The Last Shewolf

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Run Off

Mitch’s POV

Heading for Duluth, MN on I-35

We had put forty or so miles between us and the shit storm we left behind, and I could feel Eve shivering into my back. She wasn’t dressed properly for the road. I saw a Wal-Mart sign on the next exit, and pulled off the freeway and into the lot. “Come on,” I told her, “Let’s get you some clothes that actually fit.”

“You don’t like me in your clothes,” she teased.

“I love it, baby, but in the bedroom, not the freeway.” She blushed as I took her hand, leading her in. It was still early, before seven, so it wasn’t busy. I took her to the women’s wear section and told her to pick out versatile clothes because we didn’t have much room. “It’s going to be cold up by the lake, so make sure you have a jacket,” I said. “What size shoe are you?”

“Seven,” she said as she pulled a pair of jeans off the shelf.

I left her and went to collect a few things I needed. I had a change of clothes in my saddlebag, plus what she was wearing, so I grabbed socks and underwear. I found her some short boots in her size, and a leather jacket, then a small backpack to hold everything. I swung by electronics and bought a burner phone, then headed back to her. She had a small pile of clothes ready; she tried on the boots and jacket. “All set?”

She looked at the cart. “I think so.”

“Good, wait here, I’m going to buy this, and you can change. Leave your old clothes in the backpack,” I said. I quickly checked out before going back to the dressing room, handing the clothes and shoes over, trying to ignore the flashbacks of her naked body as she ran to me last night.

This woman was going to be the death of me, and I didn’t care. She opened the door, and my jaw dropped. Form-hugging jeans over the boots I’d picked, a cotton shirt in a white, red and blue plaid, a studded belt and a leather jacket. “Ready?” She just smirked as I tried to get my head into the game.

“Yeah, let’s go.” I took her hand and led her out. “By the way, where are we going?”

“Other than away?” I nodded. “My parent’s old place, it’s on the North Shore, a little inland.”

“When was the last time you were there?”

“I’ve never been there,” she said as we reached my motorcycle. “My Mom saved my birth mother’s old stuff, her albums and all. I’ve looked at it on the Internet, that’s all.”

I thought about it, it was about three hours more to Duluth and then the North Shore could be an hour or four, depending on how far up we had to go. “How much sleep did you get?”

“Not enough,” she said.

“Let’s go another hour or so and find a place to eat and a motel, then. We both need sleep.” She pulled herself tight to me as I exited the lot and back onto the freeway. Ninety minutes later, we were walking into a room in a little motel off the freeway exit. “I want you to take a shower and change,” I said, “and I’ll be back in a little bit with some breakfast.”

“Pancakes, eggs and bacon, please. Lots of bacon.”

I had the burner phone in my pocket as I walked to the diner across the street. I sent a quick text to Donut, telling him that I had Eve with me, she was safe, and we would call at dinnertime. I then turned the phone off. When I returned, she was sitting on the queen bed, hair in a towel, wearing only a T-shirt that hinted at the underwear below them. I had to fight to stay eyes up as we ate, then I tucked her in before I went to take my shower.

My long shower, which ended with me painting the wall as my knees buckled.

I knew what I was up against; her parents, her guardians, hell the whole club was against me being with her. God had gifted me with one chance to spend time alone with her, and I wasn’t going to blow it by scaring her now. She’d killed someone, she’d been up a long time, it was bound to catch up to her and I needed her to trust me enough to talk to me.

I pulled on boxers and a T-shirt, taking time to brush my teeth and shave. When I got out of the bathroom, the lights were off, there was just a glow from the window that showed her in the bed, her hair splayed out over the pillow. I went to the closet, grabbing an extra blanket and finding a spot that was cleaner than the rest on the floor, I grabbed a pillow and laid down. “Mitch?” Her voice was soft and broken.

“Yes love?”

“Hold me?” Like I would turn that down. I slid under the covers, moving over until I was in the center of the bed. She turned towards me, her head on my shoulder, hand over my chest, and a leg tossed over mine. “I’m scared,” she said.

“I’ve got you, Eve, I’ll die before I let anything bad happen to you.”

“That’s what I’m scared about, Mitch. Everything is out of control, I don’t know who can protect me. The Knights, they put me into the situation that resulted in last night’s battle. My Dad wants to lock me in a tower at the club.”

“What do you want, baby?”

“I want my life to be my own,” she said. Her fatigue caught up to her, and I listened as her breathing deepened before I dropped off to sleep myself.

Eve’s POV

I woke up to the sound of a semi-truck horn, feeling hot and flushed. My shirt had ridden up as we slept, and his hand was in the center of my back. My hand had drifted south, where it had bumped up against something in his shorts. I froze as I thought about it, this was the closest I had ever been to a man’s junk. The covers had been pushed down, so I had a good view down his flat stomach to it. It looked big, and it twitched a little as I watched. Curious, I moved my hand into the slit in front, letting my fingertips touch him softly. He moaned a little, his hips moving towards me, so I kept going. I got my hand around it, feeling its size. I’d seen stuff on the Internet, but this was impressive even for that. I couldn’t get my hand around the girth, it was like holding a Coke can. I moved the underwear aside, bringing it into view, and let out a soft gasp as I saw the whole thing.

My hand at the base left room for another before it got to the bulbous head. I was wondering how the hell that thing would fit in a woman, it must hurt like hell. I moved my hand up and down a little, and was rewarded with another moan. I moved my head down, getting a closer look as I slowly jacked him. I felt his hand moving up my back to my hair as his hips started to pump against my hand. I blew on the head, causing it to flare out, and when I took it into my lips, I felt him start to pulse. “OH GODDDDD…” He started shooting into my mouth, quickly filling it, and I had to swallow to keep up. I kept sucking until he pulled me up, kissing me deeply. “I loved that,” he said. “What made you, I mean?”

“I was curious, and I’ve never done that,” she said. “I’ve never done anything.”

“I know,” he said. “And there are all kinds of things I’d like to do for you, when you are ready for them. I don’t think that’s right now.” I nodded, rolling onto my back and looking at the ceiling. He rolled towards me, kissing me, moving down to my neck as I moaned my approval. He pulled my shirt over my breasts, the nipples hardening in the colder air.

“Oooh,” I gasped as his mouth latched onto my nub, sucking it into his mouth as his tongue flicked over it. My body was on fire, little tingling sensations working there way down my body, my sex swelling in preparation. He went to my other breast, teasing both to hardness before he gently pinched them. His hands kept up the torture, rubbing them and pinching them, as his mouth continued down my stomach and his teeth pulled my thong to the side.

“Beautiful,” he said before his tongue moved forward.

“Oh my…” My hands went to the back of his head, pulling him closer as he licked me gently. His hands moved down my side, moving to cup my ass and lift me into position for him. It was heavenly, my eyes were closed as I experienced a lover for the first time. He built the tension, finally causing me to break as I screamed his name, holding him in place until my orgasm had washed over me. When I was relaxed again, he moved back up and rolled me on top of him as he laid on his back. I could feel his hard length against my thigh, my hips starting to roll towards it.

“No,” he said as he spanked my ass. “We have to get on the road again before I lose any self-control I have left and spend the next three days making love to you.”

I kissed his chest. “Like that would be so bad.”

“Come on,” he said as my stomach growled, “let’s get you fed and get going.”

We ate at the diner before getting back on the road. Mitch turned on the burner phone and handed it to me. “You’re an adult, Eve. Reassure them you are all right and you’ll be back, but you don’t have to listen to them yell at you. It wasn’t long ago they were going to ship you off with a guy you just met.”

He didn’t have to remind me, we had talked about mates and mating in the small diner over steak and potatoes. He still hadn’t freaked about my shift in the alley, and he told me he’d known about our kind for a week and suspected I was one too. I was relieved, one of my fears was that he would see me as a freak and not want to be with me.

The phone call didn’t go well. I called Kelly, she was crying and Dad was yelling and everyone was telling me I had to come home right NOW and how much trouble I was in. Finally, I couldn’t take it. “I love you Dad, I’ll be home in a few days.” I ended the call and turned the power off as Mitch pulled me into his side.

The traffic was heavy, the tourism in summer on the North Shore was in full swing. Our motorcycle blended right in, a lot of clubs did rides up here to get away from the heat and humidity of the city. If the wind was off the still-cold Lake Superior, it could be in the fifties. Switch the wind and you’re in the nineties. We had to stop to add or remove clothes a few times before we stopped for the night in Silver Bay. We were lucky to find a vacancy at a resort off the lake, they had cozy little cabins tucked into the woods. We went into town for dinner, did a little exploring with each other, then went to sleep. I wanted to get an early start.

I directed him to the Pack lands as we drove on the near-empty two-lane roads inland. I loved the smells up here, the pine and birch forests, the creeks and waterfalls, the lakes. It took an hour to get to the turnoff, and the road was blocked with a gate and a NO TRESPASSING- PRIVATE PROPERTY sign. Mitch parked the bike out of sight from the road, and we looked at the overgrown trail. “I don’t think anyone has been here in years,” he said.

I scented the air, I detected nothing except rabbits and deer. “Would you mind if I shift?”

“Not at all, I’d like to see you naked. And your wolf.”

“Pervert,” I said as I pulled my boots off. He took the backpack and folded my stuff, putting it inside then on his back. I shifted into my wolf, shaking out my fur before I rubbed my scent onto his legs. He scratched my ears and knelt down in front of me as I put my muzzle on his shoulder, licking his neck.

“You’re so beautiful, it takes my breath away,” he said. I licked him again, then took off through the woods, going through the fencing where a downed tree had knocked it down. I ran around, sniffing and having fun, making sure not to get too far ahead of him. It took us almost two hours to walk to the clearing where the Pack House and buildings had been.

I stopped and shifted, dropping to my knees as tears rolled from my eyes. The place I had seen in the pictures was gone; the main house had burned to the ground, the foundation walls and basement covered with debris, vines and shrubs. I looked across to where the Pack Clinic was, the place my birth mother Jessica had learned about medicine, where my adoptive mother Vivian had worked as a contract doctor. I was sobbing hard as Mitch pulled me back into his arms, he held me until the tears had stopped.

He handed me clothes, and I quickly dressed. I started walking through the destruction, holding on to his hand with a death grip and I described what I remembered from Mom’s photos. We moved through the tall grass towards a group of houses in the back, and I stopped at the second one from the left. The walls had collapsed, some of the roof pieces hadn’t burned completely. I picked my way in, hoping that there was something left from my family after almost a quarter century of being abandoned. Mitch helped me move the roof section aside, and as I dug through the piles underneath my eyes came across a small jewelry box.

I was shaking as I opened it. Inside, a necklace sat, a heart-shaped locket at the bottom. I held it in my fingers, finding the catch, and gasped as it opened. I recognized my grandmother, my grandfather, and a baby who was my own mother in the tiny picture. I closed the locket and was still shaking as Mitch put it around my neck. “What happened to them?”

“When the curse started, women became valuable. It didn’t matter they were all dying, they had the chance to deliver heirs, to be the one who escaped the curse. A stronger Pack attacked ours, and killed all the men and boys. The women were carted off to be force mated.” I looked around at the destruction. “They probably burned the houses to hide the evidence and get rid of the bodies,” I said.

He pulled me to his chest as I sobbed against him. I took a deep breath, something was… wolf… it wasn’t a rogue, he smelled clean. Hell, he smelled great. I looked over at the edge of the woods where a big grey and black wolf with white streaks was staring at me. I felt my heart lurch as his mouth opened, before he let out a mournful howl and ran off. I could hear the thunder of paws approaching, something was wrong. “We have to get out of here,” I told Mitch.

“Shift and run,” he told me as he tossed his keys on the ground. “Get back to my motorcycle and take off. I’ll make my way back, you pick me up in three hours.”

I didn’t want to, but I had to. The only way to avoid the Pack coming my way was to run myself. I pulled off my clothes. “Stay safe,” I said before I kissed him and shifted, grabbing the keys before running off towards the road.

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