The Last Shewolf

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We're Not Like You

Mackenzie’s POV

“The FUCK?” I drew my Glock, getting up our of the chair and moving to the wall. In front of me was the biggest, scariest looking wolf I’d ever seen. I held the pistol out, aiming at his head, my arms shaking.

“Mackenzie, relax, that is Michael.” I heard Gabriel’s words but my mind wasn’t processing right now. The big wolf sat down, tilting its head at me as its huge pink tongue hung out the side of his mouth. His teeth were huge and white, dangerous looking.

“Michael?” The big wolf head turned to look at my sister, who was moving off her chair towards him.

“Lee, stay back!” I watched the wolf lie down and roll over nest to the bed, his head reaching towards her as she knelt down.

“He’s so soft,” she said as she ran her fingers through his fur. His tail started to whap on the ground as she scratched his chest behind his front leg. “You’re a werewolf! How cool!”

“Werewolves don’t exist,” I said as I lowered my pistol.

“You saw him change, Mackenzie. No one came in, no special effects. He’s a werewolf, so am I. That’s why I’m here instead of a hospital, why I had surgery yesterday, but I’ll be fine in a few days. We’re not humans, we’re more.”

I sat back in my chair, trying to process it all. I was a logical thinker, a detective. I prided myself on being able to follow facts, not speculation or fiction. Yet, here I was, looking at a wolf that had to go two hundred pounds and stood five feet tall. The animal was licking my sister as she scratched him. Gabriel was right, there was no other explanation other than werewolves existing. “How?”

“We are born this way. Don’t worry, we won’t turn you into a monster or anything. In fact, our DNA is not compatible with yours. We can’t get humans pregnant, and we don’t use human hospitals. The reason I don’t exist in the system is that up until about twenty years ago, I lived in an isolated Pack in the Rockies that didn’t interface with humans.”

Michael licked Lee’s face, making her giggle, then he moved back and shifted to his human body again. I looked away as he pulled his clothes back on. “I figured it would be better if we all could talk,” he said. “We can’t hide the truth from you, not if it would mean you leaving my friend. Werewolves are different in their relationships than human, we mate for life, and we find our mates then fall in love,” he said.

“Wait, so you could find a werewolf skank and leave me?”

Michael picked her up, sitting in her chair and moving her to his lap. “No, my wolf and I both know you are the one for me. I don’t know how or why, but Luna, the Moon Goddess who rules our species, has formed something close to a mating pull between me and you. It’s something that has never happened before with a human female.”

“A few days ago, a lot of things changed in our world,” Gabriel said. “Luna cursed our species, all of the females died in childbirth or committed suicide. Over twenty years ago, I had a vision where Luna appeared to me, telling me of the coming birth of the Promised One, the Last Shewolf. I formed the Knights of the Moon with others you pledged with me to protect the mother, then the last eighteen years we’ve been protecting her. Eve was the Last Shewolf. When she mated Adam, it broke the curse, and now we’re seeing things we’ve never seen before.”

I looked over at Michael, he didn’t say Gabriel was crazy. “You know how wolves have Packs, well, up until she mated Adam so did we. That’s gone now; no Packs, no Alphas, no nothing. We joined the Riders because we have been friends and allies for a long time, and they are family to us. I think Luna is doing something new here; even Steven found his mate in a human female.”

“Wait, Steven is a wolf too?”

“Yes,” Gabriel said, “There are about eighteen of us around here now, and six went up to the North Shore with Adam to protect Eve. The Northwoods Riders are all human.”

“And they know about you? All of you?” My mind was reeling, how could a Club with this many people keep a secret for so long?

“Yes, like I said, we have been friends and allies. Eve’s mother died and her father was killed; Snake and Vivian, the previous Doctor here, they adopted Eve. After Vivian was killed when Eve was just a baby, Snake raised her, with Viper and now Kelly as grandparents. The Club protected her just as much as my Pack did. We had to, she was in great danger if another werewolf discovered her.”

“Why? Why her?”

“Because the strongest instinct of a wolf is to bring forth the next generation, and she was the only one left who could do it,” Michael said. “I don’t know exactly why Dennis Thurber tried to kill her. Maybe when his Pack bond was lost, when his power evaporated, he blamed her or thought killing her would bring it back. In any case, for some reason, Luna took away all the wolves from everyone except those of us here and Adam. They can’t shift into wolf form, they don’t have our hearing, our strength, our smell, our healing ability anymore. I’d be pissed too.”

I didn’t say anything for a minute, it was all too much. “I need space to think,” I said as I got up.

“I’ll go with you,” Lee said as she got off his lap.

“Mackenzie? Take the time you need, but if you have questions, ask. We’ll let the Club know you are aware of us. You can ask anything you want of any of them. Just don’t hold what I am against me. I’ve never been any different, I’m still the same man who protected this Club and Eve, I’m still the same man who fell in love with you the moment our eyes met.”

I looked at him, reaching my hand out to touch his. “I won’t leave without telling you,” I promised. We walked out the door, closing it behind me I leaned back against the wall. “I need a drink.”

Meghan’s POV

After I left Gabriel, I went down and turned over my reports to the detectives. I was exhausted, so I headed to my room and took a short nap. Steven was busy, still making arrangement with his guys to protect Eve up north. He woke me in time to check Gabriel again, this time he was alone in his room.

Dinner was a Chicken Parmesan with mixed vegetables. I sure hope Mia stays around, because the food that she sent out of the kitchen was incredible. I told her as much when she came out with Snake to eat.

“Thank you,” she smiled. “It was my grandmother’s recipe, I grew up on it.” I took another bite, the flavors dancing on my tongue. They had also baked fresh Italian bread with garlic butter, and a light salad. I smiled as I ate it, and I watched the two of them together. They were perfect for each other, and already looked so much in love.

“So, what do you two have planned for tonight,” I asked.

“Not much. Between the cops, the Club and the drama, when cleanup is done I might go to bed.”

“I wish I could let you do that,” I said. “Steven and I need to meet with the leadership privately, it’s very important. I need you and Mia, Mom and Dad, Dagger, Viper and Kelly, Gabriel and Mackenzie, Michael and Natalie. Oh, and we need to bring Adam and Eve, plus Alan and Alice in on Skype. We’ll set that up as soon as we set a time.”

“Mia, Mackenzie and Natalie aren’t members, not yet, and Alan and Alice are not even under consideration.” Snake was going over the list, trying to figure out why those people were being invited. “And we’ll have to do it in Gabriel’s room unless you’re ready to move him.”

“No, that’s where we need to have the meeting,” I said. “Eight o’clock sound good?”

“I’ll set it up,” Snake said.

“Thanks for dinner, it was wonderful,” I said. “Hey, have you seen Mackenzie and Natalie?”

“Natalie took a couple plates, I think they are outside,” Snake said. “Gabriel and Michael told them what they were, it’s a lot to take in. I know it was for me, if she wasn’t hurt and I wasn’t focused on saving Vivian, I might have walked away for a while too.”

“I’m going to talk to them,” I said. I grabbed three beers and walked outside, looking around in the heat and humidity. They had picked a picnic table near the fence, in the shade of a maple tree. “Can I join you for a moment?”

“Since you brought beer, sure,” Lee said with a laugh.

“Only one, you can’t drink more than that on your painkillers,” I told Zee as I handed her the Summer Shandy.

“I stopped taking them, I’ve had worse pain before,” she said. We sat for a moment, just sipping the cold beer and looking out at the sky. “So I am falling in love with a werewolf?”

I snickered. “You say that like it’s a bad thing, they have bodies like Adonis and know how to use them,” I said as I elbowed Lee.

“Not to mention incredible passion and sexual endurance,” Natalie giggled. “My God, that man can fuck me stupid any day of the week and twice on Sundays.”

I had to laugh, and I gave Natalie a quick hug. “I know, my poor lady bits are begging for a day off, but all I can think about is making love to him again. And oh my GOD, that knot? Holy shit. He puts the ‘O’ in ‘Oh My God.’”

“Knot?” Mackenzie looked at me in horror.

“You’ll find out soon enough. It hurt like hell going in, but I couldn’t stop cumming once it was seated. Like I said, that man has skills in the sack.” I described to them some of the physical things that were different with the werewolves, and why I was perfectly fine being the wife of one. I finished my beer, crushing the can and tossing it in the recycle bin nearby. “I actually came out here because I need you to be a part of a meeting I’m setting up. It’s important, and I need the two of you to join us in Gabriel’s room at eight.”

Mackenzie looked at her phone, that was forty minutes away. “All right. I can’t promise anything to anyone, especially Gabriel, but I’ll listen.”

“That and an open mind are all I ask,” I said.

Forty minutes later, we were all crammed into Gabriel’s room, the laptop open on the dresser. We had Adam, Eve, Alan and Alice on the other end. Eve didn’t wait until the meeting started. “Hi guys! Hey Mackenzie, I wanted to thank you for saving my life. I was told you gave the warning, that you were the one who tackled me.” She wiped a tear from her eye as she was pulled into Adam’s embrace.

“I just reacted as I was trained, Eve. I’m glad you are going to be all right.”

“Thank you, Gabriel, once again you’ve saved me.”

We talked for another minute before I called for everyone’s attention. “Guys, Steven and I have called you all here tonight because of a dream he had a few nights ago.”

“A dream? I’m up here for a dream?” Snake didn’t look happy, he looked tired.

“I wouldn’t ask you all here if it wasn’t important. Maybe I should just tell you what it was.” Steven described the dream, sitting in the chairs in the grass. Meghan telling me she was glad I bought that Powerball ticket for the Club. I told them who I saw in the chairs around me.

“Wait, I didn’t know you then.” Mackenzie had this deer in the headlights look.

“True,” I said, “But Steven described the two women who were sitting in Gabriel’s and Michael’s lap to me. He described the two of you,” I said.

“The real reason you are all here is what we were watching, up there at the rebuilt Pack House of the North Shore pack. We were watching our children play. Lots of children, at least fifteen girls, all about one year old, all belonging to us.”

“I can’t have children,” Mia said.

“I’m not even sure I’m going to be with Gabriel next week,” Mackenzie complained.

“I’m too old to have kids,” Kelly said.

I just laughed. “I know, I couldn’t figure it out either, my girls were in the circle too. Mackenzie, Natalie and I can’t get pregnant by our mates, it’s a physical impossibility. It wasn’t until after he told me the dream that I figured out what was going on.”

“Luna knows that having a single shewolf being mated, no matter how many babies she has, is going to take forever to reestablish the species,” Steven said. “What the dream told us is that there was another way. Those girls running around on the lawn? I stood up and shifted into my wolf, Michael did too. The girls all started climbing over us, one hugged my neck and called me Daddy.”

“That’s wonderful,” Mom said.

“Then she pulled off her dress and shifted into her wolf. The other girls followed suit, they ALL shifted. Little wolf cubs, all different colors, all climbing and play fighting.”

“Impossible,” Gabriel said.

“No,” I said, “I know how to do it.” Everyone got quiet. “We have one female werewolf, but she has thousands of eggs in her ovaries. I checked Vivian’s notes; fertility hormones for humans work the same on werewolves. She’s going to go into heat soon; I use the hormones to stimulate egg production, then use a simple procedure to harvest the extras. She’ll heal in a day, and her heat proceeds normally from there. The eggs, though, can be fertilized by semen from other male werewolves and implanted using In-Vitro Fertilization techniques into other women.”

A whole bunch of people started to talk at once, and I just looked around the room. Some were crying, others hopeful, a few skeptical. Finally, Eve called for quiet. “If I do this, we can have twenty babies in a year instead of just a couple?”

“Yes,” Steven said. “I think those twenty and maybe ones from the next year will grow up to find true mates among the other male werewolves, and then we will have enough to have a good growth population. In one generation, we can make a big step towards recovering our species.”

“I’ll do it,” Kelly said. “We’ve given up on babies, and I think we should talk to Sheri. She might agree too.” Viper hugged her as she started to cry. “I have to, we have a chance to save their kind,” she said.

“If I do this, Michael will be the babies father?” Natalie shifted in his lap. I nodded. “If it’s the only way I can have your baby, and it’s important to you, I’ll do it.”

“Wait, how do we know this will happen,” Mackenzie asked. “People dream all the time, it doesn’t come true.”

“What do you think is more likely,” I said. “You and Gabriel getting together and having baby girls, or winning the Powerball?”

She laughed at me. “I don’t know what the odds of staying with him are, but the Lotto is a tax on people who are bad at math. The odds are like one in two hundred and ninety-two million.”

Steven pulled out a ticket, it was in a plastic protective case. “Pull up the winning numbers on your phone and check them.” Mackenzie pulled up her browser, checking the Minnesota Lottery site. “Hey, it says the Powerball was won in Minnesota,” she said. She checked the numbers, her eyes bugging wide before she dropped her phone. “You fucking won?”

“The Club did. I bought the ticket with donations for the Club, and the Club collects, not me. Honestly, I never play, and we’ve never had a Club pool. The only reason I bought the ticket was because Meghan told me to get one, just in case the dream was real.” He took the ticket back. “That’s the reason you others are here, to let you know the Club just won a hundred and sixty-two million dollars, cash after taxes.”

It took a while for things to calm down after that, but Steven got control eventually. “I think we need to keep this quiet for now. We have the funerals, we need to safeguard Eve, and we don’t need a bunch of reporters and others coming around because they think we’re handing out money now.”

“You’re right,” Snake said. “Nobody say anything about this. Steven, hire a lawyer to handle this quietly. Ideally, I’d like for the Club name to never come up in this, even if we have to wait months to see the money.”

“How are we going to do this,” Dagger asked. “We’ve got to keep people with Eve up north out of sight, we’ve got this Clubhouse and the old Knights building, and a bunch of us are talking about moving south.”

“I’m thinking one Club, three Chapters. We rebuild the Pack House up north, that becomes the werewolf headquarters and a place for us to base out of during the summer. We keep the facilities here, improving them and adding on as we need. Then we build a chapter in Florida. With this money, we can have a hell of a nice Florida chapter. I want you to head up scouting a new place, maybe near Jacksonville. Work with Viper, Hammer, anyone else interested in moving south. I want the place to be big enough that the whole Club can vacation there, and remote enough the wolves can run there.”

“I’ll get right on it,” Dagger said.

“We don’t have a ton of time,” Adam said. “If we’re going to get the Pack House going, we need to get permits and start demolishing the old structures, get designs, pour foundations. There’s only a short time until construction season ends if you aren’t weather tight.”

“Then start now,” Gabriel said. “We have funds the Knights held, they are now Club funds. Use them to get what you need and put a rush on it. I’d love it if we could move people in next spring. In the meantime, buy that land and house we were talking about, so you have a base of operations. We can send more guys up, some of us have experience in construction trades.”

The meeting went on for another half hour until we had hashed out what we needed to do. “I’m going to have babies,” Kelly said. “It’s really going to happen.”

I went to her and hugged her tight. “We’re all going to have babies, Kelly. Beautiful babies who play together on the lawn in their wolf forms.” The hug was soon joined by the other women.

Things were going to be all right.

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