The Last Shewolf

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Meghan’s POV

This was not the wedding night I had hoped for.

We both were busy, me with my patients and paperwork, and Steven taking care of the arrangements for security and dealing with all the police and the Club. I was on my computer until four in the morning, stepping out every hour to check on Gabriel. I had kept an IV in place, a sedative keeping him under while his lung and body healed. It was a lot easier to deal with an injured werewolf when he was still unconscious. I had the monitors in place, and the alarms were sent to a remote I kept with me. I poked my head into Mackenzie’s room, she was resting comfortably, Natalie by her side.

I looked like I’d had a tough night, and when Steven came into the room, he looked just as worn out. I went to him embracing him as I ran my hands under his cut and his T-shirt, feeling the hard muscles of his back. “How are things?”

“It’s not fun,” he said. “The eight guys I sent north with Eve are almost to Duluth. It took a while to get through to Adam’s wolf that he couldn’t go with; we need to have a funeral, and he needs to be here. We all have to play our part and act like she’s dead.”

“Snake, Viper and Kelly?”

“They understand, and all they have to do is think of her being hurt and the water works start again. They’ll do their part. We also need to be here for Donut’s funeral. That’s going to be a big deal.”

“I bet, being a Deputy and all. How will the Club handle it?”

“However he decided he wanted his funeral, we’ll do it; he should have a will. We’ll bury him with his cut, whether he wears it or it is tucked in with him I don’t know. Snake is too bereaved at the loss of his daughter to do much, we might need you to pretend sedate him if the cops get too nosy tomorrow.”

“So much to do,” I said as I pulled away from his chest. I pulled my scrub top off, turning as I reached behind and unhooked my bra, tossing them both in the hamper as I walked towards the bathroom. I heard his low growl, his wolf was forward. I was playing with fire, and I loved it. I stopped just at the door, the mirror on it showing his eyes as the predator came forward. I untied my scrub bottoms, letting them fall to the floor, then pushed my lace panties off.

I never got a chance to open the door.

In a move so fast I didn’t see it, he was on me. I was pulled back into a hard chest, one hand under my breast, cupping the right one with his big hand. I felt his length hard into my back as his right hand went down, cupping my sex and pulling me towards him. “Let’s shower together,” I said.

He just picked me up, opening the door before reaching down and starting the shower. He kissed me, then pushed me into the walk-in shower. I swear he was undressed and next to me before I got wet, he was in such a state. I reached over for the shampoo, and he took it out of my hand. “Let me,” he said in a low voice that went straight to my core. He took the wand off the wall, wetting my hair and body as his off hand lightly caressed my side. When he put it back up, he took some shampoo and using his hands started to wash my shoulder-length hair. I moaned softly as his fingers massaged my scalp, then my breath caught as his hard length brushed my back. He took just as much care rinsing me off before he reached for the soap and washcloth.

“Put your hands on the shower,” he said as he washed my shoulders. He used both hands to wash away the sweat, blood and tension of the night. I was quivering as he made it to my waist, but he jumped right past and worked my legs instead. He was on his knees, finally back up to my center, and when he rinsed the water away, his lips replaced the sprayer.

“OOOOH!” My breath caught as his tongue split my lips, gathering my arousal on his tongue. He was soft, then aggressive; it felt so amazing, so right. I was building up for a huge one, and my legs started to shake as I got closer. He moved my right leg over his broad shoulder, and I hooked onto it to stay upright as his assault on my sex continued. “Oh god… oh shit… STEVEEEEEEEEEEENNNN!” I screamed my release as my body spasmed, then went limp. I would have fallen if not for his strong arms and the shower wall.

He put my leg back on the floor, waiting until I could stand before he got up and started getting his hair wet. He looked smug, happy but smug. “I take it you enjoyed that?”

I looked up at him like he was crazy. “A little, I guess, but I expected more from my wedding night.”

He smirked as he rinsed the shampoo out of his hair while I caught my breath. I grabbed the cloth and soap. “My turn,” I said as I started to move it over his broad shoulders.

Turnabout was fair play. We turned about three more times each before we fell asleep, exhausted and happy, just as the sun was coming up.

Mackenzie’s POV

I woke up with the sun, an old habit. Natalie would sleep until I forced her to get up, and I decided to let her. My neck hurt like hell, I got up carefully, trying not to move it or my arm as I sat up. I went slowly into the bathroom, doing my morning routine left-handed with the supplies that were left for me. The guest room had a good selection of unopened stuff and travel-sized products, clearly they were used to people like me crashing there. I smiled when I saw the note and the pill bottle next to the Dixie cups. “Mackenzie- take two of these for pain when you get up, and take it easy. No riding your motorcycle until the skin heals up. Ask any of the Club members, they’ll take you anywhere you need to go. Breakfast is downstairs between 6 and 9. -Doc Meghan”

I found some fresh clothes and new flip-flops in my size there as well. I pulled on the shorts and T-shirt, along with the panties. The sports bra was generic enough in size to work, though it was a struggle to put on. I finally left the bathroom, put on a pair of flip-flops, and walked down the stairs to the bar area of the club. One of the prospects was putting chairs down. “Morning, Ma’am,” he said. “I’m Tony, can I help you with anything?”

“Mackenzie. Is the gate open? I need to get some stuff out of our bikes,” I said. I had grabbed both our keys, and we kept a change of clothes and some other stuff in there.

“I can get it for you if you want.”

“No, I don’t like people touching my stuff.” It was harsh, but true.

“Would it be all right if I carried it for you? You’re injured, I don’t want you tearing out your stiches.”

He was right. “All right, can we go?”

“Let me grab a bag.” He went behind the bar and grabbed one of those cloth shopping bags, then led me outside. The crime scene tape was up, and the whole parking lot was off limits except a narrow path to the pedestrian gate. The crime scene unit was parked outside, working several scenes in the area. I walked with Tony to our motorcycles, parked in front of a White Bear Lake police cruiser. As I opened the saddlebags, the officer approached us. After assuring him my sister and I owned the bikes and he checked the registrations, he went back to the other scenes.

I pulled out the clothes, my iPad, and notebook, putting them in the bag Tony held. I then grabbed Natalie’s laptop and cords, along with her clothes. I locked everything up. “That’s it,” I said. “Do you think someone could run my motorcycle back to my condo with Natalie? She’ll want to pack a suitcase, and Doc said I need to stay close for a few days.”

“If you don’t mind me riding yours, I could follow her back then ride back with her,” Tony said. “Come on, Snake should be starting to serve soon. It’s not going to be too crowded after the late night.” He led me back in, locking the gate behind him, and back through the front doors. “Come on,” he said as he led me to the back. “You probably don’t want to do stairs again.” He punched the button for the freight elevator, and we rode upstairs. I put the stuff in our room, quietly as Natalie was still sleeping, taking out only my iPad before going back downstairs.

Snake was coming out of the kitchen as we got off the elevator, Mia right behind him. “Good morning Tony, Mackenzie. You’re the only ones here, we’re doing banana nut pancakes, bacon and hash browns for breakfast, or I can whip up an omelet.”

“That sounds wonderful,” I said. “Thank you.” It was, and since no one else was around, Snake and Mouse joined us to eat. They were a happy couple, and I was shocked to hear they’d only been together a few days. “You’re going to have a tough time holding up the image of your daughter being dead if you keep smiling like that,” I told him.

“The Club knows the truth, we’re officially in mourning so nobody from outside the Club is allowed in. We’ll give it a few days, have a funeral service, and move on. Eventually, her appearance changed and a new identity, she can be out in public again.”

“How are you pulling off her fake death?”

“We have a friend at the County Coroner’s office, he will give us a fake death certificate and sign the autopsy report Meghan provides him. Meanwhile, our computer guy will move her to a new identity.”

“You have all those resources?”

Snake nodded. “We can, not that we’ve needed it much. We’re a law-abiding, family club. Nothing to see here.”

I snorted. “So, who do you need to hide her for? Why go through the whole thing with hiding her from the former werewolves? They some biker gang or something?”

His face fell. “You heard that.” I nodded. “Well, there are some people out there who didn’t react well to Eve getting married. The shooter was one of them. He met her in Chicago last week, and must have decided that if he couldn’t have her, no one would.”

“A stalker?”

“Yeah, something like that. How’s Steven doing?”

“I haven’t seen him this morning,” I said as I finished my breakfast.

“Well, I can take that for you, I gotta get back into the kitchen and heat up the griddle again. I can hear the kids waking up, and they eat a lot.” I could imagine, Mia said that over twenty children plus a lot of the adults crashed here last night since it was so crazy outside. He and Mia stacked the plates and left, and Tony went back to setting up, so it was just me and my iPad. I didn’t trust their wifi, so I used my cellular connection and started searching.

I started with the news; the shooting and death of Deputy Nathaniel Donaldson led the news. There was a photo of Eve Hardigan with the picture, listed as the shooting victim. Details were slight, but the shooter had been identified as Dennis Thurber, a North Carolina businessman. His development company had recently been sold, the properties split among bickering shareholders. The connection to Minnesota and the eighteen-year-old victim was unknown.

I searched the Internet for motorcycle gangs, drug gangs, anything with the name Werewolves. I had to wade through a lot of fiction, since apparently there were a lot of fictional werewolves on Wattpad that formed motorcycle gangs. Whatever. If they looked and behaved like Gabriel, I’d take the wolf, as long as it didn’t shed in my bed.

Two hours later, I went upstairs to get my pills and wake Natalie up before breakfast closed down. I was even more confused than when I started. When Gabriel woke, I’d have some pointed questions for him, and if he wanted to see me again, he damn well better answer them truthfully.

Meghan’s POV

The vitals alarm woke me up. I moved Steven’s arm off my waist, so I could sneak out. I went to the bathroom quickly. I looked at the clock and saw it was 8:34.

Shit, I didn’t plan to leave him unchecked that long. I came back out, pulling on underwear, scrubs and tennis shoes, then put my stethoscope around my neck.

I opened the door and silenced the alarm. His IV bag was empty, so I stopped flow and changed it out. I gave him more sedative, planning to keep him under until this afternoon at the earliest. All this done, I recorded his stats and walked back to the room.

Steven was up, dressed and ready for breakfast. “We can just make breakfast if we hurry,” he said. “Snake is down there, otherwise it would be cold cereal.” Even I could hear the noise of all the kids and families eating downstairs. I kissed him good morning and took his hand as we went downstairs.

As we came into view, the Club quieted down and pretty soon knives were clinking on glasses. I blushed, burying my face in my husband’s chest. He put his hands on my face, kissing me deeply as they cheered. When he pulled back, I glared at them. “I’m a married woman now, the party was yesterday!”

“The party was interrupted, young lady,” Mom said. “You look radiant.”

“I look like I was working until four in the morning, which I was.” Room was made for us at their table, and we sat with Viper, Kelly, and my parents. “I just want to go to bed.”

“No kidding,” Steven said.

“To sleep.” They all just laughed as Snake came out and gave us out plates. “Hey, did you check the lotto ticket?”

“Forgot about it,” he said. He pulled up his phone, bringing up the numbers and comparing them to the ones on the ticket he’d bought yesterday. He dropped the fork he was using on the table as he looked back and forth between the two. “Holy shit,” he whispered.
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