” I yelled. “Wounded get to the clinic, dead carry back inside the garage and stack them up. MOVE IT, unless you like wearing orange.” The guys sprung into action, and more came outside to help. We had only a few minutes to do this. I ran with Moose towards the car which Eve had been in. No one inside was moving.

Eve’s POV

I was just inside the car when the shooting started. I was the only one in the back seat, but the guy riding shotgun pulled out his pistol and started to roll down his window. I pulled the silver knife out of its sheath between my breasts, not wasting any time I reached forward and grabbed his hair with my left hand. Before he could react, I slammed the knife into his right temple.

Meanwhile, the driver had put it in gear and accelerated quickly out of the lot. I rolled back in the seat as he turned hard, losing my grip on the knife stuck in the guy’s skull. I heard glass break, and fragments of glass and skull sprayed over the backseat. The car was still moving, and when I looked up we were about to hit a flagpole.

I was slammed into the back of the front seats on impact, the airbags deploying and pinning the front seat guys in place. I opened the door, shifting before I leaped out. I wasn’t going to be taken without a fight.

I could hear the battle behind me, gunfire and screams and howls of pain. I took off running down the street, ignoring the pains in my body from the accident. I was fast, I was at home, I was going to get out of this.

Mitch’s POV

I couldn’t let the car leave. I watched as the men poured out of the clubhouse, leaving the hostages behind. I wouldn’t get a better chance.

I lined up my sights on the leader, waiting until Eve had ducked into the car, I aimed at his temple and squeezed the trigger. I didn’t wait to see if it worked, I immediately shifted the aim point to the second guy. I squeezed the trigger again, this time verifying that the two were down.

Guys started running towards the car, and I went from target to target, quickly taking them down. Rifles shooters in the upper floors of the clubhouse opened up, their shots were loud and most of the men turned towards them. That was fine with me, I methodically worked my way down the line, keeping anyone from getting too close.

I changed magazines, then getting back on the scope I saw the driver of Eve’s car had put it in gear and was pulling out towards the exit. I didn’t have the best angle, and with Eve in the car it wasn’t the best, but I had no choice. Making a quick calculation, I held my aim point just forward of the windshield and let off three shots as he moved right to left away from me. I could tell I hit something because the car lurched left, crashing into a lamp pole a few seconds later.

I kept my scope on the car, but nobody was getting out. Scratch that- the back door opened and a white wolf jumped out, running away from the car. I tracked it with the scope, my finger ready to fire, but then I got a good look at it. The wolf was female. It was Eve.

I left my rifle and ran downstairs, out the back of the building to my motorcycle. Firing it up, I burned rubber tearing out of there, making the turns to get to the road she left on. I accelerated down the road, hitting over sixty as I tried to make up time. Two wolves I passed as they ran hard, I couldn’t deal with them now. I saw a flash of white ahead, and I went even faster, running stop signs and the occasional red light.

I got close, and she made a sharp right into an alley. I locked up the brakes, barely stopping. “EVE!” I shouted, thinking she wouldn’t hear me over the motorcycle, but she skidded to a stop by the garbage can. I watched as she recognized me in the streetlight, running towards me. She leaped in the air just before the sidewalk, smoothly changing into the beautiful woman I had fallen in love with.

Uncaring of her nakedness, she jumped on the back of my bike and wrapped her arms around me. “GO,” she said, and I did just that. We were halfway back to my house and she was not going to go unnoticed for long, so I headed there.

I pulled into the driveway, killing the engine and putting the kickstand down. She had already hopped off, and I took her hand and led her down the outside stairway to my basement apartment. I shielded her from view as I opened the door and turned on the light. “Are you all right,” I finally asked her.

“Yes,” she said. “We have to get out of here.”

I looked over at her, having a difficult time keeping my eyes up as she stood gloriously naked in my kitchen. “Come on, let’s get you some clothes,” I said. I went into my bedroom, pulling out a T-shirt and handing it behind me. I also gave her a pair of boxer shorts and sweatpants, then a Marines sweatshirt. Everything was big on her, but at least the pants had a drawstring. I handed her some socks, then looked in the closet for some shoes. I had a pair of runners, they’d have to do.

“I look like a clown in these,” she said.

“We’ll get you better clothes when we are far from here,” I said. I grabbed an extra baby Glock, she put it in her deep sweatpant pocket. “Let’s go.”

I locked up the apartment and we went back to the motorcycle. “Where are we going?”

“North,” she said. “Far from here.” I fired up my Harley as she tucked in behind me, her body feeling amazing next to mine. I wasn’t going to pass this chance up, I saved her, now I had a chance to be alone with her. We made it to I-35E north just as the first rays of the morning started to peek over the horizon.

Snake’s POV

The two guys in the car were dead, there was blood and glass everywhere. “Come on, let’s get these two to the garage,” I said. There was no way we could let a werewolf be autopsied, so we had to hide them. I grabbed the driver, half his head was missing, while Moose took the passenger. I put him over my shoulder and started moving towards the clubhouse.

“How are we going to clean that shit up,” Moose asked.

“Got it covered,” Shakes said as he ran towards it with a glass jar in his gloved hand. Lighting the rag, he threw it against the dash, causing flames to engulf the cab. The lights in the parking lot had been turned off already. We ran through the gate, Shakes closing and locking it with a chain, and we got the bodies inside just as the first patrol car came up.

“Shit, I hope we got everyone,” I said as I watched the cops look at the car. Luckily, they stayed back and waited for the fire department. I looked back at Rocket. “Did we clean everything up?”

“As much as we could, there was brass everywhere, we swept up what we could,” he said. “All the bodies are inside.”

I gathered everyone in the dining area. “OK, our story is we didn’t hear anything or see anyone, we woke up when the car caught on fire and we heard the sirens,” I said. “Donuts, get your badge and get out there, run interference for us.” He nodded and ran upstairs to get his Deputy Sheriff uniform. “Nothing else, and no cops get on site without talking to me, Tiny or Moose,” I said. “Now, if you got blood on you or smell like gunpowder, go take a shower and change just in case,” I said. “If you aren’t busy, start mixing up five-gallon buckets of bleach solution. We need to wash the blood down the drains before the sun rises.”

We got lucky, other than the cops asking a few questions, they didn’t come into the Clubhouse. Just after sunrise a thunderstorm rolled in, washing the rest of the evidence away. We’d come away mostly unscathed; none dead, Viper and Crash injured but would recover. The Knights hadn’t fared as well; their two dead men in their Pack House had been found, joining the two who died in the battle, and Michael was badly injured. We’d killed fourteen of their men, including their Alpha and Beta, but at least six got away.

And most importantly, we had no idea where Eve was.

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