The Last Shewolf

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Family Links

Meghan’s POV

The party really got going after all the good news. I was sitting on Steven’s lap, we were talking to Gabriel and Mackenzie when Eve came up to us. I had a question for her. “This bond that just formed between you and the males, it is a two-way bond?”

“I’ve never had one,” Eve said. She looked at Steven for help.

“It feels like what I had with my parents,” he said. “I like it.” I must have shown on my face how left out I felt; I was Steven’s, but his link with Eve was stronger than anything I had. Eve hugged me and sat next to Steven.

I’m so sorry Meghan, I wish you could be a part of the link.”

I looked up in shock, looking around, the voice seemed to come from INSIDE my head. “What?”

“What what,” Steven asked me.

“Who said that?” I looked at Eve. “Did you do that?”

“Do what?”

“I heard a voice in my head… a woman said she was sorry and wished I could be a part of the link.”

Now it was Eve’s turn to look shocked. “You heard that? I didn’t say it out loud.”

“Try something again.”

Don’t you just want to drag him inside and bang the shit out of him until you can’t walk straight?”

“OH MY GOD YOU SHAMELESS LITTLE…” I jumped at her, almost knocking her off the picnic table. “I heard you, in here!”

Steven pulled my back into his chest. “What did she say?”

“I can’t tell you, but the answer is ‘hell yes.’” It was Eve’s turn to get embarrassed. “So, can I talk to you?”

“I don’t know, I shouldn’t be able to talk to you, the link is strictly between werewolves,” she said.

“Give it a try, honey. Just think of her and say something in your head, not out loud.” I tried saying something to her, I tried sending to Steven, Gabriel, I even tried sending to them all but nothing happened. We did find out that I could hear any of them now.

“How is this happening,” Eve asked.

“I have an idea,” I said. “Try sending to Mackenzie.” I tried her, then Natalie and Mia, but nothing worked. “OK, how about Alice.”

Eve closed her eyes, the next thing we heard was a plate breaking, then a loud thud. “MEGHAN!” Alan yelled from inside, clearly panicked. I ran inside, a broken plate was on the floor and Alan was holding an unconscious Alice in his arms.

“Put her down on the couch,” I said. I ran back out and got my bag, by the time I got in, she was just coming to. “What happened, Alice? Did you hit your head?”

“I heard a voice in my head,” she said, all confused. “It sounded like Eve.” Her eyes bugged out. “It WAS you… how…”

“Alan, you try it. Imagine she’s got the family link.” This time, both their eyes got wide. “She heard you, didn’t she?”

“I did, but she can’t answer,” he said. “Still, we’ve never had this. What’s happened?”

“Tell the leaders to come in here, and anyone with a human mate. Have them bring Snake, Mia, Viper and Kelly with them.” It only took a few minutes before their large living room was full, and after a quick recap of what was going on, I gave my theory. “Eve gave you all a family bond, but for those of you who have human wives, you bit them, right?” I unconsciously reached up to the bite wound on my neck, barely covered by the thin T-shirt. “The women who can hear Eve, can hear their mates, probably hear any wolf in this Bond, all were bitten. My theory is that they can’t turn into wolves, our DNA is too different, but the bite is still causing a change in us. It is enough to give us some characteristics, including the ability to hear the bond.”

“Will we be able to talk back?” Alice looked at Alan. “Will I feel the mate bond? Get sharper vision or better hearing? Develop a taste for steak so rare a good veterinarian could still save it?”

“I don’t know, this is all new, but I won’t say anything is impossible.” I leaned back into Steven’s arms, enjoying the tingles as he ran his hands down my arms. “I really like these tingles,” I said.

“I know, it’s so nice, and it gets me all…” She stopped talking and turned red. “I mean, it’s so calming.”

“What now,” Viper asked.

“Well, I’d like to figure out if there are any changes I can find after the bite. I have my own blood back at the clinic, and I’d like to get a sample of Natalie and Mackenzie before you get bitten.”

“I’m not getting bitten,” Mackenzie said.

“Not unless you ask me to,” Gabriel said. “I would never force you to do anything. It is against my honor, and you’d probably try to kick my ass if I went too far.”

“I would kick your ass, ball licker,” she said, but there was no hostility in her voice. Her attitude had noticeably softened since they first met, and she was finding it difficult not to be touching him all the time.

“I’m asking Michael to bite me as soon as we get back to the hotel,” Natalie said. “The do not disturb sign will be on the door for good reason.” She straddled Michael’s lap, pulling him into a deep kiss.

“I guess I’ll take your blood now,” I said with a chuckle. I pulled out some sample tubes and took a vial of blood from each, packing it in a cooler. Steven was excused, and practically ran Natalie out to his motorcycle before they tore out of the driveway. I smiled as I walked back inside. Something was happening and I would figure it out. I loved a good mystery.

Gabriel’s POV

Hearing the others discovering a bond that I didn’t think was possible made me feel even worse about my situation with Mackenzie. I and my wolf were sure she was ours, but she was resisting. I had to find a way to get her to give us a chance. When we all left the house, I led her aside. “Mackenzie, do you trust me enough to go somewhere with me alone?”

She looked at me. “I don’t fully trust you, but I don’t fear you or mistrust you, Gabriel. I can’t be ignorant of what you have done with this group, of the kind of man you are.” She laughed a little. “Meghan and Eve are both pushing me to give you a chance.”

“I’d like to take you to a place I like, where we can talk alone and get to know each other,” I said. “Will you come with me?”

She nodded. “Are we riding?”

“Yes, but not the way you might think. Can we get your backpack?”

“Sure. Anything else I need?”

“Swimsuit if you have it. I’ll get us some food and water.” A few minutes later, I put the water bottles in the pockets on the side of her backpack and started to take my clothes off.

“WAIT. What are you doing?”

“The place we are going is too far away to walk to and get home before dark. I’m going to shift and you can ride on top of me, kind of like a horse.” I was down to my boxers, packing my clothes and sandals neatly in her pack. I pulled off my boxers and put them in, secretly pleased that she pretended to be embarrassed but was totally checking me out. I focused, shifting into my huge, jet black colored wolf. I stood there for a moment, waiting for her to react. It took a minute, but she came up and started running her fingers through the fur on my neck. I licked her hand, then laid down so she could get on me without pulling on my fur too much. When she was in place, I got back on my feet and started to move towards the treeline.

“Have fun Mackenzie,” Eve said. “Just hold on around his forechest and hook your feet above his tail, use your thighs to hold yourself in place. He knows where he is going, so just enjoy the ride.”

“This is weird, and I’ve done a lot of weird in my life,” she said.

“He thanks you for trusting him and asks you to hold on,” she said as we started to pick up speed. When she put her head down low and asked me to run fast, I went into a full sprint. Dodging trees, leaping downed ones, and running up and down hills was fun for me, and her reaction was the same. Pretty soon she was yelling in my ear how much she loved this.

I couldn’t keep up that pace forever, not with a rider. I slowed to a fast lope as we got closer to the hidden place Adam had told me about. She heard the noise. “A waterfall?”

I chuffed and moved to find the scent trail that marked the hidden entrance to the narrow crevasse. She ducked her head down as I moved through the overgrown bushes until we popped out on the other side. I took her to the big flat rock, warmed in the sun, with a small grass area next to it. She hopped off and set the pack down, looking at the ten-foot waterfall that dumped into a still pool. “It’s beautiful,” she said.

I shifted back, standing naked behind her. “It’s a little cold, but it will feel good after the run. Care to join me?”

“You first,” she said. I walked in front of her, walking into the water until it was up to my chest. I turned around to see she was taking off her shirt and shorts. “I didn’t bring a suit,” she said. I was pleased she didn’t ask me to turn around as she pulled her bra off, then pushed her panties down before putting them by her backpack.

She was incredible. Her body was not soft, it was coiled power under tanned skin, skin that had too many scars in it for my liking. I pushed my wolf back, she was a warrior like I was, she was deadly and her body was a weapon. She took a few steps and dove into the water, surfacing right in front of me. I reached for her, and she took my hands in hers. “You aren’t bothered by nudity?”

“It’s part of what you are, I see that, it’s not sexual. I’ve been posted overseas in places nude or topless bathing was the norm. I kind of like it, especially when the scenery is this good.” She moved closer, letting my hands go and running her hands over the broad planes of my chest. “You have been a warrior a long time,” she said as she traced some scars.

“Yes; I have fought battles, I’ve been injured, I’ve lost men. I’ve had more than my share of sorrow in my life, Mackenzie. To be honest, I always thought that when I finally finished my vow to Luna, I’d walk into the woods and die to be with my mate, finally joining her in death.” She moved closer, hugging my waist, her firm boobs pressing into me, the nipples like hard eraser heads. “And then I saw you. Beautiful, dangerous, my equal in every way. Everything I wanted but didn’t know to ask for. I love you, Mackenzie. I’ve loved you since you first touched my hand and I looked into your eyes.”

She didn’t look up, she didn’t answer, she just started to cry into my chest. When she started to shiver, I hooked her legs under my arm and carried her to the side where we could sit in the sun, away from the cold stream water. “I should tell you my story,” she said.

“I have all the time in the world for you, Mackenzie.”

“You may not like what you hear.” She buried her head away from my gaze.

“Maybe so, just like you might not like hearing mine. Still, we cannot change what happened to us in the past. The events formed us, turned us into what we are now.”

She looked up at me, tears in her eyes. “And what exactly are we?”

“We’re meant to be together, Mackenzie. We have a chance to make a real future together, to have children of our own, a huge family to be a part of. I’d hope you would want to be here, with my family, but I’ll follow you anywhere if you don’t.”

“I’m afraid I’ll get hurt again,” she told me. “But, I feel drawn to you, to them. Natalie is right, you guys have something special going on.” She stood up and walked back towards the water, her hips rolling as she moved. She knew exactly what she was doing, and it was working.

“Never tease a wolf, baby.”

“It’s not teasing if you can back it up.” She cheekily looked over her shoulder and dove into the water. I was after her like a shot, taking two steps before diving after her. I caught her leg just past the middle of the pool, hauling her back to me as she fought to escape. She was good, she used different techniques to try and break my holds and create distance. It was her Krav Maga training, but she was laughing the whole time and not trying to hurt me. It took a few minutes, but I ended up with her wrists trapped behind her back while her legs were wrapped around my waist. “Draw,” she asked sweetly.

“I believe I have the advantage,” I said with a smirk.

“You’d be wrong.” I shuddered as she moved her hips, running her core along my painfully hard shaft. She moved up and down a few times while I shifted my grip, letting her arms go so they could wrap around my neck while my hands moved to support her butt. “Feel up for a few rounds?”

“Absolutely.” I moved her up until I was poised at her entrance, then slowly lowered her down. The contrast between the cold stream water and the heat of her welcoming folds was amazing. I moaned into her mouth as we kissed, a kiss she broke only when she worked her way down to the base. “Wow,” I said.

“Jesus you’re a big boy,” she said. “Give me a second to adjust here. You feel like you’re up to my ribs.” Pretty soon she was starting to move a little, then we moved back to the long, slow strokes. The water was great as long as we didn’t go to fast. “I’m cumming,” she said.

I felt her clamp down on me, her channel milking me, and it was my undoing. “FUUUUCK,” I said as I thrust in to the hilt and started to pump my seed deep inside her. She held me there, riding out the orgasm as her eyes rolled back into her head.

When my legs were fully under my control again, I moved us over to the side of the pool, still buried deep inside her. She bounced a little as I walked, and she started moving her hips again. “You’re still hard,” she said.

“Love, I’ve been so hard these last few days a lineman couldn’t climb it. You have no idea what you do to me.” We reached a rock on the edge of the pool, it left me in thigh-deep water while she could sit on the rounded edge. I started to move inside her, faster and harder this time as her moans and kisses urged me on. She came again hard, then again as I sucked hard on her nipples. The third time, pounding hard up into her, she screamed her release as she held on for dear life.

“Mercy,” she said as she tried to catch her breath.

“Come on.” I pulled out, my seed gushing out of her swollen sex as we finally separated. I picked her up, carrying her over to the warm rock. I laid back, letting her rest on my chest as my hands traced patterns down her back.

“Natalie wasn’t lying, that was incredible,” she said.

“It was. I love you, Mackenzie.”

She couldn’t say it yet, but she was thinking it. She kissed me, then nuzzled her head under my chin.

We fell asleep together, the sun warming our bodies, as the bond worked its magic on us both. When we woke, she was more comfortable talking after another hard round of athletic sex. She told me her story, about her rough childhood, her rape and vow never to be a victim again. She told of her fiance’ who had been killed, the way men looked at her and treated her, and her eventual decision to just ignore them.

I was reluctant to stop, but we had to get back before dark or she risked being knocked off my back by an unseen branch. I shifted, enjoying the tingles as she crawled back on. It was just before sundown when we walked out of the woods together, hand in hand.

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