The Last Shewolf

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Meghan’s POV

“Don’t say a word,” I said as I elbowed him in the ribs. He grunted, then sat down. “Put that away and look at me.” He put the ticket back in his wallet and put his phone down. I leaned in, whispering in his ear. “This isn’t the time or place. Don’t say anything until you have Snake and Dagger alone, this is club business.”

He nodded, still shocked. “I can’t believe it.”

“Believe what? That your dream was real? Tell me if you recognized the women with Gabriel and Michael last night. Were they the ones in your vision?” He nodded, still trying to wrap his head around it. “Then relax and eat breakfast.” I got him to pick up a fork and eat, and soon we were in a lively conversation with my parents about where we would live and what we would do. “I don’t know yet,” I said. “There’s still so much up in the air, I haven’t even begun to figure out what I’m doing next month.”

“There’s plenty of time, don’t rush into a mistake,” Dad said. “Where to live, buying a house, it’s a big deal.”

“Right now, it’s important that she be near the Clinic, so I think I’m going to move into the room with her short-term. None of the apartments at our complex are big enough for what I want to do, and Snake’s cooking is better than Kusheil’s.” Steven pulled me into his side. “It’s also important that we be close to the clubhouse, I still have my Master-At-Arms duties since I got elected without running somehow.”

Mom just laughed. “No one else ran, Steven. Hammer here needed to retire, and he spread the word he thought you had done a fine job. The Club agreed. You’re it, son.”

“Fine, but when we have a family I’m going to see if I can get someone else to step up.”

It was time for Mom to look confused. “You know, you mentioned family in your vows, both of you, but you both know that you two can’t have children together. You told me yourself, Meghan, you said it was a biological impossibility. Are you planning to adopt or get a sperm donor?”

I blushed a little. “I have a plan, but I’m not willing to talk about it yet. There is too much going on right now, what with the funerals and the Club coming together.”

“You should do it right away,” Mom said. “You’re not getting any younger.”

I snorted. “Geez, Mom, a week ago you were worried I’d die a crazy cat lady, and now you’re demanding I get knocked up before I’ve even had a honeymoon! I’m only thirty, Mom, I have time.”

She just took my hand. “I have time too, PLENTY of time, and I want to spend it playing with my grandchildren, so get busy. I’m so happy you married a guy in our Club, so I don’t have to worry about you moving away.”

It was Steven’s turn to laugh. “Oh, you’d be surprised,” he said. “We have to keep Eve hidden and protected, they’re five hours north. Moose, Sheri, Viper, Kelly… all of them are already talking about how they can’t take Minnesota winters any more and are threatening to move to Florida.”

“Damn right,” Viper said as he came over and sat down. “We are thinking about putting our house on the market, now that Snake found a woman and Eve is married. It’s too much work, and with my arthritis I hate the cold. Hell, we looked at Harley trikes last week.”

“Really? It’s getting that hard to ride?” I pulled his hand over, I could feel how his joints were swollen.

“The motorcycle is getting tougher to handle, and Kelly doesn’t want to ride on her own. We took a test drive, it’s stable, comfortable and better for us. We’re still talking, but we’ll probably make the change soon. In any case, we were thinking about looking for a condo somewhere near Jacksonville. We like the area, and when you guys come down for Christmas we’ll be right there.”

Wow. The Club wouldn’t be the same if a bunch of the old guard followed them down there. “I hate to see us scattered around like this, we just got the Club together and now it’s like we’re breaking apart.”

“Not necessarily,” Steven said. “I have some ideas, just trust me. I have to run them past Snake and Dagger before we bring them to the Club, and I want to do some research.” He put his fork down and drank the rest of his milk. “Now, I have to get upstairs and get some work done on the new security plans, and Doc here has patients to check on.”

I nodded and took his hand as he helped me up. “I expect the police will be here, they will probably want to interview me and the others who were here last night.”

“I’ll put them in the conference room, and coordinate getting the people there,” Viper said. “I need to talk to the Chief, and we need to start planning the funeral. I have a call into our lawyer, we’ll set up a will reading on Monday. I did ask him to forward any arrangements or decisions on his funeral to me.”

“And we are going to help with the kids, now that they are fed we need to get them packed up and home. They can’t do anything outside.” Teri looked at the group that was eating at the far table, a tear in her eye.

I looked back at them, nodding slightly. “The will need support, they loved Deputy Donuts.” With that, Steven picked me up as I squealed and started carrying me back upstairs over his shoulder. “Put me down!” The group was laughing as he took the stairs fast, making me bounce on his shoulder.

“Quit wiggling, wife!” He smacked my ass hard, making me squeal again. He didn’t set me down until he opened the door to our room. His eyes were dark, and I pulled him inside with a smile. He leaned down, kissing me hard as I pressed myself into his hard body. My hand was down his pants as he untied my scrub bottoms, pushing them to the floor. I got his belt unbuckled and dropped his jeans to the floor, his boxers with them. I jumped into his arms as his hands grabbed my ass, pulling me tight to his hard length. “I couldn’t wait another minute,” he said as he bit my earlobe.

“I can’t wait,” I said. I pulled my panties aside, and he pulled me up until he was at my entrance then eased me down. I moaned as I felt him slowly fill me, making me whole. I wiggled my way until I had him all. “God, I love you,” I said.

“By Luna, you are MINE,” he said. He turned and used short steps to push me against the door, his ankles still caught up in his jeans. I bit off a scream in his shirt, my teeth leaving a mark on his shoulder as he lifted me and dropped me again and again onto him. It was hard, fast and brutal, it was amazing. His wolf was forward, and he was claiming what was his in the most primal of ways. “Move my shirt aside and bite me,” he said. “Claim me as yours as I claim you as mine.”

“It won’t work,” I said, barely able to talk over all the pleasure I was feeling.

“I don’t care.” He had me pinned high on the door, pounding up into me at a furious pace as the sensations overwhelmed me. I came once, twice, and then I felt him swell even bigger. Something was trying to force its way in, it was like a softball and my poor body was struggling. “I’m going to give you my knot,” he said. “It will hurt, but when it is in you won’t believe how it feels.”

I screamed as he lifted me up, then drove me down onto the knot. My lips stretched around it, it was HUGE. Steven wasn’t a small man to begin with, but this was the size of his fist. He worked me around before lifting me and pulling me down farther. My eyes closed, I tried to ride out the pain as I got more inside. It took four more tries before it popped inside, and the pain was replaced by pleasure.

“Holy shit,” I said as he moved it within me. He was fully buried now, and the knot was rubbing constantly against my G-spot. I became a freight train of orgasms, screaming until I had no more breath. He was pushing me farther and farther up the cliff, so high I might not survive the drop. He reached up, tearing my scrub top and exposing my shoulder. I could see his face and teeth shifting, and it didn’t frighten me at all. I pulled his shirt aside, picking my spot where neck met shoulder. He sped up and up until he we screamed together in pleasure, and when I felt his release he bit down hard on my shoulder.

“STEEEEVE!” I came so hard I almost blacked out. The pain from my shoulder reminded me of his, and in my orgasmic bliss I leaned forward and bit him hard enough to break the skin. His blood coated my teeth and tongue, mine coated his, as we held each other tight. It was a minute to catch our breath, then he walked me over to the bed. The knot still held us together, so he lay on his back with me on top of him. He gently licked the wound on my shoulder, I could tell he was pleased. It would scar brightly and declare I was his to his world.

I tore off a chunk from the scrub top and used it to stop the bleeding on his neck. As a werewolf, he wouldn’t scar, and the bite wouldn’t bring the same bond that a shewolf would have given him. The knowledge of this made me drop my face to his chest, a tear falling onto his skin.

“You’re not second best, Meghan, and I’m not settling for you,” he said.

“How did you…”

“I could sense your emotions. I get tingles, impressions. It’s not a mate bond, but Luna gave us something more than any wolf has ever had with a human. You are mine, Meghan.”

“You are mine and I am yours,” I said.

“Yes. I don’t understand it, but I’m accepting it. That dream, it wasn’t my dream. I’ve never had a prophetic dream, and only Luna could make these things happen. I mean, a lotto? All those children?” He kissed my head. “The lottery win happened. The women who were sitting with Gabriel and Michael, they showed up last night. Did you see how they were together?”

“They are already in love,” I said.

“Exactly. I can’t make that happen, Gods grants that. And if Luna grants me a human mate, and shows me a future with us playing with our children in their wolf form, well, I’m not going to argue with it. I don’t know how she will do it, but it WILL happen. We will all be together, watching our children play in the grass together at the Pack house up north.”

“I know how to make it work,” I said. “I will need to get some equipment, and everyone will have to agree, but it’s doable.”

“And it answers the question I’ve had since we started protecting Vivian.”

“What?” I moaned softly as he moved inside me, kicking off another small orgasm. “Stop that, or we’ll be stuck together for hours. I have patients to care for.”

“Sorry.” He ran his hand down my back, causing tingles to run down me to my core. “We couldn’t figure out how Luna would rebuild the species with just one shewolf. Even if she had a dozen children in eight years, those children have to grow up and find their true mates. It would take centuries to build up a decent population again.”

“Luna isn’t planning on one baby at a time,” I said. “She is going to use the human wives of werewolves to birth a new generation. That’s what you saw, more than a dozen the first year, all female.”

“Yes. Those girls grow up and find their mates among the remaining werewolves here. They get the next generation started, and if we do things right, in two generations we have hundreds of wolves. I might live to see a Pack that rivals what I saw as a boy,” I said.

“With no asshole Alphas and no forced mating,” I said. “Things will be different with no Pack bond. It will be all about family.”

I snuggled into him, feeling better already. “When we do this, I want to bear your children, Steven.”

“Our children.” We drifted to a contented sleep together.

Dagger’s POV

The detectives arrived just after ten, and Viper set them up in the conference room for interviews. One wanted to talk to Doc, and I had seen how Steven carried her out. Telling him I’d bring her back, I walked to her room and knocked softly. No answer came, I checked the doorknob and it was unlocked. Opening it slightly, I saw a flash of naked boob before she was rolled behind him. “WHAT!”

“Sorry, Steven. The detectives need to talk to Meghan.”

“Tell them we’ll be down soon,” he said.

I closed the door, the room smelled of sex and sweat. I closed the door, smiling to myself as I walked down to the spare room Gabriel was staying in. I opened the door, not expecting two sets of eyes to be looking at me when I entered. “Hello Mackenzie, Natalie. How is he doing?”

“He hasn’t moved, his vitals have been stable,” Zee said. “Did Doc say when he was going to wake up?”

“This afternoon, last I heard. Guys like him don’t like to sit still and rest, so she forces the issue a bit.” I walked over, checking everything. The girls were working on their computers, she hid the screen when I came closer. “I’m sorry this all happened last night. I wanted to thank you for the warning, if you hadn’t reacted Eve might be dead now.”

“I just reacted with my training,” I said. “If this big lug here hadn’t followed me, I might be dead. I at least need to thank him before I leave.”

“At least,” Lee said with a snicker. “I don’t want to leave until you’re better. Between the food and the company, I kind of like it here.”

“How is Michael doing,” I asked.

Lee blushed. “He’s very… attentive. I don’t know, it’s like something is there, we barely know each other but…”

“You feel a connection to him,” I finished.

“Yes. Zee does too, I can tell, she’s just not sure if she can let her walls down long enough to let the man in.”

“Well, Doc should be in soon. Word of warning, detectives are downstairs, they will probably want to talk to both of you and Gabriel when he wakes up. Lunch starts at noon and goes until one.”

“Thanks, Dagger,” Lee said. I walked back out, grinning to myself. All the time I’d known Gabriel and Michael, they’d never given a woman a second look. All of the sudden, love was in the air. I went downstairs, eager to find my Shadow. After talking with her parents last week, I had to find a way to top Steven and his cliff jumping stunt or I’d never hear the end of it.

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