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Chapter 11: Nora’s Gender Studies Class

Nora was having an excellent day in her afternoon class! She believed she was making real headway with some of her students that had come from small towns and other countries, they really seemed to be beginning to understand true diversity. She had explained that true diversity meant that you must view the world “liberally”, which means that you ‘must accept all points of view equally, even if you don’t like them.’

Sarah, a fresh faced young girl from somewhere in Arizona, had raised her hand, looking perplexed.

“But if I don’t agree with someone on something like, say gay marriage, must I say that I do?” she asked.

“Of course you must,” said Nora severely, really shocked at such naiveté. “Anything that others find acceptable, you must also embrace. Anything other than that is just hatred, and intolerance. What we need to remember is that all points of view are equally right. Unless, of course, they promote hatred and racism- those views are to be stamped out and destroyed! Anyone who spouts off opinions that might make any other group feel bad is evil and hateful.”

Benjamin Lee, a student from South Korea who was enrolled in advanced engineering at the university, spoke up. “But what of North Korea? It is an intolerant country next to mine that I do not like!”

Nora raised her hand in shock. “Benjamin, I am surprised, since I have heard how intelligent you are in your chosen field of engineering,” she said. Most of her students were taking her class because it was mandatory as a general core requirement. Almost all were new students in their freshman year, and they often had the most backwards notions… “If we would just stop angering them with military threats and “saber rattling”, they would probably be a very successful country! With a strong centralized government such as theirs, everything could be just about perfect, with government controlled industry, enforced tolerance of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people, and strict enforcement of total equality. But, we in the western world, a world sadly built by dead white males (she said this last with withering scorn in her voice), constantly have to threaten and scare such well-meaning societies, until all they can do is to constantly prepare for war. It is our intolerance, Benjamin, not theirs, that explains why you see them as you do.”

Benjamin looked about to say something else, and then thought better of it. A course like this could be an easy A, if you went along with the professor, but if you argued too much- ‘no, he thought, it’s just not worth it’. He looked down at his desk, as if in thought.

Nora looked about, smiling slightly in gratification. She really thought that she had reached Benjamin, and the rest of the class as well. “It’s the same as it is in racism,” she continued. “Black people, or more correctly African Americans, cannot be racist, since they have been the victims of racism for so long. Anything they do to white people is justified, since the white people, or ‘Snow People’ as professor Charles Jonas calls them, have been the foundation of evil throughout all of history! They are sanctioned in their violence because of how they’ve suffered, and been threatened since the birth of this nation of ‘White Privilege’.”

Samuel Goldstein, sitting in the back of the class, suddenly raised his hand. A brilliant student in pre-Med, he had never before said anything in her class. She nodded at him.

“What about the Muslim terrorists of ISIS?” he asked. “Surely you don’t say we should be tolerant of their abuse of women, their hatred of Jews and Christians, their wanton control and abasement of women, and most of all their terrorist attacks against us in the west?!” There was an edge of incredulity in his voice.

The teacher drew herself up to her full height, and glared back at the young man. “I most especially emphasize tolerance towards the Muslim community, Mr. Goldstein!” she said, rather imperiously. “Have you forgotten that it was the Christians who attacked them in the Crusades?! We have just frightened them with our overwhelming military, just as we have North Korea and other nations, and forced them to retaliate. And, for your information, the proper term for the Muslim states is ISIL, of which the “L” stands for the LEVANT, which is rightfully a part of their Caliphate!” She glared even harder than before, and this time at everyone in the classroom. “The Levant was unjustly taken from the Muslim people by the Israelis, and is justly theirs to take back! They are more than justified in whatever they do, since they have suffered so greatly from the actions of the Jews and Christians, not to mention all of Western civilization as a whole. If we had only taken the money we have put into our military, and put it into helping these other nations and peoples, they would not be forced to do these things. Anyone who can’t understand such simple truths is simply a bigot and a racist, and deserves whatever happens to him!” Mentally, she put Mr. Goldstein down for a failing grade.

Nora felt exhilarated. Of course that Goldstein boy was a lost cause, but she was sure that she was reaching most of the rest of them! The key was getting them to understand that they all suffered from White Privilege, which gave them a perverted, intolerant view of the world. She had learned this long ago, and in acknowledging it, she had made herself immune from any tiny speck of racism, sexism, homophobism, and any of the other huge problems infecting Western Civilization. If only everyone could be enlightened like her and her many urban leftist friends and peers at the University, the world would be a perfect place. It was all so simple, really!

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