A Barbarian in Chicago- Wulf!

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Chapter 14: First Day of School

Wulf awoke quite early the following morning. He wanted to get in his exercise early! He quietly went through his routine of bodyweight exercises, along with self-resistance and his virtual resistance exercises, followed by stretching. He always felt great after his exercise routine!

Showering, he smiled. ‘At least today would be a new experience’, he thought. The youth had enjoyed the philosopher Nietzsche’s statement: “that which does not kill us makes us stronger”- it was one with which he heartily agreed. Every time he had extended himself, either in hunting dangerous game, climbing sheer cliffs, or fighting with another, he had come away stronger, and better from the experience. Even when he read a new book, absorbing the contents into his mind, weighing it, and taking away what was true and valuable and discarding the obviously untrue, he knew it was making him better and stronger. Nature approved of strength, of mind and body, and Wulf was a son of Nature! If he had been pressed as to what controlled the world, and what mankind should truly revere and worship, he would unhesitatingly have said “Nature”.

Leaving in his customary jeans and t-shirt, a small back pack tucked slung around his lean hips, he walked on over to Gabe’s Grub. “Hey, Wulf- School time yah?!” And Gabe set to work to make his green smoothie for the youth, setting it before him on the counter with a flourish. Wulf realized this was an example of something wonderful he had already learned here; that a daily green smoothie was a superb addition to an already extremely healthy diet of game meats and fish, along with copious greens. Finishing his drink in one, long draught, he finished with a gusty sigh of contentment.

Setting a bill on the counter, with a wave to Gabe he left, every U of C student in the place was staring at him as if at an alien. The students, dressed fashionably and very self-consciously in expensive, hip, and yet because they all did the same thing, uniforms of trendiness looked like drooping flowers against the vibrant health and strength that whisked past them in total non-selfconsciousness. The youth was part of his environment, part of nature, wherever he was. Like a panther moving effortlessly through the jungle, he was aware of all about him, never sparing a thought for himself. He was Wulf, a son of Nature, that was all.

He passed the University of Chicago Lab School, where fashionable white and Asian people were going inside, past armed guards both on the street, and in front. They were going inside to study about white oppression of blacks and other disadvantaged groups, but most blacks were never allowed within. Only wealthy blacks, those of a certain elite class and position were allowed entrance.

Wes Parker, the U of C police private department officer, waved at Wulf from his car. He glided up alongside. “So, you’re really going to do it! Well, I can only say to be careful, and watch yourself, son. That place is a jungle, no lie!” And shaking his head as he went, he drove slowly away, making a mental note to ask around about the boy whose relation put him in such a situation.

Wulf did not feel nervous at all, and would have been astonished at anyone who asked him such a question. He had faced bears and mountain lions with only his knife, his bow, or his bare hands! He had not felt nervous then, in the wild, why then here? A savage land, aye, this was that, but savages were only those who had sunk beneath civilization. Creatures of the wild, such as himself- why, he was not of civilization at all, he was an outsider, a creature of raw, elemental Nature itself! Although he had read widely of civilization, he knew extensively also of its perils to both body and soul. He knew what he was- he was a barbarian!

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