The Last Shewolf

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Yes Dear

Snake’s POV

The welcome for Gabriel and Mackenzie as a new couple was amazing, and the Club partied into the night. The girls all went inside at one point, and we could hear giggling as they talked in the kitchen. “They’re up to something,” I said.

“You’ll recall that’s pretty much a constant with women,” Viper said with a laugh. I was sitting with him along with Gabriel and Michael when I saw them coming with Crash behind them.

“Oh shit, look at their eyes,” I said. They were eyeing us up like we were prey.

Mia hopped into my lap as Natalie straddled Michael’s legs and Mackenzie knelt between Gabriel’s legs. “What’s going on, ladies,” I asked.

“We’re tired of waiting,” Mia said.

“There’s questions you aren’t stating,” added Mackenzie.

“And we want to get to the mating,” said Natalie.

“Will you marry me?” All three girls said it at once, looking up into our eyes. I didn’t hear what the others said or did, I just said “YES” and kissed her hard. From the whoops and claps of the assembled crowd, and the expressions on my friend’s faces, all three had been yes.

“Well, come on then,” Mia said as she hopped off my lap. She took my hand and we stood in front of Crash, who had his bible with a Harley-Davidson book cover open. Gabriel and Mackenzie stood to our left, Michael and Natalie to our right.

“Now?” I looked around, everyone was gathered around.

“Yes, now. Who knows the next time we will all be together?” Mia squeezed my hand.

“And I told you I didn’t want to wait,” Natalie said. “As soon as I got the call that Zee and Gabriel were making love at the waterfall, I made him come back. I wanted to make sure you didn’t screw this up, Gabriel.” She was wearing a loose Tshirt, proudly showing off the mating bite she had gotten that afternoon.

“And I’ve wasted enough time in my life,” Mackenzie said. “So why wait another minute?”

“So we’re actually doing this?” Crash looked at us, and the girls nodded enthusiastically. The three of us looked at each other, then nodded as well. “Dearly beloved, I don’t know why I even bother warning my flock about the dangers of rampant matrimony any more. First comes sex, then comes marriage, I guess then we get a shitload of girls in the baby carriage.”

“Damn right,” Gabriel said. He pulled Mackenzie in front of him, his hands spread over her belly. “I love that vision.”

Michael did the same with Natalie. “I can’t wait to see your belly filled with my children.”

I hugged Mia to my side. “I love that we’ll have our babies,” I told her.

“Yeah, yeah, you guys make me want to vomit up the cheap beer and barbecue I ate tonight,” Crash said. “Have you ever seen three tougher guys being led around by their dicks?” The group started to laugh.

“It’s a pretty long leash,” Mia said.

“Like a handrail,” Natalie added.

“Sometimes he pushes me,” Mackenzie giggled.

“All right. Dammit, if anyone can think of a reason why we shouldn’t just marry these three couples so they can stop being so damn lovey-dovey and screwing all the time, speak now or share in the blame.” Tiny burped loudly, but no one said anything.

“All right, the vows. Do you lovely ladies take these guys to be your Old Men? To screw him often, take care of his house, and bear the children he wants even though it looks like it hurts like hell?”

“HELL YEAH,” the three yelled at once.

“And you guys. Do you promise to love, honor and protect these fine ladies for the rest of your life, giving up all others, and sleeping with the same woman every night as long as you both shall live?”

“DAMN RIGHT,” we all said.

“I thought you’d say that. Honestly, these babes are hot as hell, I can’t even blame you.” He smirked a little and held up the book. “Then by the power vested in my by the Church of Mastercard and a state clearly lacking in its oversight capabilities, I now pronounce you Old Man and Old Lady. You may now…”

“MOLEST THE BRIDE!” I pulled Mia into my arms for a deep kiss, my hands going under her shirt as the guys sprayed beer and tossed popcorn at us. Our friends mobbed us, giving slaps on the back and hugs as they officially joined our family. We stayed for twenty minutes, then Steven handed us the keys. “The rooms are on the top floor, they’re yours for the night,” he said as he handed one to me and to Gabriel.

“We’re going back to our hotel room, it has a Jacuzzi,” Natalie said.

I swept Mia over my shoulder, careful of her injured side, and smacked her butt loudly. “I’ll see you in the morning,” I told everyone. “LATE morning.” Mia laughed as I ran off, and we had a very active wedding night. I heard the howl from next door, Gabriel must have claimed Mackenzie, followed by her screams of pleasure. Being naturally competitive, we started a silent competition to see who could make our wife scream the most before going to bed.

I had to stop at four AM, the count was over thirty. We lost.

The next morning, we showered and dressed and went downstairs. A late brunch was set up in the kitchen, and I pulled Mia into my lap as we shared a big plate of pancakes. The tables were packed with people, many humans hung over.

“Did you sleep well,” Viper said, and everyone started to laugh. “I wish I was a werewolf, I could have curled up in the woods where I couldn’t hear you two.”

“It didn’t help,” Puriel said. “Wolf hearing, those screams could be heard for miles. Thanks for keeping the windows in your room open.”

“I’d say I’m sorry, but I’m not. It was a hell of a night,” Gabriel said.

“I don’t know if I can ride today, you pounded the shit out of me,” Mackenzie said. “And I loved every minute.” She pulled him into a kiss.

“Well, since none of us could sleep, we got a few things figured out late last night,” Hammer said. “The rest of the Club talked over the lottery and what we discussed, and we’re all in agreement.”

“We are going with the three chapters/one club idea,” Dagger said. “There won’t be many up here at first, just Adam, Eve and most of the werewolves. We’re already working on getting construction drawings made up and talking to contractors. We want to start demolition of the old structure tomorrow, and get utilities in. If we really push it, we can have the Pack House weather-tight by the end of October. That gives us the winter to get the interior done.”

“We have to run in new power and connect to the natural gas line along the road,” Azazel said. “Pushing the contractors, we figure we can move in come spring. It’s a huge project, we’ll need a hundred contractors working it seven days a week to meet that schedule. Meanwhile, we’ll use this house as a base.”

“That’s fine,” I said. “Whatever you need, we’ll get you. I just want you to keep Eve hidden. Nobody outside the Club sees or hears her. Keep her here and safe. I’m sorry, Baby, but it’s just too dangerous.”

“I understand, Dad. Adam told me the same.” He pulled her into his arms and kissed her.

“I’m handling the lottery,” Viper said. “Abaddon has a lot to coordinate with security. I’ll work with the lawyers, bury this in so many corporations that no one will be able to figure out we are behind it.”

“And Sheri is selling her bar, she accepted the offer yesterday,” Moose said. “I’m taking Hammer and Teri, along with Dumah, to scout a location for our southern headquarters.”

“I grew up around the Ocala National Forest, that’s a better bet than the coasts or down south,” he said. “Werewolves don’t do good around swamps, and we need plenty of land to run. I think we can find something within two hours of Jacksonville, either in Florida or Georgia, that will fit our combined needs.”

I smiled at that. “Good, because I’m looking forward to long winter vacations where I can ride every day,” I said.

“The Northwoods will always be home, but I don’t mind the beach either,” Adam said.

“And you and I will figure out what to do with our current Clubhouse and the old Knight building,” Dagger said. “Maybe something a little more rural, since we won’t need to work outside the Club anymore.”

Mackenzie looked up at Gabriel, a little panicked. “I can’t keep my business?”

He shook his head. “I’d never force you to give up what you love, but I want you safe too,” he said.

“Compromise,” I said. “Keep the company, it’s good cover. You still provide investigation and protection services, you just have a single client. The Club. It gives us cover for the guys protecting Adam and Eve, and it isn’t fair for the guys to be giving up time and effort protecting them without being paid.”

“I like that,” Natalie said. “Family business.”

“Family.” She leaned back into Gabriel’s arms. “It will take a while to achieve, I have open contracts and commitments.”

“And we can help you with that,” he said. “I have some skills in this area.”

“Uh huh. I’ll be the judge of that. I haven’t sparred properly with you yet, and I need to evaluate your firearms and protection skills.” He just laughed and hugged her.

“Form a general contracting company, the guys up here focusing on the building should get paid too,” I said. “I don’t want someone outside the Club making decisions.”

An hour later, the major decisions made, we started to load up. We left Eve and most of the werewolves behind, my Club riding back to the cities together. It had been an amazing weekend, full of surprises. On Monday the six of us would have to apply for a marriage license, then send that paperwork in. We also had ring shopping to do.

What a difference a day makes.

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