The Last Shewolf

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Eve’s POV

The next morning, all of us were still bloated and tired from all the meat we had consumed the night before. The bull moose had been picked apart, other scavengers would take the rest. I wobbled on my legs a little when I stood up, my stomach lurching a bit before I moved slowly down to the water. The cool water tasted good and helped steady my stomach.

“How are you feeling,” Gabriel sent.

“I’m still stuffed,” I said. I rubbed my face against his legs as he turned with me to head back up. The others were getting up, the sun was already over the trees and it was going to be a hot one today. The summer humidity was heavy in the air, as were the bugs. We each moved off, finding a place to take care of our business, then we moved out in a line around the lake towards the north. Today was about moving as a Pack and setting the perimeter. Now that I had found my mate, the Knights needed to ensure that he was safe as well, for both of us were required to break the curse.

Our speed picked up with our digestion, and by noon we were moving at a good pace. My wolf was in her element, she was happy and let me know it. I was happy as well, I was free and alive and with my Pack. I spent most of the afternoon thinking about what I would say to my mate when he finally let me talk to him. My wolf felt the connection with him, she clung to it, encouraging it as their wolves bonded over the distance. They couldn’t talk to each other, but she knew he was there.

Gabriel used the afternoon to work on drills and scenarios with his men, things they were well practiced in. Defensive formations, patrol patterns, even escape drills were practiced until they were second nature. The escape drills were the ones my wolf enjoyed the most, mainly because the defensive drills always ended up with me surrounded by big wolves I couldn’t see over. The escape drills used his fastest wolves to join with me, the fastest of all of them, in a run to safety. The others deployed behind us, multiple layers to delay the threat and give us time to escape. Running full tilt through the woods with my Pack was the closest thing to a high-speed motorcycle run, they were exhilarating.

As it moved towards the evening, after more playing around in the cool waters of a creek, we were moving through the darkening woods in a line. Gabriel gave some orders, and men broke off in different directions. “What’s going on,” I asked when it was down to just five of us.

Can’t you feel it?”

I focused on my wolf, letting her have reign. She turned slightly, heading a little to the right of where we had been going. “Mate,” she told me.

As the bond becomes stronger, it becomes harder for your wolf to be away from him,” Gabriel explained. “So, in addition to protecting him, staying nearby will help you sleep better and strengthen your bond. The more your wolves bind to each other, the easier it will be to get your human part to resolve your issues.”

”So we’re going to his cabin?”

“We’ll get as close as he will allow,” Gabriel said. The sun was going down and the shadows were long as the home came into view. As the scent of him became stronger, my wolf became more excited. “You cannot shift, and you cannot enter the home without permission; they are not in our Pack and there is a human there.”

I sniffed the air, I could make out the scent of a human and another, more confusing scent; it was similar to a wolf, but it wasn’t. “Something is wrong with that scent,” I said.

Adam’s older brother, Alan, he gave up his wolf when he married his wife.”

Why would you do that?”

“It makes you as close to human as we can get. They can’t procreate, and he loses the senses and help of his wolf.” I thought about it, thought about my mother Vivian who had married Dad and from all respects seemed happy. “Why didn’t Doctor Vivian give up her wolf?”

“She thought about it, but without her senses she wouldn’t be able to identify male wolves. Those wolves wouldn’t be able to mate her, but they could still force her into procreation. There was no advantage to giving up her wolf except losing her heat, and Snake didn’t mind dealing with that.” I was glad I was in wolf form so I couldn’t blush; being adopted meant being able to think your parents never had sex.

He nudged my shoulder, and I moved quietly across the clearing and the driveway towards the house. Not knowing what else to do, I sat in front of the porch and whined softly. The door opened and a man came out. “You must be Eve,” he said. “Adam is still bedridden, but his bedroom is around that way,” he said before he went back inside. I squatted at the edge of the driveway, leaving my scent there, before rounding the house until I was underneath an open window. His scent was everywhere, calming my wolf. I turned in place three times before curling up under the window, quickly falling asleep.

Snake’s POV

I woke up about seven in the hotel across from the hospital, where I had crashed for the night. I had stayed with Mia until they kicked me out, and when she tugged my hand and pulled me down for a kiss, I knew I was done for. I promised to return in the morning, she expected to be released about ten, so I had a little time.

I took the bag of clothes and equipment with me when I left, everything that had been destroyed when it was cut off. She was still upset about that, her riding gear was broken in and now useless. She asked me to throw it away, even the helmet couldn’t be used again after being in a crash. I had all the sizes stored in my phone, so I checked out and went down to my motorcycle. The prospect had brought it up last night, just after I left the hospital, and was taking the ambulance back this morning.

I sent a quick text to Meghan telling her I was heading to the Harley dealer and breakfast, but she didn’t reply. Figuring she was sleeping in, I stopped at an IHOP for breakfast and got to the dealer as soon as they opened. I’d been in here a few times, but I’d never shopped in the areas I was going to now. Luckily, they had a female saleslady who was more than helpful in what I needed, especially when I explained why.

Forty minutes later, a backpack filled with new gear was ready for me. I got back on my Harley Street Glide, which was now two years old and had an Eve special custom paint job, and headed for the hospital. I got into her room, she was sitting up and waiting for the doctor to finish her discharge papers. “Hi Snake,” she said when she saw me. I walked over, bent down to kiss her forehead and left the backpack in her lap. “What’s this?”

“It’s for you,” I said.

She unzipped it and the first thing she pulled out was a new Harley motorcycle jacket. Her eyes started to tear up as she looked at it, checking the size it was right. I also had a new pair of chaps, some gloves, and a helmet of the same model and size she had before. “The ambulance is gone, but if you’re up to it, we can continue your adventure on my motorcycle,” I said softly. “Or I can…”

“I’D LOVE TO GO,” she stopped me before her good hand pulled me down into a kiss. This wasn’t the perfunctory kiss, this was the kiss of a lover. Her hand moved behind my neck as I bent down to gently hug her. She flinched, and I immediately backed off. “Sorry, I’m still a little sore,” she said.

“We don’t have to go anywhere today,” I told her.

“Oh, but there are places I wanted to visit in Duluth,” she said. “We won’t have to ride far, and we can take it easy.”

I couldn’t tell her no if I wanted to. “I’d love to show you around,” I said. “But if it gets to be too much, if you need to rest, please let me know. I won’t mind. Did you see the other stuff?” She looked in the bottom of the backpack, I’d included a new pair of jeans in her size, a few Harley T-shirts, a Harley sweatshirt, and her gloves. The only riding gear they hadn’t destroyed was her boots, only because the zippers allowed them to be taken off easily. “Can you get dressed?”

She looked me and nodded. “I may need a little help, my shoulder doesn’t lift up without pain. The doctor said it might be a few weeks before it gets back to normal, and I need to ice it a few times a day.”

“Do you want me to get a nurse?”

“No, you’re good,” she said. I took her hand as she stood and stayed near her as she grabbed fresh clothes. “I’m going to take a shower before we go,” she said. I followed her into the bathroom, turning on the water as she took off the sling. I helped her remove the gown, she was only wearing her panties underneath, and I averted my eyes as much as I could. I resisted the urge to touch her body, she had large bruises on her back and legs, and her entire shoulder looked like one big purple mess.

“Wow,” I said, “That crash really did a number on you.”

She stepped into the shower and closed the curtain. “No permanent damage, I’m the luckiest girl in the world,” she said.

“I hurt just looking at you,” I said. “How are you even moving?”

“I’m going to be fine, Snake. Moving around will help me recover, and nothing makes me feel better than being on a Harley. Well, almost nothing.” The next few minutes, as I collected her dirty clothes into a bag while trying to force the impure thoughts back, were a losing battle. When the water turned off, I held the towel out for her to walk into and wrapped it behind her. I turned to grab another, drying her long black hair and using the hairdryer on the counter to finish it up. She had a hair tie, so I put it in a ponytail for her, the whole time admiring the shape of her back and ass. She was a fine looking woman, her ex was an idiot.

I had to help her with dressing, which was another form of torture for me. She wasn’t trying to be sexual, she just couldn’t help it. Everything she did, everything I saw and touched combined to drive my arousal higher and higher. I was hoping my jeans would hide the evidence.

“So that’s why they call you Snake,” she said with a giggle. “My God, is that thing real?”

I nodded. “It is,” I said. “I’m sorry, you’re hurt and I’m over here like a teenager with a perpetual hardon.”

She came closer, looking in my eyes as her fingers traced lightly down the bulge. “Definitely the luckiest girl in the world,” she said. We were interrupted by the Doctor, he gave her the discharge papers, some prescriptions and some direction on how to deal with the shoulder and the bruising. With that, the nurse came with a wheelchair. I helped her put on her chaps, boots and jacket, then went to get the bike while she was wheeled to the front door.

I could tell by how slowly she moved that she was not up for a long ride. She wrapped her arms around me, her bad arm just kind of there. Our helmets had Bluetooth devices and noise-cancelling headsets, so we could talk easily to each other. “Where do you want to go?”

“I want to visit the Great Lakes Aquarium,” she said. I didn’t think it was possible for my dick to get any harder without busting loose like the Hulk from the confinement of my jeans. I let out a low moan. “What? You don’t want to go?”

“No, that’s fine, it’s just that I have a reaction to seeing big fish through aquarium glass,” I said. “It makes me horny as hell.” I told her as we drove the story of how Vivian and I stayed in the underwater reef bedroom for our honeymoon, and now my mind associated aquariums with sex.

Her hand moved down to check. “This thing is huge,” she said as her fingers squeezed it. “My ex had small dick syndrome, he’d have to fuck me three times to give me this much dick,” she said.

I was THIS close to finding a hotel and not letting her out for days. “You need to let go or I’m going to have to pull over and seek shelter,” I said.

“FINE. But this snake comes out to play later.” She squeezed it again, then moved her hands back to my stomach as I tried to refocus on driving. I dropped her at the front door of the aquarium, then parked the bike. We rented a locker to store our gear, and I pulled the sling out of her backpack. She would be more comfortable with it, and while I was at it, I rented a wheelchair so she wouldn’t have to stand on her bruised hip.

We spent a few hours there, talking and enjoying the day as I wheeled her around. She wasn’t impressed with the snakes or the sea lampreys they had on exhibit there, she said something about them “not being as impressive as some other exhibits.”

Overall, it wasn’t a big place, but the company was the best. After a lunch of fish and chips, I could tell she was tired. “Why don’t we find a hotel, we can rest up there for a bit and then go out for dinner?”

“Wonderful idea,” she said. I used my phone to find a hotel downtown with vacancies, and when I requested a room with double queens she immediately elbowed me. “King bed and a jacuzzi tub,” she said. Hell, I wasn’t going to argue.

We got upstairs and I suggested she take a soak to ease her sore muscles before a nap. I ran the water, not making it too hot because that would aggravate the bruising. When she came out of the bathroom, she was naked, and she was magnificent. She smiled at me as she walked over, her hand coming out as I automatically helped her down into the tub. She moaned in pleasure as the jets started to work on her sore back and neck. I turned to go take a shower, and she grabbed my hand instead. “Where do you think you’re going,” she asked me.

“Wherever you want me to go,” I answered honestly.

“Strip and get in here, I need a neck rub,” she said. I stood and pulled my shirt off, turning around I tossed it on the chair. “Nice tattoo,” she said as I was taking off my boots. “Meghan tried to tell me that was how you got the nickname, but we both know better, don’t we?”

“We do,” I said as I unbuckled my belt and let my jeans and underwear fall. I turned around and her breath caught in her throat.

“You know how to use that thing?”

“It’s been a long time, but I think I remember,” I said as I stepped down into the tub.

“Good, because it’s been too long since I’ve been fucked properly, and if you can be gentle with my shoulder, that’s what we’re doing this afternoon.” I sat down, pulling her and turning her so she was sitting between my legs and I could wrap my arms around her.

“All in time,” I said. I was going to make this a day she’d never forget. I started by giving her a neck and back massage, enjoying her moans of pleasure as I worked the stress out of her body. This led to a front massage, which led to her first orgasm of the day as my fingers strummed her while my other hand explored her fantastic body.

I turned her after that, letting her arms and head lean back on the towels placed at the rim of the tub. She was so relaxed, almost ready to sleep, but I wasn’t done with her yet. Lifting her legs over my shoulder, I leaned in and softly licked at her center. Her eyes flew open and a moan escaped her lips. “You’re…”

“Relax, I want to taste you.” I moved my tongue in, taking a long lick from the bottom to the top of her slit, using the flat of my tongue before flicking her clit with the narrow end.

She came almost immediately, but I didn’t stop. I lapped up her juices like they were the finest wine, enjoying the reactions I got from her. It was clear no one had done this in a while, she was grabbing my ears and singing my praises to the whole town. When she came a second time, hard enough the water started splashing out of the tub, I figured she was ready for me.

I grabbed her around the lower back, pulling her up to me as I scooted towards the middle of the tub. She was still coming down from her high as I kissed her, moving her hips in position until I was pressing at her entrance. Her eyes shot open as I lowered her onto me, and when I kept going and going her mouth dropped and her eyes rolled back in her head. I bottomed out with at least four inches to go. “There’s more?”

“When you’re ready for it,” I said. She wrapped her arms around my neck as I gripped her butt in my hands, lifting her back up before slowly letting her slide down again.

“I’m so full,” she said as she bottomed out again, this time only two inches remained. “It’s so good…”

“You’re amazing,” I said as I started to pump into her gently. The water was sloshing as we started to move faster, and her moans of pleasure started to get louder. There was nothing I could do to make this last, she’d been pushing my buttons since yesterday, and no math problems or sports scores could help. I raised up on my knees, lifting her high enough from the water that I could start to move faster. We built quickly to my peak, and she screamed into my shoulder as she came hard again, biting down in her pleasure. Her contractions sent me over the edge, and I drove in to the hilt as I emptied my balls deep inside her. I collapsed back onto my butt, keeping her in my arms while sending a wave of water over the edge.

It took us a minute to recover. “Ready for a nap,” I asked after I finally slid out, feeling the rush of juices going into the tub.

“Take me to bed,” she whispered. I dried her off and tucked her under the sheets while I closed the blackout curtains and set an alarm on my clock. By the time I slid in behind her, she was deep asleep.

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