The Last Shewolf

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Lots of Eggs

Eve’s POV

Next Day

Being dead was a pain in the ass.

I looked at the bare interior of the construction-type cargo van, complete with ladder rack, that was my transport down to the Cities. They had been kind enough to put an air mattress down in the back, along with sheets, blankets and a bunch of pillows. I couldn’t even look out the front as we drove down to the Cities, Gabriel was paranoid about traffic cameras and “facial recognition technology” and such. After my stunt showing up at the hotel room, he and Steven had been furious with me for taking a chance at being seen.

It didn’t matter that I’d dyed my hair and now was a brunette with a pixie cut, that I’d worn big sunglasses and a hat, or that the guys had made sure I could barely be seen as they surrounded me. “Out of sight is out of danger,” Steven told me as they ended their lecture. I apologized, but in my gut I was a little mad. Terrance and Theresa needed to be with us, and if I hadn’t shown, they might not have let them see me.

“Terrance, how are you and Theresa handling this?” He was now family, and using the bond was so convenient. They wouldn’t risk me talking on the cellphone with people and being overheard or recorded. Talking with Steven and Meghan as they drove and using the link were my only diversions other than books. I didn’t even have my iPad, all my stuff had been left behind as I was taken up north.

“Better than I expected,” he said. “She is thrilled with the changes, happy for me to have my wolf back again, and a little pissed that she can’t be part of the implantations this week.” My eggs were just about ripe, back at the Clubhouse clinic they would give me the last hormone shot and harvest in the morning. Meghan had sat with me as we drove down and explained the procedure one more time, and I was ready.

In a month or so, right?”

Yes, provided we harvest enough eggs. Assuming we get enough for all the recipients, I will fertilize two eggs and freeze them until she is at the right point in her cycle.” Theresa wasn’t in menopause, but her cycles were irregular and she had just finished her period. The implantation of the fertilized embryo had to occur when the female was at the right time of her cycle, at or shortly after ovulation. “It’s good that Meghan, Theresa and I can work together. Theresa has assisted on these procedures before, and Meghan can handle the fertilizations.”

I giggled at that. I’d heal in a short time, they would leave a few ripe eggs for my own use, and Adam and I would spend the next week screwing each other silly in my room. I was pretty sure there was no way I was coming out of there without being knocked up. The others, it would be quite a different experience. The guys would be in various places outside the room with their wives, having to masturbate into a cup. They would have to time it so when Doc Meghan had the eggs ready for them, she could transfer the sperm and monitor for fertilization. Not exactly the romantic moment, but such is fertility treatments.

The eggs would be carefully maintained at temperature and monitored for several days until they are transferred in a simple procedure; basically, they are sucked into a small tube and deposited directly into the uterus. The women receiving them will rest and pray the embryos take, and a few weeks later a pregnancy test will tell if they were successful.

A lot of people had a vested interest in this going well. After getting the dream that no other marriages for werewolves would be happening, the remaining former Knights knew this generation would contain their mates. There was no choice, really; they were the only wolves left, and Luna had made it very clear she wanted true mates only. Terrance’s wolf had claimed Theresa last night.

How is Theresa handling the mating?”

“Good. I can feel her, she’s anxious but hopeful.” He chuckled a bit over the bond. “I think riding me fast is her new favorite thing. Well, at least since we were newlyweds. Running through the woods with her on my back was one of the best moments of my life. Thank you so much for giving me my wolf back.”

“Thank Luna, not me. I have no idea what I’m doing or how, she is doing it through me.”

Steven broke into our conversation. “We’re stopping at Culver’s for lunch, do you want anything?”

“I’d ask for a bathroom break, but you’ve so graciously allowed me this bedpan and some Wet Wipes,” I said. They wouldn’t open up the back of her van for any reason. “Are you guys going in?”

“We’ll alternate, but I’ll bring food back out and eat with you,” Steven said.

“I’m coming back too, you shouldn’t be left alone. The rest of the group will eat, they need the break.” We’d been driving for about three hours and wanted to stop before we got too close to the Cities.

I wrote down my order and handed it to Meghan. Moving to the corner, I relieved my bladder, packing the used wipes into the top of the old Gatorade bottle before putting it in a bag. “Take the trucker bomb with you.” I used some hand sanitizer and wiped them off on a paper towel, tossing that in the bag too.

“Shoudn’t have drank all that Mountain Dew this morning,” Meghan teased. “Up late last night?”

“Probably as late as you, we’ve been mated about the same amount of time,” I replied. “Has Steven calmed down any?”

She laughed. “Nope. I have to swat him with a rolled-up newspaper if her sticks his cold nose down there while I’m trying to sleep,” and I busted out laughing as well.

“Very funny,” he said. “I won’t apologize for wanting my mate. I waited a long time for her to be mine.” He picked up her hand and kissed it while he was driving. I felt the van start to slow, and we exited the freeway. I was shocked when instead of turning into the parking lot, we kept going. “We ran into a problem,” Steven said. “They smelled two former wolves in there. We’re going to park.” He pulled over, I could see it was a residential area. There were six vehicles in our convoy, two others were with us. “Bathroom and to-go orders, then they will relieve us and go.”

Twenty minutes later, Steven and Meghan hopped back in, she was carrying several bags and a tray. “Sorry it took so long.”

“What about the guys?”

“They didn’t notice us, could have been a coincidence,” Steven said. “We are going to have one of the cars hang back and make sure we aren’t followed.”

I accepted my food, four spicy chicken tenders with blue cheese dip, cheese curds, fries, another Mountain Dew and a two-scoop turtle sundae. “I miss eating lunch with my baby,” I sent to Adam.

You are never alone, Eve. Enjoy it and stay out of sight. Finish it, you’re going to need all your energy this week.”

“You too.” I finished lunch and settled in for a nap, waking up when the van was parked in the Clubhouse garage.

Meghan’s POV

Next Morning

“Are you ready to start?” I looked over at Terrance, he and Theresa were gowned up and all their instruments were laid out by the procedure table in the Clinic. The portable ultrasound with the internal paddles and the hollow needles were laid out, and a line of petri dishes was at the ready, each labeled with the person and the number of eggs required. We had set the maximum for implantation at three, two for Kelly and Theresa, who would be high-risk for normal pregnancy. We hoped to fertilize twice that many eggs, freezing the extras for another cycle if the first didn’t take.

“We’re ready,” he said. Theresa had just finished the preparation of Eve’s skin, and she had been lightly sedated for the procedure. Several wolves were keeping Adam downstairs and out of the way, as mates didn’t react well to other males being in the vicinity or their wife’s privates, even if he was a doctor.

The guys needed to provide their samples, so Terrance linked them as he started. I watched the procedure in person I’d read about and seen on Youtube, his practiced hands finding and retrieving the ripe eggs and sucking them into the tube for transfer. He kept going, taking all but two from her left ovary. When he withdrew the needle, I watched under the microscope as he slowly transferred the eggs into the dishes. When he was done, he had eighteen transferred.

He grabbed a fresh needle and went to work on her right ovary, while I collected the samples from the guys as they came to the door with their labeled cups. “Time to make some babies,” I thought to myself as I started the transfer. First up was Gabriel, six eggs for Mackenzie, and four eggs for Kelly. Michael, six eggs for Natalie. Steven, six eggs for me. I paused for a moment, praying that these three would be successful in giving me his children.

Terrance finished the right ovary, taking another twenty-two for a total of forty.

Alan gave his sample, six eggs for Alice.

Snake showed up at the door with Mia, a beer mug in his hand that was about three-quarters full of what looked like vanilla milkshake. I had to hold back my laugh. “That all you got? The other guys filled theirs.”

“Take this one, then,” he said, holding out the cup as Mia smacked his arm. They were such a great couple, I loved them both. We had talked a lot, he didn’t want the werewolf father to be known, as the donor wanted it to be private. He wanted Snake to be the only person the children ever thought about as their father.

“With this procedure, a little dab’ll do ya.” I smiled and took it from him, moving over and using a fresh eyedropper to transfer it into the petri dish for Mia’s six eggs.

Terrance would finish on his own after I left. He was going to fertilize four.

I transferred two to the container we were going to freeze, put it in a case and left to drop it off at the fertility clinic lab. I was back in an hour, and everyone including Eve was sitting downstairs, having lunch and visiting. Everyone was hopeful, and we would be monitoring the dishes to see how much luck we would have.

Steven was waiting for me, and he led me to a table. “How are you feeling,” I asked Eve, who was relaxing in Adam’s arms in a booth. Snake had made Juicy Lucy’s and waffle fries for lunch, and he brought me one as I sat with them.

“I’m fine,” she said. “Hot, but fine.”

I checked her temperature. “Your heat is here, you should really feel it by tonight. Eat as much as you can, then lock yourselves in your room. We’ll bring your meals up, and you only have to call or link if you need anything.”

“As long as no werewolves come near our room, I’ll be fine,” Adam said. As a precaution, all the werewolves were staying away. It wasn’t easy being around a shewolf in heat if you weren’t mated, so most of the single ones had already headed back north. Gabriel and Michael were staying at Mackenzie and Natalie’s condominium. Alan, Alice, Steven and I were all staying in empty rooms at the Knight’s old building.

“I know I’ve said this before, but thank you,” I told her as I reached over and took her hand. “I love you, and I’m glad my babies will be part yours.”

“It’s a little much to take,” she said. “I’ve been told my whole life that I was going to restore the species, but I thought it would start with me having a big family. I never expected to be starting all these at the same time.” She looked around at all the couples who were eating, nervously waiting until the embryos could be transferred.

“Luna had a plan for you, for all of us,” I said. “I keep holding on to that vision, of all of us playing with our children on the grass in the front of the new Pack House,” I said. “This is going to work.”

“Why didn’t Kelly appear in your dream? Or Theresa?” Eve looked over at them, wondering and hoping.

“I don’t know. Maybe the first round doesn’t take, maybe they are somewhere else. I guess we’ll find out.”

Steven started to get uncomfortable. “Adam… you need to take her upstairs. Her scent is getting a little strong,” he said.

“Good idea. We’ll see you in a week.” Eve would have blushed if her face wasn’t already flushed from the rapidly oncoming heat.

“All wolves, head out of here. It’s only going to get worse.” Steven stood up, leaving me with the rest of my lunch. “I love you, Meghan. I’ll be a phone call away.”

“I’ll see you tonight,” I said as I kissed him. He and the others headed out, including Terrance and Theresa, who took to-go meals with them as they had just come down. I went back upstairs, checking on the incubator before sitting at my computer. Tomorrow we’d know how many of the eggs resulted in successful embryos. I said a silent prayer and went to review the implantation techniques and review my textbooks on embryonic development. I needed to be on top of things.

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