The Last Shewolf

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Falling for Him

Mackenzie’s POV

As soon as the door closed, Natalie started to giggle. “You’re SO falling for Gabriel,” she teased.

“Am not!”

“You are! You should see your eyes when you look at him. It’s like when the steak gets delivered to your table.” I looked at her, trying to disagree but unable to. “Not that I can blame you. I mean, just look at him. You could do laundry on those abs, and I bet those big arms would feel good around you.”

I looked over at him, they had moved pillows to keep his chest slightly elevated. His shoulder and chest were still bandaged, but the sheet had dropped to his waist. The broad expanse of his chest and arms was there. “He’s not bad, especially for his age.”

“Yeah, you aren’t either. Did you sneak a peek? Is he… proportional?”

My jaw dropped, and my face reddened at what she was implying. “I’d never… I mean… fuck Lee, you aren’t playing fair here. You’ve got that hot guy Michael damn near reeled in, and at least you two kissed already.”

“We did, and it was amazing. We’ve been texting, he’s going to take me home to change, then we’re going to lunch. Is it all right if I ride your motorcycle home?”

“I’d prefer that, one of the prospects volunteered but you know how I feel about people touching my stuff.”

“I’ll pack you an overnight bag.” There was a knock on the door, and Doctor Meghan came in. She was looking flushed and was walking slowly as she came over, setting down her black bag. “Doc, you don’t look good, are you all right?”

She blushed. “I’m more than all right, Lee. I’m a married woman and my man is insatiable and talented. I never knew it could be this good, but my body is protesting right now.”

“He banged you good and proper, huh?” I laughed a little. “I wonder if his friends are as talented, they all have the bodies for it.”

She didn’t say anything, she was busy checking Gabriel’s vitals and she changed out his IV bag and emptied his catheter bag. I couldn’t help it, even though Zee had her head buried in her iPad, I had to know. “More than proportional,” I whispered to her.

“I can’t speak for his talent, but Zee won’t be lacking if she gives him a chance,” Meghan said. “Those two men are falling hard for you, it’s obvious to everyone. They are good men, I’ve known them a long time. Men of honor and integrity, please give them a chance. They deserve a shot at happiness.”

“Why? What happened to them?” Zee looked up, curious.

“It’s not my place to say,” Doc said. “Now, he should wake up a few hours after lunch, I’ll be back then to check on him. Let’s see how you are doing.” She came over and peeled back the bandage, inspecting it closely. Opening her bag, she used cotton balls and alcohol to clean the skin around the wound. I grit my teeth a little at the sting. “It’s looking good, no sign of infection yet. No strenuous activities, I’ll check it again tomorrow.” She put a new bandage on and taped it down.

“Should I see my doctor about this,” I asked. “And am I being billed?”

“I’d never even consider billing someone who was injured protecting a Club member,” she said. “We do things a little different, this Clinic and my services are free to all members. For your doctor, I will give you copies of your treatment records, so you can follow up with your doctor if you wish. If you wish, I can do the follow-up and stitch removal as well.” She packed up her bag again. “I hope you two stick around, I think you’d be happy here.” With that, she walked out and closed the door again.

“Weirdest Club I’ve ever heard of,” I said. “Staff Doctor, chefs in the kitchen, free food, guest rooms and apartments.”

“It’s a good weird,” Lee said softly. “I hope she’s right. I feel like Michael might be the one for me. I’ve never felt like that before.” Someone knocked on the door and Lee got up to open it. It was Michael, he leaned down to kiss her and soon they were in a passionate embrace. “I missed you,” she told him.

“I’m sorry, a lot of stuff is going on, but I’m ready to make it up to you. Ready to go?”

“Yep.” She grabbed my motorcycle key and gave me a quick hug. “We might be a while, don’t wait up,” I whispered.

“Use protection,” I said softly into her ear.

Michael’s POV

I was tired and so much had gone on in the last twelve hours, but I couldn’t stay away from her. Natalie entranced me, I would get lost in her eyes, and kissing her lips took me to a whole new place. When Tony mentioned they needed to get stuff from their place, I pulled rank and volunteered to take her instead. Her greeting when I opened the door told me all I needed to know; she felt it too. I was hard as a rock, but we needed to roll, before her sister got a live show. I stared at her ass as she bent over to hug her sister, like everything else about her it was perfect.

I took her hand as we walked down the hall and downstairs. I had brought one of the cars over from our apartment building, thankful that the cops had finally taken down the crime scene tape. Lunch was just about to serve, it smelled good. Mia was making her lasagna, but I didn’t want to share Natalie with anyone right now.

She gave me her address in case I lost her, then she pulled Mackenzie’s Harley out in front of me and I followed her to the freeway. They lived across town, in an executive condominium development in Edina. I parked in front of the garage as she pulled in, backing the motorcycle up next to a silver Lexus SUV. I walked into the garage as she got off the motorcycle, hitting the button to close it. As soon as it was low enough for us not to be seen, Natalie jumped into my arms. I kissed her hard as her hips ground into my groin, feeling my excitement through our clothes. I started to walk us towards the door, breaking the kiss as I opened it. “Bedroom?”

“Two doors down on the right,” she said. I kept one hand under her ass as she pulled her T-shirt off. Her breasts were as perfect as the rest of her, straining to get out of the confines of their lacy prison. I opened the door to the girliest room I had ever seen, all pink and white, lace, a four-poster canopy bed with all kinds of pillows. I set her down on the edge of the bed, stepping back to pull off my shirt as she took off her bra. “Wow,” I whispered.

She reached out and undid my belt and jeans, pushing them down and off. My manhood sprang free, causing her to move back a little in surprise. “Wow,” she said as she wrapped her hand around it. Leaning forward, her tongue reached out, flicking the tip and licking the drop of pre-cum from it. She moaned happily, smirking up at me before her hand grabbed my balls and pulled me forward. She opened her mouth, welcoming my length in. She could only take a few inches at first, but I saw her determination and the next time down I went into her throat.

“Oh my,” I said as my hands threaded through the hair on each side of her face. She smiled around me, doubling her efforts as I fought to hold it off. When she took me to the base, I lost that battle. “Nata-LEE!” I screamed as I began to cum hard, pumping deep into her throat as she took it with a smile.

She finally backed off, a loud POP as she came off the sensitive head. “That should give you some staying power,” she said with a smile. She scooted back on the bed, lifting her hips and pushing her shorts and panties off.

I stepped out of my jeans, kneeling at the edge of her bed. “My turn,” I said with a smile. I pulled her legs over my shoulders, using my hands to lift her up to me like I was drinking a fine wine. I loved her smell, her body, everything about her, and I didn’t just bring her pleasure. I worshipped her like the Goddess she was.

Two hours later, I took off the third condom of the afternoon as she lay exhausted on the bed below me. “Michael?”

“Yes love?”

“If I even see you look at another woman I’ll cut your nuts off. You’re MINE, I’m not letting you go.”

“As you wish,” I said. “As long as you live I will never want another. You are MINE, Natalie, and I’m not letting you go.” She smiled and lay back, closing her eyes. I went into her bathroom, starting to fill the big whirlpool tub. She wasn’t moving, so I went to the kitchen and found some bottled water, cheese, grapes and summer sausage. Putting together a plate with some crackers from the cupboard, I set the stuff on a shelf by the bath and went back to get her. I kissed her, she moaned softly and kissed me back. “Come on, bath is ready,” I said.

I set her in the tub and got in behind her, both of us sinking down into the warm water. She relaxed back into me, and I fed her as we talked. I found out how brilliant she was with a computer, how she and her sister worked together to protect people and recover kidnapping victims. I told her a little about my time in the Club, my love for motorcycles, and my hopes for a family. When the food was done, I gently washed her then she turned and cleaned me, paying particular attention to her favorite parts. When we were changed, she pulled me down for a kiss. “We should be getting back, Gabriel is waking soon and I need to be there for my sister,” she said.

“Gabriel will never hurt her, she is safe,” I said.

“I’m not worried about her getting hurt, she’s the toughest person I know. It’s Gabriel I’m worried about. If he pushes too hard she’ll bolt. She doesn’t trust him yet.” We closed up the house and got into my car, headed back for the clubhouse.

She held my hand the whole time, making my wolf and I content she was with us.

Gabriel’s POV

I moved up through the quiet and the darkness, fighting for the light. As I rose, my senses started to work again. I could hear breathing in the room, two people, and my nose detected her presence. I relaxed, she was alive. That was all I wanted to know.

I opened my eyes, closing them again as it was too bright. “Sorry.” I heard Doc go over, closing the blinds. She came back and I was able to open them and keep them open, my eyes searching for her.

“Gabriel,” her voice said softly. I turned, feeling her hand grasping mine, and blinked a few times until I could make her out clearly. She had a bandage on her neck, and I could smell her blood faintly.

“Ma… Mack…” My throat felt raw. Doc put a cup of water with a straw down, and I took a few sips, it felt amazing. “Mackenzie, you’re all right.”

“You are too,” she said, relief evident in her face. I squeezed her hand, tears forming. “Eve? What happened to Eve?”

“She’s fine, thanks to the two of you,” Meghan said.


“She’s been taken up north. We faked her death, outside the Club you need to refer to her in the past tense. Her funeral will be in a few days,” she said. She took a few minutes examining me, I barely noticed because I was busy looking at Mackenzie’s face.

When Doc walked out, I pulled her down to sit with me on the bed, the ludicrous number of pillows behind me. “How?”

“A man tried to kill Eve, I saw the laser just before he fired. Remember how I made fun of your 1911?”

I laughed, it hurt and I grimaced. “Yes, you like your Tupperware Glocks.”

“Well, yours saved your life.” She opened up the drawer in the bedside table, pulling out the shoulder holster and my pistol. The trigger guard was dented and scratched. “Doc cut your shoulder straps off to pull the bullet fragments out, but the shot deflected off the leather and the steel. She said the largest fragment went through your chest, grazed my neck, then stopped in Eve’s shoulder. The smaller fragments she pulled out of you.” She set it back down. “You scared the hell out of me, Gabriel.”

“I couldn’t bear it if either of you were hurt, Eve because of who she is to the Club, and you for what you are to me,” I said. “I reacted, just like you.”

“I’m going to be fine. You, on the other hand, have some explaining to do.” I lifted my eyebrow. “Your name is Gabriel Johnson, but you don’t exist.”

“I’m right here.”

“Your identity is fake; there is no record of you more than twenty years ago. Your birth certificate belongs to a child who died at age two. Your friend, Michael, same thing. A first look at your identities and everything is fine, but drill down a little and it collapses like a house of cards. Then there is this place; you call it a motorcycle club, but few people have jobs. No social media, no income streams. My gut wants to believe there’s nothing here, but my head is screaming out that this is a criminal enterprise, and you’re right in the middle of it. I’m beginning to wonder why some businessman from North Carolina, a Dennis Thurber, would try to kill a newlywed in front of this gang and every other one in the Cities. It looks like a revenge hit, and I don’t get in the middle of criminal feuds.”

I closed my eyes, leaning back. “It’s nothing like that,” I said.

“Then explain to me who these former werewolves are. Is it another gang? A codename? Were you guys government agents? Talk to me, Gabriel, because if you don’t come clean I’ll walk out of here and never see you again.”

“Don’t. Please, don’t leave me.” I squeezed her hand and looked in her eyes. “I’d rather you take my pistol and kill me now than leave me to live my life without you.”

She pulled her hand out and stood up, turning her back on me. “How can you say that, we barely know each other. What’s worse, I’m feeling almost ill just at the thought of doing that. What have you done to me?”

“Sit, please. I’ll tell you everything if you will just sit with me and listen.”

Just then, there was a knock on the door and Mackenzie got up to open it. Michael came in, holding hands with Natalie. I took a sniff, they’d already moved their relationship forward. Lee was flushed, walking a little tentatively and was sporting a big grin. “You’re awake,” she said as she came over. “Welcome back.”

“Thank you, Natalie. I trust Michael is treating you well?”

“VERY well, thank you.” She blushed and leaned back into him.

“You needy little slut, you had a nooner?” Mackenzie rolled her eyes as Natalie nodded her head, grinning widely, and held up four fingers. “Jesus, everyone is getting action except me.”

“So, are you guys, uh, ‘talking?’” Lee wiggled her eyebrows as Zee looked away.

“I was just telling him he better come clean, about his name, his background and these former werewolves, or I’m going to leave and never come back,” she said as she sat back on her chair. “He promised he would tell me, so sit down and let’s hear it.”

Natalie looked up at Michael, who looked over at me for guidance. “Sit down, love,” he said to her. “So we show them?”

“We have to, I can’t lose her.”

He started to pull off his clothes, and Mackenzie turned away in shock. “Mackenzie, please, just watch. You have to see this and accept it before we can explain the rest.”

“How is him getting naked doing anything to explain this?”

“Just watch, please.” Michael stood facing Natalie, who had already seen everything, and stripped naked. A moment later, he was gone. and a huge black wolf was in his place.

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