The Last Shewolf

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Prophecy Fulfilled

Adam’s POV

I woke before the sun, feeling rested and content instead of pained and feverish. The room was dark, I was warm and tingly despite not having covers on me. I moved my hand, the fur combining with the pleasurable tingles that told me something was different. I took a breath, her scent surrounded me, comforted me. I looked at my hand, it was buried in white fur. The fur was connected to a head, a head laying over my chest, a furry leg covering my groin.


I couldn’t help but smile as my wolf luxuriated in the feel of his mate. I’d had a lot of time to think, and I’d run the conversation with her father, Snake, through my mind a hundred times. I’d started to reject her without even having the courtesy of talking to her. I was ready to throw away Luna’s blessing based on what I imagined was going on, not what really had happened.

My fingers moved through her fur, causing a pleased rumble to echo in her chest. After a few strokes, her leg twitched, and her eyes opened. She looked up at me, whining softly. “Eve,” I whispered as I brought my left hand up to her snout, “You came to me.”

Her tail started to whap the bed as I moved to scratch her ears. The bond between us was growing stronger, it pulsed into me through the contact we had. “Come on,” I said. I sat up, looking at my legs they looked healed, and were no longer swollen and hot. I swung my legs down to the floor as Eve jumped off the bed. I stood up, my legs felt good, and my wolf, he wanted out. He wanted his mate, and I couldn’t stand in his way any longer. I focused on the shift, dropping to all fours as my body reformed into my large wolf.

As soon as my shift was complete, I moved to meet her. She dropped to the ground, rolling onto her belly, her wolf in her way apologizing to mine for the damage that had been done. I licked at her face, rubbing my head on hers, noting with satisfaction that she didn’t smell of that human. There were other wolf smells strong on her, but I knew they were her Pack, her protectors. I moved down to smell her sex, licking at it as she squirmed, taking a deep sniff. She was untouched, she was excited and she was MINE.

I moved back and dropped my chest to the ground, legs forward and tail up, wanting her to get up and play. She rolled onto her feet and stood, immediately our heads met as we sniffed and rubbed against each other’s necks. I walked around her, rubbing against her and laying my scent down, overpowering all other smells on her. She was wagging her tail, almost quivering with excitement. We needed to get out of here, I wanted to be alone with her, run with her by my side.

I nudged her towards the door before I used a paw to open it. My brother’s home had been modified, all the doors had levers instead of knobs so I could get around in wolf form. We moved through the hallway, our nails clicking on the wood floors as we moved to the living room. The front door was open, letting the cool night air in. I pushed it open, holding it while her white wolf moved past me. I ran out into the yard with her, forgetting the screen would slam and might wake someone up. I was thinking of nothing but her.

She came to my side. Her wolf was about half my size, she was sleek and looked fast. Her head came up almost to my shoulder, I could almost stand over the top of her. I had never seen a shewolf before, so I had no idea if she was big or small or what, I just loved the way she looked. I yipped, taking off for the woods, and the chase was on.

It didn’t take long before she was alongside me, she was deceptively quick. She kept up with me easily, she wasn’t breathing hard while I was going full out. I slowed to an easier pace, heading towards my favorite hidden place in the woods. It took us about twenty minutes to get there; I could hear and smell her Pack members occasionally, but they were staying well clear of us. They were giving us some privacy even as they protected her, and I respected that.

I slowed as we approached the thickets guarding the entrance to the narrow cut. I led her closer to the small river, the noise of the waterfall growing louder as we moved through the narrow trail to the other side. The sun was rising, causing shadows to appear on the limestone cliffs as we moved forward along the rocky banks.

I stopped when we turned the last corner, she came next to me and froze. It was a hidden gem, a small waterfall about ten feet in height, the water rushing over the ledge and crashing into the pool below. I ran forward a few steps, leaping and shifting into my human form as I did, smoothly entering the water that was about five feet deep. I surfaced and shook the water out of my hair, looking back at her as she stood where I left her.

I saw her take a few steps then leap high, shifting back as she did. I caught a quick glimpse of blonde hair and skin, then she entered the water with barely a splash. I held my arms out, and she surfaced in front of me. I put my hands under her shoulders and pulled her up, setting her on her toes close to me. “Hello, Eve, I’m Adam,” I said.

“Pleased to meet you Adam. We’re mates?”

“Yes.” I leaned down and kissed her. “Yes, we are.” The feeling of kissing her set bombs off in my head, I’d never felt anything like it. I had to have it again, and I pulled her to me before crashing my lips to hers. We made out like this, oblivious to the world around us. Her legs came up and wrapped around my hips, her core pressing against my arousal as we tried to get closer to each other. She was starting to shiver in the cold water when I walked us out of the pool, sitting on a smooth boulder with her legs still wrapped around me. “The bond, it’s more than I imagined,” I told her as I looked into her darkened eyes.

“I’m sorry about”

I kissed her, stopping her. “Whatever happened before we met is history, history I don’t want to learn. Our lives begin now, here in this spot, together.”

I could see her relax, the relief in her eyes that I wasn’t angry with her. “You want me?”

“Of course I do. Here, and now. I can’t hold my wolf back any more.”

“I don’t want you to,” she said as she pulled me in for a kiss. Her arms wrapped around my neck, as I moved my hands around her back and side. Our arousal grew quickly, I was ready, and our instinct to mate would not be stopped. I moved my hands down, cupping her firm ass, and moving her up until she was poised at my tip. I looked at her one more time, she nodded and pulled me in for another kiss as I let go and she dropped down a few inches onto my length. “Ohhhhhh….,” she moaned with her head falling back.

I had felt her barrier give way, and smelled the blood as I entered her. “I’m sorry,” I said.

She just gritted her teeth until the pain passed, then she resumed her descent. If touching her gave pleasurable tingles, this was better. I hugged her close as she sank down, finally bottoming out as I filled her completely. “Wow,” she said as she squeezed me.

“Wow,” I said. She waited until she was comfortable, then pushed up with her legs to raise herself until I was almost out again. This time, she dropped down a little faster, the pleasure, the tightness, it was almost too much. “Oh Luna…”

We kissed again as she picked up the pace, and before long the sound of the waterfall was joined by the squish of her sex and the smack of our skin together. I caught her moans in my mouth, our tongues exploring as our bodies joined faster and faster. She started to tense up, her sex clenching at me, and when she screamed her release it sent me over. I pulled her down onto me, holding her still as I emptied my essence deep inside her.

My wolf was pushing hard, he wanted to finish the mating, and we couldn’t do that in human form. When she caught her breath, I lifted her off. “My wolf is going to take you. Shift and run, I’ll give you a ten second head start.”

“I’m too fast for you, you’ll never catch me,” she said cheekily.

“Don’t doubt your mate,” I said. She shifted into her white wolf, taking off for the exit, as I counted to ten. I shifted and took off after her.

Tracking was easy, my scent was in her and her arousal was like a beacon to me. My wolf loved the chase, catching and dominating his mate was part of what his instinct drove him towards. I was hot on her trail, my wolf in control. I was laughing to myself as I saw which way she was going. The trail she was on would go onto a long point pushing into the middle of a lake. It was a dead end.

I slowed down as I made sure I covered the exits, ensuring she couldn’t sneak around and get past me. I heard her howl of frustration as she broke from the trees and realized what she had done.

I broke through the treeline as she stood by the lake, pacing back and forth with no escape possible. I stood tall and dominant, tail up, moving towards her and demanding her submission. She tried to run, but I was on her in a heartbeat, my teeth in her scruff holding her head to the ground. She presented herself, her wolf satisfied that her mate was strong enough to protect her and their cubs.

I moved into position, my hips over hers as her tail moved to the side. I plunged into her in one strong stroke, my hips withdrawing and plunging in again as she whined. I let go over her neck but she kept her head down, my front legs holding her in place as the knot formed. She let out a whine as I pushed it into her, tying us together as the thrusts became faster and shorter.

She was moving her head side to side as I pounded her willing flesh, the knot preventing me from pulling out more than a few inches. She started to howl as the sensations built, and when we both exploded in bliss, I leaned forward and bit hard into her neck, marking her forever as mine.

The bond snapped into place between us, and we collapsed onto our sides as our bodies ceased to be our own anymore. I could feel her, hear her in my mind, she filled up my soul and I was suddenly complete. I howled my joy to the sky, then licked the blood from her neck as I tried to catch my breath.

Gabriel’s POV

It was happening. Two plus decades after Luna had given me my vision and purpose, it was finally over.

I heard and smelled the two of them, their arousal was high and it was only a matter of time. I paced back and forth, trying to stay far enough back they wouldn’t be threatened by my presence. When I heard and saw her break from the thicket, I knew the time was almost up. “She’s giving him chase, heading north. Stay out of their way,” I said as I moved into a trail position.

We trailed them for few minutes, then Michael cut in. “Boss, she’s headed for the Point. I can’t go any farther or I’ll be trapped there.”

”Fine, verify the Point is clear then get out of the way. Stay alert, guys, it’s almost over.”

We set a wide perimeter as Adam caught up to her. We heard them, then there was a howl and it felt like something was ripped out of me. “Michael, what’s going on?”

He didn’t answer. I felt empty, alone, my wolf was confused and so was I. “Azazel? Anyone?” No one answered me.

I howled, hearing the answering howls of my men. I saw Dumah race towards me, I tried to link him but there was nothing. We both shifted. “Boss, what’s going on?”

“I don’t know, I can’t link anyone,” I said.

He put his hand to his chest. “My pack link… it’s gone. I can’t feel you, Alpha.”

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