The Last Shewolf

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Meghan’s POV

I woke up in the morning, my face buried in a big, warm, furry pillow. I ran my hand down Abaddon’s side, his wolf rumbling his pleasure as my hand went down his side to his stomach. I felt fantastic, rested, and most of all, safe and protected.

I didn’t want to get up as I continued to pet my wolf. MY wolf, I thought with a smile. He was a beautiful animal and a handsome man, the kind of body I used to dream of having in my bed. He rolled over a little on his back, trying to get my hand to rub his belly, which I did. I moved my hand down until it slid under something warm and sticky.

I raised my head, looking down to see he was reacting to me sexually. I stopped moving, just watching it, fascinated and thinking about what it would be like if he took me in this form. It was huge, and the thought made my arousal rise. I couldn’t do this, he couldn’t either. We weren’t ready to come out as a couple yet. He could explain away my scent from giving me a ride on his motorcycle, but not my arousal or his. “We should get up,” I said.

I rolled to the other side of the bed, getting up and walking to the bathroom. I went to the bathroom and took a quick shower, skipping my hair. I pulled out new clothes from my bag and walked out.

I should have warned him.

He was standing at the end of the bed, naked, on the phone with someone. He turned to look at me, allowing me to see his amazing body. As a werewolf, he wasn’t shy about his body, so he smiled and just kept talking.

If I looked, I’d smell like a wanton slut in about thirty more seconds, so I focused on packing my backpack instead. I heard him hang up and walk behind me. “You’re not embarrassed, are you?”

“Only at my body’s reaction to you,” I said. “Now get dressed, you’re making it very difficult for me to keep to my own vows.” He walked into the bathroom, coming out a few minutes later dressed in jeans and a T-shirt. “What do you have to do today?”

“I need to find a base of operations up here. Now that Eve has found her mate, she won’t want to live with her parents anymore. She may even decide to rebuild at the old Pack site. If she decides to stay up here, we’ll need a place for the Knights to work out of.” He told me the basic parameters of what he was looking for as I booted up my iPad Pro and went to a real estate site.

“Tell you what, you take care of breakfast and I’ll look at what’s available in the area,” I said. He went to call the front desk and I entered my search criteria. The biggest criteria was proximity to Alan’s house and the Pack lands. If they could find the right property, they’d buy; if not, they’d rent for a year while they had something built. The good news was that the guys were easy to satisfy when it came to housing; a big kitchen, large garage, lots of bedrooms and a full basement for a gym was pretty much all they needed.

By the time the breakfast of biscuits and gravy with orange juice had arrived, I had found a half-dozen possible locations. I went over them with Abaddon as we ate, then we called the realtors for the top three and set up viewings later that morning. “You can stay here if you want,” he told me as he cleaned up the dishes to put in the basket outside the door. “I’ve got the room for another night, you can relax if you want.”

“I’d rather go with you,” I told him. “There’s only so much time we get alone before the teasing begins. And you KNOW we’re going to catch a load of flack at the Clubhouse.”

He just smiled. “I don’t care, I’ll be with you and to hell with anyone who doesn’t like it,” he said. We headed out shortly after, his firm body in my grip as we took off down the road.

Donut’s POV

Viper wasn’t happy, and since I was the one who vouched for Mitch as a potential member, I was taking the brunt of it. Honestly, I was as shocked to find out how obsessed he was as Viper was. He’d never shown that, he’d been a good Marine and friend.

I took my lumps, then accepted my responsibility. I had a few hours before my shift started, so I got on my Harley and drove over to Mitch’s apartment. His Harley was parked outside, and he answered the door shortly after I knocked. “Donuts,” he said as he turned his back and walked inside, I followed and closed the door. “You here to hold my hand until I leave like I’m told?”

“You fucked up, Mitch. I tried to warn you, we all did. She was underage and overprotected, and you were spying on her and us. There was no way to save you after that, no matter how you fought that night.”

He was stuffing things into boxes, photos and medals from another life. “She was eighteen, man. Eighteen and she liked me, wanted me. She made the first move, and I didn’t even fuck her. Those guys just can’t handle their little girl has grown up.”

“Well, she has, and she’s found her mate now. You mean nothing to her, she’s destined to be with him. She’ll be Mrs. Adam Johnson by the weekend.”

He snorted. “Adam and Eve. Corny as hell, it’s like some bad werewolf fiction on the internet. He doesn’t deserve her.”

I grabbed a Coke out of his fridge and sat on the chair in his kitchenette. “Do you know where you’re going to go?”

“Not yet. I have to withdraw from school because your Club and those Knights made this area a no-go zone. I’m thinking Arizona, maybe New Mexico or Texas. Someplace without all this snow where I can ride year-round.”

I just snorted. “Yeah, Arizona, that’s a good idea. The place is a fucking convection oven during the day.”

He taped up the box. “Anything else? I have to be out of here tomorrow. I’m renting a U-Haul.”

“No. I’m sorry, man, I never thought things would get this fucked up around here. I thought you might find a home.”

“I have plans, Donut. I’ll be just fine.” I gave him a bro-hug and headed out, I had a little time to relax before I had to leave for work.

Mia’s POV

I hurt. All over, I hurt.

I opened my eyes, it was just after four. My arm was throbbing, my neck ached, the bruises on my sides and hips were competing for attention, and my poor kitty hadn’t seen that kind of action since college. I smiled as I looked over at a sleeping Snake on his back, his tattooed shoulder facing me. “Snake?”

His eyes opened, and he looked over at me. “Sleep well?”

“I need my pills,” I said. I winced as I tried to roll over, and he was immediately up and picked me up, carrying me into the bathroom and setting me on the counter. He filled a glass with water, then handed me two of my pain pills. I popped them in my mouth, then drank down the water. “Thank you,” I whispered.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have been so… active with you earlier.”

I pulled him in and gave him a deep kiss. “Of all my pain, Snake, my insides are a pain I don’t mind. It’s been a long time since someone fucked me so well.” He had moved between my thighs, and since we were both naked, his snake was pressing up against me. I looked down, my hand wrapping around him. “I feel like a virgin, you were reaching uncharted territory. I’m still a little sore down there,” I told him as I squeezed him.

“Then I’ll kiss it and make it better,” he said. He helped me to the toilet, then after we were both cleaned up he carried me back to the big bed. “Do you feel up to going somewhere for dinner, or do you want to order room service?”

He piled pillows behind me so I could sit up a little and still be comfortable. “I don’t know if I want to go anywhere,” I said. “I kind of like the view here.”

“Well, if you’re not hungry, I’m going to eat out.” I started to object but stopped as he slid up between my legs, his tongue flicking against my rapidly moistening sex. Oh my God this guy could please a woman. He was gentle, taking his time and making sure I didn’t aggravate any of my injuries. He was a tease, though. He would bring me close to the peak, then never quite push me over. I couldn’t pull him close enough to get there myself, he would ride me along the cliff for minute upon minute just to bring me down a little. After the fourth or fifth time I was begging him for release.

He was using two fingers, stroking the top of my walls and causing all kinds of sensations, while his tongue played me like a fine instrument. I was building, building, and then he plunged a finger into my ass as he sucked hard on my clit and I went off like a firework. I didn’t feel pain, I felt nothing but the waves of pleasure as he continued his assault, extending my orgasm until I finally collapsed back onto the bed. “Holy shit,” I finally said as I looked down.

“I think this is my new favorite meal,” he said with a smile as he licked his fingers. “Delicious.”

I pulled him up so he was sitting next to me, trying to find a way to lean into him without something acting up. “Where have you been all my life,” I said as I relaxed a bit. “Everything before this was a waste of my time and my body.”

“You’re amazing,” he said. “I’m so glad I ran across you.” I started to laugh, the way we met, that was the stuff of legends.

“I’m yours, Snake. You’re not getting rid of me, I won’t give you up without a fight.”

“You don’t have to fight for me, my little mouse,” he said as he kissed my head. “I’m already yours. I want you to come with me, stay in St. Paul for a while. You can stay at the Clubhouse, meet my friends, eat my food and we can have this every day.”

“I’d like that,” I said. “Mouse?”

“Yes, love. You need a nickname, and I think this one is perfect for you.” I looked at him quizzically, I didn’t understand why. “You know, they’re often eaten by a snake.” We both started to laugh, at least until my ribs started to hurt. The endorphins from the sex were wearing off.

“Well, you better order dinner,” I said, “because that snake is going to be busy until it arrives.” He made the call, and I think they could hear the noises as he fought to maintain his voice as I tried to get him to moan. We both won.

Eve’s POV

I heard a door open, and my head popped up off my paws to figure out what was going on. My mate was moaning, he was in pain, and I could feel it through the bond. I got up and trotted to the front of the house, where Alan and his wife Alice were standing on the porch, holding the door open. “He’s still stubborn, but he needs his mate to heal,” Alan said. “Come on.”

I followed them down the hallway to his door. “He’s fighting off an infection, the drugs Doc gave us are helping but he has a fever. He may react badly to your human, but he won’t kick your wolf out of bed.” I went over and licked his hand, thanking him for his kindness. He opened the door, and I looked at him in bed, the nightlight in the corner giving just enough for me to see. I crossed the room as they closed the door behind me, hopping up on the king size bed. He had pushed his covers off, his legs were no longer splinted but the scars on them were red and oozing. I moved over, licking them clean, grooming my mate as our wolves enjoyed the contact.

He calmed down almost immediately, and when I was done I laid by his side, my head tucked under his shoulder. Exhausted, I fell asleep almost immediately.

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