The Last Shewolf

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Dream Doctor

Eve’s POV, 2 months later

This was my favorite time of the year, late October. The hard frost had come and gone, taking the flies and the mosquitos with it. The forest floor was covered in leaf litter, the trees nearly bare, and the early snow flurries were coating them with a thin layer of white. I was in the back yard of Alice’s house, the werewolves forming a protective perimeter well away from me and my alluring scent.

And I was miserable.

I didn’t have any mother to tell me what to expect, no friends or older sisters going through it at the same time to trade feelings with. Only one person in the entire world could go through what I was going through now, and all I had was some information Meghan had dug up in Vivian’s journals. It wasn’t much to go on.

Heat came on within about three months of mating, then again every year in the late fall to middle winter. Like canines, the purpose was to prepare the body for conception, and to attract the male for near-constant sex over a period of a week. Males became extremely territorial during this time, enough so that Alan had moved in with the other werewolves at the temporary house until my heat was over. Adam was attentive, annoyingly so, and I knew it was only going to get worse. The former Knights, the ones who had been mated before, they pulled me aside and helped me understand.

“How are you holding up?” I heard Meghan walking up to me, she had been up here for two weeks already. I had been under her direct supervision for the last two weeks, as she tracked my progress towards the heat.

The hormone therapy I was undergoing had my emotions all over the place, I was a real bitch at times, randy as hell at others, then a minute later I’m a sobbing mess in Adam’s arms. “I’m riding the rollercoaster,” I said. “I am hot all the time, even out here I’m sweating.”

“That’s good. Come on inside, we need to do the ultrasound and blood tests.” I got off the rock and walked back inside with her, wearing only shorts and a sports bra while she had jeans, flannel shirt and a light jacket. We went to her room, where she had set up the equipment she needed; a portable ultrasound, blood drawing supplies, and a portable blood analyzer. I knew the drill, having done this twice a day since she arrived. I hopped up on the bed, and she took a sample of my blood from my arm and got it going in the machine.

I pushed my shorts down out of the way, and she put the probe on my lower belly. “That’s so cold it feels good now,” I said as she moved it around in the jelly used to make sure she had good contact. We both watched the monitor; she was always teaching, just like how she learned, and it didn’t matter if I wanted to follow in her footsteps. She checked both ovaries, and pointed out the rapidly developing eggs. “Soon?”

“Call Adam in here please.”

I sent for him over the link and the door opened, I should have known he wouldn’t be far away. “Hi baby, everything all right,” he asked as he came to my side and took my hand.

“Everything is going perfectly,” Meghan said. “Let everyone know we have to leave for the Cities in the morning. It looks like she is about two days away from being ready to harvest.”

“Excellent,” he said. “You leave some eggs for us, though.”

Meghan just laughed. “Not TOO many, I don’t want you having a litter on your first pregnancy.” She wiped the gel off and I pulled my shorts up. “Off with you, I need to make sure all the other girls are ready.”

Since we made the decision to proceed, the humans had been placed on birth control pills to regulate their cycles, and Meghan was trying to time it so their wombs would be ready to receive the eggs as soon as they were fertilized and ready. I sent Alice in to see her while Adam led me back outside. “Are you all right with all this?”

“I need to be, Adam. It’s my destiny to create an entire generation of werewolves.” We walked to the woods, enjoying the cool weather. “The harvest will be no big deal, I’ll heal in a day. I’m more nervous about the heat.”

“We will be fine, Eve. I’ll take good care of you.”

I just laughed. “Of course you say that, you get a week of nonstop sex out of it. I’m the one who deals with the pain and the mood swings. I feel like I’m out of control half the time, my rational brain just isn’t in charge.”

He stopped and kissed me, my emotions shifted again and I started to press my body to his. The makeout session grew headed, then he sat on a tree stump and pulled me into his lap. We couldn’t have sex before my appointment, I’d be mortified if she used the internal ultrasound probe and a bunch of his baby batter leaked out! I unzipped him, exposing his hard member to the cold, as I turned to straddle his legs. I then pulled my loose shorts aside and sank down on him. We both moaned as I reached the bottom, I was primed and ready for him. He pulled my sports bra up, his lips attacking my sensitive nipples as I started to ride him slowly. “Oh…. Adam it’s sooooo good.”

He didn’t say anything, his tongue and teeth were busy teasing my nipples, and when he sucked hard on one I leaned back in ecstasy. We took our time, slowly building up the pace, until I came hard. He started to move my hips on him, pushing me back and forth as my clit rubbed on him. He stood up, holding me up as I hung on for dear life, and pounded me good until I reached a second, stronger orgasm. My contractions around him set him off, and I felt his manly essence shoot deep inside me.

He sat back down, just holding me, as we came down from the high. “I love you, Adam.”

“I love you, Eve.” He held me to his chest as my lack of sleep caught up to me, and I woke up later in our bed.

Meghan’s POV

After adjusting Alice’s hormones, I got on the phone and talked to the other girls who would be receiving the treatment. The goal was to get their cycle to the point they were ready to accept the implantation in two to three days; if it didn’t work, I’d arranged with a fertility clinic to have their embryos frozen. I was thrilled with Eve’s progress, I was pretty sure we’d be able to harvest two dozen eggs, maybe more, and she’d still have a normal heat.

I was still nervous, though. In a normal case, I’d never include myself in the population of recipients. I was taking on enough with learning the IVF procedure on my own, supervising multiple women, some of whom would be high risk pregnancies. Kelly was in her late forties, Mia didn’t even have ovaries, and multiple births were automatically higher risks. Add in that they might be delivered early, and I was petrified. I knew from the dream that twins would be common, maybe even triplets or quadruplets, and in the human world this would involve a hospital and a whole team of doctors to support them.

Since the babies would all be werewolves, I couldn’t involve the human medical system. I was scared for myself, too; I was young and healthy, but triplets were no joke. All in all, I was as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

I could feel my body preparing, my cycle had aligned and based on the temperature history I was taking in the morning, I would be ovulating soon. I put my hand on my belly, just as the phone rang. I saw it was Steven. “Baby, are you all right? I could feel your fear.”

“I’m fine, honey. I’m just scared. All of this is coming to pass, and I don’t know if I can handle it all.” I started to cry, and I’m sure he felt that over our weak bond. I wished I could use mental communication, but nothing had changed there. He could still send to me, but I couldn’t send back. The most he got was my base emotions over the mate bond we had.

“It’s going to be fine, you are Doctor Meghan Jenkins, medical prodigy and the top Werewolf doctor in the country!”

I laughed. “I’m the ONLY werewolf doctor in the country, you ass,” I said. “That means I’m also the worst.”

“The hottest one by far,” he continued. “I heard we are heading back to St. Paul in the morning.”

“It’s almost time, Eve’s eggs will be ready to harvest soon.”

“We’re getting security ready. We need to protect her, but understand you are just as important. Without you, none of this happens.”

I wiped my tears. “You’re right, we know how this ends. It’s all going to turn out,” I told him. “I love you so much it hurts sometimes when you aren’t with me.”

“I’m just a few miles away, love. Things are going really well at the site, we’re putting windows in now. We’ll have a basic heating and cooling system in next week, and water and flush toilets in two weeks. The framing crews are flying, you should see all the rooms as they take shape.”

“I’d like that.”

There was a pause. “Have you eaten lunch yet?”


“You need a break. How about I pick you up and we run into town and have lunch? Then I can bring you back and show you around the site, since we won’t be up here again for six weeks.” I’d told Alice and Eve that I’d come at about the six week point when they were pregnant, then every two to four weeks after, just to monitor progress.

“I’d like that. I don’t have anything else scheduled this afternoon, I’ll let Alice know we’re taking a date afternoon.” I hung up a few minutes later, smiling again. Having the little bond we did was helpful in that he didn’t have to guess my emotions, he could feel them. And what he was feeling now was love, with a bit of lust mixed in.

It was too cold for motorcycles, they had been put in the back of the garage while the snowmobiles were prepared, so he picked me up in one of the pickup trucks the Club had purchased. The lottery winnings had been collected, and there was a minor media blowup as they were denied the normal photo opportunity and interview. Our lawyer collected it, in a closed meeting, and left again. I thought it was hilarious, but it was within the rules and they couldn’t do anything about it. The men had taken some of the money and immediately filled the big pole barn next to the house with new snowmobiles and ATV’s. I didn’t mind, up here on the North Shore you get feet of snow, and we had plenty of land to ride on. I preferred Steven’s back, though.

We drove into Silver Bay, finding a seat by the window on a café overlooking Lake Superior, and having fish sandwiches and chips. We were having a wonderful time, holding hands, watching the gulls flocking over the area, when he suddenly stiffened. He raised his nose, taking a deep sniff, before he stood up and pulled me behind him. “What’s going on,” I asked.

“Stay behind me,” he said. I looked around, I didn’t see anything wrong. The café was nearly empty, but he was staring at an older man with his wife who had just walked in. He looked to be about sixty, and his wife in her forties.

He was staring at me, mouth open, like he had seen a ghost. “It’s you,” he said quietly. “It was true.”

“Don’t come any closer,” Steven said as he drew himself up into his most intimidating glare, and he was a scary motherfucker when he wanted to be.

“Please, I mean no harm to Meghan or you,” he said. “Allow me to explain.” He pulled out a chair for his wife near the entrance, then sat down.

“What’s wrong,” I whispered to him as I held on to the back of his shirt.

“He used to be a werewolf,” he said.

“We should find out what he wants, don’t you think? I’ve never seen him before, but he knows my name.”

“You’re right. Stay here.” He walked over to the couple, asking them to stand so he could verify they weren’t carrying weapons. There was no one else in the café, and they stood and allowed it. “Don’t move towards my wife, and don’t get up,” he told them. “We’ll hear what you have to say before we decide what to do next.”

He waved me over and pulled out a chair for me, I noticed I was closest to the entrance and he was between me and the older couple. I decided to break the ice. “Good afternoon, I’m Doctor Meghan Jenkins, and this is my husband Steven,” I said as I reached across the table with my hand.

“Doctor Terrance Mack, retired, and my wife Theresa.” I shook his hand and moved to hers, she was looking at me like she was shocked I was here.

“Hello, Meghan. I can’t believe you’re here.”

“Well, we have some time, why don’t we order you some lunch and I’ll get dessert while we catch up.”

The waitress had come in with menus for them. “Oh, are you joining them? Wonderful.” She took our orders and left to put them in.

“It would be prudent to not discuss some things with humans around, don’t you agree Steven?” Terrance sipped his water, holding Theresa’s hand on the table as if he knew to keep them in view. “From your reaction to my entrance, you are the werewolf, and she’s your human mate?”


“Excellent. I’m surprised you haven’t given up your wolf yet, he is a real pain until you kill him off like I did all that thirty years ago.” Theresa didn’t react, it was clear she knew. “Perhaps I should just tell my story?”

“That would be best, Doctor.”

I took Steven’s hand in mine, I didn’t feel anxious around them, and he needed to calm down and just listen.

“I grew up in a pack in eastern Pennsylvania, the son of a Pack doctor and his mate. I followed in his footsteps, going to human medical school and residency, eventually becoming a board-certified obstetrician. It was a common path back in the eighties.”

“Yes, either that or general practice was common for Pack doctors,” I said.

“Indeed. Well, my father was still active, so I took contract jobs in various Packs who weren’t big or rich enough to have their own. I was on call to three different Packs in the Ohio area, and that’s where I met Paula.” His eyes got a little distant, and he looked out over the still waters of Lake Superior. I squeezed Steven’s hands, knowing what was coming. “She was seventeen, the eldest daughter of the Alpha. She was beautiful, and we recognized each other immediately. I had no choice but to wait, and when we informed her father, he was not happy.”

Theresa squeezed his hand, giving him strength. “He told me to come back in three months, when she was of age, and forbid us from talking or seeing each other until then. It was an Alpha command for her, it wouldn’t affect me, but I respected his decision. He was to be my father-in-law, after all. Three months later, I returned for her and she was gone. He had given her to the son of an Alpha, seeking to cement an alliance, and she had already been mated. She didn’t do it willingly, I know. One of the warriors told me in confidence that she had refused to go, and was drugged and taken to their territory to be claimed.”

I could feel Steven’s wolf rising. “It is a too familiar story, I’m afraid.”

“My wolf kind of lost it. I tried to attack the Alpha, earning myself a beating and a banishment. He didn’t kill me, but I would not forget what he did. My wolf was suffering, I got depressed, and before I could kill myself I took the Wolfsbane and killed my wolf. I haven’t regretted it.” He looked at his wife. “I gave up that life and moved to Omaha, Nebraska, far from any Pack. I took a job at the university hospital and moved into teaching. That is where I met my Theresa. We’ve been married for twenty years, she is my life, and I would give her anything except what I cannot.”

I looked at them in understanding, her eyes betrayed her longing for what was not possible. “A child,” I said.

“Yes. Believe me, if it was possible I would have done it, but it is not. Anyway, I withdrew from the world. My family kept me in the loop on things going on through our phone calls, and even asked me to help with SPUDS when it came out. I couldn’t find an answer, and soon enough my mother, my sister, my whole Pack had been swept off the map. With what we as a people had become, we deserved the pain Luna inflicted on us.”

Our food arrived, and we took a moment to talk about the weather and the lake until the waitress was gone again. “So how do you know me? I can’t recall ever meeting you, and I’ve never been to Nebraska.”

“You won’t believe me if I tell you.” I just smiled, nothing would surprise me. “Fine. Two weeks ago, Theresa and I were under a blanket on our porch swing, enjoying the cool evening weather and the sunset. We dozed off, and I woke to my cheek and hair being stroked. I opened my eyes, my mother was there.”

“Wait, you said your mother died.”

“Yes, in 1999. Still, she was playing with my hair like she used to do when I was a young pup. She smiled and told me not to wake Theresa up, then she told me she loved me and was so proud of me, and that Luna had a task for me.”

“Luna? You have no wolf!” Steven looked a little shocked.

“That is what I told her. She said, ‘I knew you would say that, so stubborn. She wants you to know that just because you gave your wolf back doesn’t mean you aren’t one of hers. She has been watching you, guiding you this whole time for one purpose.’ I stared at her, almost through her, her body felt real but I could see the trees and the stars through it.”

“I told her I wanted nothing to do with werewolves anymore, and Mom just laughed at me. ‘This is what she asks of you. Go to Silver Bay. Find a café over the water and have lunch. You will see this woman there.’ My mind filled with an image, an image of YOU, Meghan. ‘Offer your services to Meghan, she is doing my work and can’t do it alone. With her you will find what you seek.’”

Now it was my turn to be slack jawed. “That’s why you were so shocked, you actually saw me here and you never expected it to be true.”

“Exactly. My mother told me that as a sign, the ovarian cancer my wife was being treated for was in not just in remission, it was gone forever. She then kissed my head and vanished. Two days later, Theresa had a complete checkup, everything was negative, even the scans. It was like she had never had cancer! The oncologist couldn’t explain it. I put in my retirement papers, effective immediately with my vacation, and we sold our home and started driving to Silver Bay.”

Amazing. I was getting chills listening to the story. “Wait, that was ten days ago, have you been coming here every day?”

Theresa laughed. “You’d think his mother could have told him which one. We drove to the one in New Jersey first, then in upstate New York. We just got here an hour ago and started looking for a café over the water, and we find you.” She reached her hand over to me, and I took it. “Why are you so important?”

I shouldn’t tell her, we didn’t know them, but I had to. “I figured out how human females can carry werewolf babies,” I said softly. “I am going to help restore the entire werewolf species.”

“You can’t,” Terrance said. “You would need a werewolf female to provide eggs, and they have been extinct for almost a decade now.”

I just smiled, looking at Steven, who had the same smirk on his face.

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