A Barbarian in Chicago- Wulf!

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Chapter 13: Grandmotherly Advice

When he got back to the condo, who was waiting there for him but Nora! He had hardly even seen or heard her since he had first arrived, since she was not up until nearly noon most days, and stayed out very late at night. This was pretty much the exact opposite Wulf’s schedule.

Nora was wearing a dark suit, and really looked quite respectable as a University of Chicago professor should. Her lips curled as the youth entered, shirtless, very muscular, and shining with perspiration. He smiled at her, saying “Hello Nora.”

She did not smile back. She merely asked him, “Are you ready for your first day of school tomorrow?” Only then did her eyes glimmer with, what?, some kind of grim amusement. She was the unnatural kind of grandmother who actually looked forward to her unwanted grandson being put in his place by being put into a completely new, and probably hostile environment.

The truth was, to a hyper-civilized woman like his grandmother Nora, Wulf, with his unfettered natural development in the wilds of nature amidst small community values was an affront to her views as a proselytizer of an ultraliberal, decadent civilization. With his clean limbed health and strength, clear eyes, and vibrant grasp of life, he stood out against the sickly youth with which she was accustomed to there in the university. He was a product of the wild, having virtually raised himself, and they were more the weak, spoon-fed sons and daughters of a civilization on the downward spiral of civilization. In her liberal world view he should not exist! No government program had created him, only nature, and that should not be.

The youth from the north had started to begin to understand what kind of environment he had been put into here, both from his reading at the library, but even more from his life-long study of history, along with his recent experiences within this city. He had never seen decadence and it’s results, but he knew of it. And now he knew what he had seen. He had no illusions.

“Yes, Nora- I even went by the high school, and looked around.” He told her nothing else, nothing about the attack, or of his leaving the ringleader crying on the sidewalk.

‘Nevertheless’, he thought, ‘she was his only living blood relation, so far as he knew’. He smiled at her, openly, and asked her, “Nora, would you like some food? I have stocked your refrigerator, and would love to make us something to eat.”

She thought it over. She was rather hungry, and she never cooked herself. But she steeled herself. “Just make sure you clean up everything!” And with that she was gone.

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