The Last Shewolf

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Eve’s POV

I had finished crying for now, and I looked around at the men surrounding my car as I sat in the back seat. Abaddon walked over to my window and tapped on it, he had just been talking with his men. “My men will be back here with Mitch in about five minutes,” he told me. “I need to know what you think about him.”


“It matters in how I handle him when he gets here. It also matters because your father will be here shortly after, along with Gabriel.”

I looked down at my feet, wondering how I could face him again. “I don’t want him hurt,” I said. “He did save my life. What we did together, that was as much my doing as his, I mean, I started it. But…” I looked out at the woods where he would be coming from. “I need to break it off with him. I can’t be alone with him anymore; my wolf won’t let me, and it doesn’t feel right.”

He opened the door and helped me out, I leaned against the side with him as we waited. “I’ll give you two a few minutes to talk when he gets here. If he behaves, I’ll let him go.”

“You will?” My mind had been filled with images of him being hurt, even killed.

“Snake will be pissed, Viper too, but I have to think of the good of the Club and of you. You’re still alive, safe, and you don’t need to go through this time thinking you’re responsible for his death. He has to cooperate, though; if he can’t leave you behind, there’s not much I can do to help him. It wasn’t healthy attraction, Eve, he was stalking you.” I looked at him a little surprised. “We found the sniper hide he’d been using on top of an abandoned building, plus we broke the security on his laptop. He had a high-power camera, he’d been watching the Clubhouse for weeks. He had files on each of us, each Club member, but the stuff he had of you… let’s just say he’d seen you naked before this little run of yours.”

I put my hand over my mouth. “Oh shit…”

“Yeah. Break it off, quick and clean, because there is no way in hell he’s going to be allowed around the Club or you. If your family doesn’t kill him, we will. He’s unstable, Eve, and he’s a threat to you.” I thought about it as he moved away. It was only a minute more before I heard them moving through the woods, Mitch was between two of the Knights, and he didn’t look happy.

“EVE!” He started to run towards me; they let him, but they formed a loose circle around us. He tried to run into my arms, but I put my hand up and stopped him. “Baby, I’m so glad you’re all right,” he said.

“You were stalking me?” I looked at him, my face in pain at the truth of our relationship. “Taking pictures of me through the window?”

His shoulders slumped, his hands falling to his side. “I love you, Eve. I’ve loved you since I first saw you. Your Dad and the others wouldn’t allow me close, so I did what I could to get closer to you.”

“You invaded my privacy, Mitch. I thought more of you.” I looked in his eyes, ones that just this morning I’d been looking into with lust. “I can’t trust you, and you took advantage of me, Mitch. I’m thankful to you for saving my life, but this,” I pointed between us, “this thing isn’t going to happen. You’re the one I rebelled with, not the one I’m destined to be with. I realized that during my run, I was just being a fool, acting out a fantasy,” I said. “When I thought my life was over, I wasn’t thinking about you.”

He reached for my hands, ignoring me as I pulled them free. “We can leave here, Eve, we can be happy. We can go anywhere, do anything, without your Dad or the Club telling you no.” He reached out for my face, I stepped back.

“There is no ‘we’ anymore.” I kissed his cheek, then moved back. “Thank you for saving me, Mitch. I want you to leave, I don’t ever want to see you again. Now get the hell out of Minnesota while you still can.”

I walked back to the car, getting back inside. The window was still down, and I could hear everything as Abaddon pulled him away.

“Snake wants to kill you, Viper wants to kill you then have Meghan resuscitate you, just so he can kill you again. Hammer, he wants to get medieval on your ass. I’d choose about anything before that,” he said. “Look, I’m going to cut you a break here because you did take a bunch of those assholes out, and as a warrior I respect what you did. Here’s your keys, my guy will give you a ride to where you parked. You have two days to get as far away from here and St. Paul as you can. If you are ever seen in Minnesota or Wisconsin again after that, or you approach Eve or the clubhouses, we’ll kill you and bury you in a shallow grave out here.”

I watched through the tinted glass, this was his one chance and he wasn’t acting like he appreciated the gift he was getting. “I can’t do that, Abaddon. I love her, I’m going to fight for her.”

“You heard her, she doesn’t want you,” he said softly, but I could tell he was pissed.

“She will.” He turned and looked down the road, sneaking peeks back towards my car.

I watched as Abaddon waved at one of his men. “Kushiel.” The man came over, he was one of the two who had escorted Mitch out. “Take him to his motorcycle and follow him back here.” He nodded and the two went off towards the other car, Mitch had his keys in his pocket. They drove off, and Abaddon walked back to me. “I tried, Eve, but some people just don’t learn.”

“He’s stubborn, and he thinks he’s in love,” I said. “He won’t give up.”

“I know.” His phone rang, he pulled it out and answered it, then handed it to me. “It’s your Dad.”

“Hi Daddy,” I said. “Are you close?”

“We’ll be there in twenty minutes,” he said. “How are you doing?”

“I told Mitch to leave me alone, that I never wanted to see or talk to him again,” I said. “Abaddon told me about what you found on his computer. I feel so violated.”

I could hear him trying to get control as he spoke. “I know, and I’m pissed off I won’t get the chance to beat the shit out of that pervert. Gabriel told me Abaddon was going to let him go.”

“He did. I love you, Dad. I’ll see you soon.” I hung up the phone and closed my eyes while I waited for him to get here.

Abaddon’s POV

I sent to Kushiel over the Pack link. “He just doesn’t get it, does he?”

“Nope. He thinks he still has a chance to get her back.”

I just shook my head, some people didn’t learn. It’s like the old line about how people learn that I’d picked up in warrior training. “Some people can learn not to do stupid shit by reading about it,” my Beta told me back then, “while others have to see it happen to someone else. Then there are those stupid fucks who just HAVE to piss on the electric fence.” Mitch was one of those guys. “Kushiel, grab a tracker from the glove compartment and plant it on his bike. I want you to follow him, make sure he actually leaves here and goes home. Call Mitch at the club, have him do his computer shit and set up an alarm if that bike gets within six blocks of the clubhouse.”

“I’m on it, boss.”

I ran my fingers through my hair, all this shit today and I hadn’t even met her mate yet.

Meghan’s POV

I was glad we’d brought the ambulance just in case, since a wolf had been hurt and he was Eve’s mate. I’d been getting updates from Abaddon and his men on the drive up with Snake, since MY phone still was in one piece. His had shattered when he threw it out the window, after he lost his temper talking to Eve. We gave up looking for the other pieces after he found the biggest hunk in the ditch. At least he got his SIMM card back, he could always buy a new phone.

He did manage to calm down enough by the time we got to Silver Bay that I allowed him to use mine… provided he left it on the console of the old ambulance. We’d had the old ambulance professionally repainted, now it had the name of a medical transport company. It didn’t attract much attention. “Don’t scare her when you get there, Snake. She’s going to need you.”

“I know. I just don’t know whether my first reaction to seeing her is going to be to hug her or put her over my knee.”

“There’s time for her punishment later, don’t you think? She’s safe, she’s scared, she needs you. There’s not much time left where she needs her Daddy more, she’s growing up quickly now.”

“I can’t believe she found her mate.” He looked out the window. “She’s still my tiny little girl, I don’t want to let her go yet. I thought I was ready for it in Chicago, but I’ve never been so happy to waste an entire night in my life.”

“Next year this time she could be feeding her own baby,” I said with a smirk. I got the reaction I expected, his hand squeezed the door. “She deserves her chance at happiness, Snake. And do you know what? So do you.”

“I’m not ready to move on, Meghan.”

I reached over and took his hand. “I loved her too, but it’s been eighteen years. In all that time, have you even asked a woman out? Gone on a date?”

“No one could compare to my Vivian, and I’ve been busy.”

I snorted. “Yeah, busy trying to bury the pain with work or booze or the club. What are you going to do without Eve here to live for?”

He looked out the window, his fingers rubbing his temples. “I don’t know. Viper is retiring at the end of the year, you know what the problems are.” I did, his arthritis was getting so bad he had a hard time gripping the handles, even after changing over to a Harley three-wheeler because his old motorcycle was too hard to muscle around anymore. “He’s sixty-eight, he’s done riding after this summer.” If you can’t ride, you can’t vote, and you can’t hold office.

“Are you going to run for his spot?” When someone stepped down, the Club would vote. It would be more normal for Tiny, the Vice President, to step up.

“We’ve talked. He’s getting older as well, we all are. He’s happy as Vice President, he doesn’t want all the hassles of being in charge.”

“Well, you should get out a little more, and live a little. You’re still young and good looking, even if you have to color your hair.”

He smacked my hand away, a little miffed at the dig. “And what about you? Homeschool, graduating college at eighteen, medical school, residency, private practice, and I’ve yet to see YOU out on a date. There’s more to life than your career, young lady.”

I looked out over the road, I’d been thinking about this so much lately. I was always a prodigy, always focused on my goals, always putting my personal life last. I was always the outcast, too young for my peers in class and not interested in the same things as my age group at home. My parents had been on me as well, they wanted grandchildren and I hadn’t even found a decent guy. I let out a breath. “Fine. I’ll make you a deal. Let’s see if we can each find someone by the Jacksonville trip.” I looked over at him, the trip was always tough for him because that’s where he and Vivian fell in love. He went, but he wasn’t the same. “Two dates a month until you find someone.”

He didn’t look happy. “Two a month?”

“It’s not THAT much, there are at least two women hitting on you every time we go for a run. I’m sure you can scare up enough interest to get a date every other Friday.”

“Fine.” I smiled to myself, it was awkward enough to have to answer questions about my personal life. At least this way, I’d have someone to commiserate with.

“That’s them,” I said as I spotted the naked men in the woods next to the stretcher, where Gabriel and his men were pulling over to the side. “Let’s go meet her mate.”

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