A Barbarian in Chicago- Wulf!

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Chapter 16: Wulf Reconnoiters

Wulf decided he needed to reconnoiter, to check out the surrounding territory about the Chicago area to see if it was all this depraved. As he had come down from the north he had seen traffic swell horribly, yes, but he had not seen such wanton crime, destruction and squalor, far from it! He got his old jeep out from the small lot behind Nora’s condominium where he had parked it, and headed out. He would see this state of Illinois!

He headed north, right up through the city proper. He took the winding road of Lake Shore Drive, which followed the beaches and park trails that he had been running on, and kept right on up to Sheridan Road. Endless vistas of high rise buildings rose before him, and shops and restaurants aplenty. The noise, the air quality, and the stench of the place offended him, but there were just too many people here! That could not be helped.

The squalor up north was far less, however- many of the people were white, and Asian, and others he could not identify, but they all seemed civil. They were not sitting on their steps with no purpose, congregating and drinking on street corners… And why were most of the blacks all south of here, and the whites north, he wondered? He decided to keep exploring this strange country.

After he finally reached the limits of Chicago, he passed into the suburb of Evanston, and then Wilmette. It was like night and day- like black and white! All of a sudden, there were no more black people, or at least very few. And, if he did see black folk, they were civilized, proper; acting like black versions of white people! ‘Why are the poor, savage and idle blacks all in the south of the city, while here, and in the area of Hyde Park Chicago University, it is mainly white, with Asians and a few orderly acting blacks?’ he wondered to himself. His subconscious mind was close to the answer, but he was an innocent, and only made up his mind by observable facts, just as he did in the natural world of which he was a part. He was completely uncontaminated with lies, half-truths, political correctness, and the other obfuscations of civilization. He was a barbarian, a natural man!

He drove on, and on… the North Lake Shore as he could see it was called became more and more expensive looking. There were no longer any black people. Little children were playing outside, perfectly safe. The houses were massive, far larger dwellings than he could imagine anyone ever needing. ‘Did they have dozens of children’, he wondered? Later, he learned that it was rare for any of these huge mansions to house more than one or two children.

He shrugged his huge shoulders with incomprehension. These mansions were not temples, nor libraries, nor schools of learning- so what were they? Simply huge, ostentatious dwellings for rich people who only cared for themselves and how they were viewed? What kind of man could be that shallow?

Finally, he turned west, deciding to ring this huge city to see what was what. Was it all like this, and why? As he went west, he saw new structures, large mansions everywhere, but all on tiny little plots of land. In fact, to his disgust, it appeared the approved method of building was to cover the entire plot of land with the structure, leaving virtually no land at all around the house.

No land? What kind of soft-bellied fool would desire a giant temple of a house with no land whatsoever?? He shook his reddish mane in frustration- Land was Nature! Land was the greatest gift a man could ever have; all he could ever hope to experience and strive for lived and grew on the land. These fools had their values reversed!

He drove on and on, south now. These “Mc-Mansions”, so named, he had learned, when he queried an elderly mailman he had stopped to ask, were all that was built hereabouts anymore.

“These Mc-Mansions,” had said the mailman, shaking his white mane of hair in disgust, “are the bane of the country now, in my opinion!” His blue-grey eyes blazed in his passion, and Wulf noted approvingly the strength apparent in the old man’s thews. “This used to be a rugged country, with real people who did real jobs, like me. Physical jobs, not paper shuffling! And look at it now.”

The lean mailman gestured at the endless rows of Mc-Mansions, structures that were ugly caricatures of the truly classic manses that still existed along the north shore, and in Hyde Park, and even in the south shore, where they had been despoiled to squalor.

“These ugly buildings looked like fat girls in bikinis- trying to be something that they could never be!” said the mailman. “You don’t appear the type of man who would ever live here- hey, is your old jeep a 1970 CJ?”

“It is!” said Wulf, smiling widely, his blue eyes shining with delight. “You know your jeeps!”

“I do,” he said, “and son,” suddenly turning serious, “don’t stick in these parts! I’m one month away from retirement, and me, I’m headin’ north, where I should have settled years ago.”

Startled, Wulf told him where he was from, and he was dying to go back, but the law told him he had to stay here, since he was underage. The mailman, who told Wulf at this point that his name was Jess, said to Wulf -“Get back there boy- this state, this place, is completely corrupt. They are mad, in fact- they weren’t when I was your age, but now there is no common sense, no decency, nothing! Their very laws are corrupt, aimed at taking taxes from productive folk and giving the money to lazy people who will never work, even for their own betterment- just go! I’ll see you in a month!”

And with that, Jess the mailman set off down the street, his large calf muscles bunching with each step, his young-looking torso moving with a speed and strength that astonished Wulf, and probably every person on his route. ‘What a breath of fresh air,’ thought Wulf.

Then, he resumed his journey, thinking often on the words of wisdom from Jess the mailman…

The more he thought, the more he got it- he was not obligated to stay with his grandmother Nora in such an evil place just because the Law said so, since the law had been twisted and co-opted into a tool to serve the corrupt power structure, not to maintain standards in a fair system. The only truly moral choice was really to leave this sinking ship of Chicago, Hyde Park and Illinois, since it was well down the path towards that followed by ancient Rome.

As he drove through the rings of suburbs that surrounded Chicago, one thing was undeniable: all of them were overwhelmingly white in racial makeup. And the reason? It was because white people would pay anything, and move anywhere, to not live amongst the poorest blacks, because they had been rendered so violent and uneducated through decade after decade of increasingly liberal, Democratic rule! He had witnessed first hand the extreme lawlessness and savagery of the inner city of Chicago, and he also saw that the police and the lawmakers did virtually nothing to stop it.

He had never heard of political correctness as a term, but now he knew it for what it was. These people would lie to others and themselves, saying things they knew were not true, in order to “fall in line” with the accepted mode of thought, no matter how obviously wrongheaded it was! Believe it or not, it had become fashionable to lie about certain things, and most folks around here did it.

The young barbarian Wulf had figured out much on his drive. But it was time to head back.

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