A Barbarian in Chicago- Wulf!

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Chapter 17: Nora is not Happy

Nora had gotten a call from the principal of Hyde Park High School. Mr. Rose was not happy about what he heard had happened in the school due to her “relation”, Wulf Gott!

“Nora,” he said, “I know you thought a multicultural experience (he said it with a sneer) would benefit your relation (he really sneered at this!), but this boy is, well, a little more formidable than most, to say the least!” Mr. Rose was what was called a “high yellow” black in olden times, meaning that he could “pass” as white. He disliked white people, as he constantly said, but he sure liked to “pass”! Secretly, he hated his own black culture, but to be black in truth helped his career immeasurably- affirmative action was a sweet deal; one he was not about to give up.

Truth be told, Nora had thought that her white-bread “cracker” grandson, sight unseen, would show up at Hyde Park High, get his “ass whupped”, (that is how Mugambe Rose had put it to her over drinks one night), and high-tail it out of Hyde Park, out of Chicago, and out of their lives! Perhaps he might not survive; this, too, was a perfectly acceptable option to Nora Gott! Unfortunately, none of this had happened…

In addition, some pesky white private cop named Wes Parker had called to her out of the clear blue sky, tracking her down before one of her classes! Although he had pretended to be polite and just an interested observer, she could see the accusatory way he was looking at her as he asked about the young Wulf Gott. When he asked exactly how close of a relative he was to her, and why she did not enroll him in the private University of Chicago Lab School, she had exploded.

“What business is it of yours, sir!” she had shouted angrily. “You, a part of those race-abusive, mercenary cops that are hired by the university- I have been trying to get you disbanded for years. If it were not for all of you, over-policing and profiling African Americans as you do, the crime rates would never be so high! You are all racists!” With this, she walked away quickly, before he could answer.

All that Wes could think, as he wearily shook his head as she left, was how many times he had heard this before from totally protected, clueless liberal and professorial types- the very people he had been hired to protect from the wanton savagery that existed all about them! He and his comrades in arms literally kept the wild armies of unreasoning violence and crime away from their precious University, even as that very University kept on teaching and promulgating the ridiculous lies and sophistry that kept feeding the breakdown of civilization, and law and order.

Originally, when the end of segregation by law had resulted in myriads of uneducated blacks taking over large regions of the city, causing white flight to the suburbs and more and more blacks moving in to Hyde Park, the University of Chicago had considered two options: either build a big wall all around the University grounds, excluding all who did not belong with armed guards at entranceways, or else a highly efficient police force. They had chosen the latter, and now he was a part of just such a force.

He was proud of his job, and the force of which he was a part! Just a few months before, the University police department had decided to expand their territory, a few blocks farther north. When they started patrolling on 49th street, the older residents cheered them on, wanting to be rid of crime in their neighborhoods, just as they had been cleaned up farther south in Hyde Park. They arrested blacks, because blacks were the ones doing the violent crime- it was that simple. This ignorant “professor”, Nora Gott, was willfully not facing any facts, because to do so would prove her life work, everything she stood for and had stood for for her whole life, to be completely wrong, and if not just in ignorance, to be a willful LIE! And, given the similarity of their names, the awful suspicion he had arrived at was that this Nora Gott was most probably the very grandmother of the young Wulf Gott! There was even a similarity in features, as Nora’s greying hair had remnants of a reddish tone, her eyes were a bright blue, and she was also quite a tall woman. Once, she had probably been quite comely, especially if the lines of disdain that now surrounded her mouth and eyes had not always etched them.

If this was indeed true, that she was indeed his own grandmother, then it was totally monstrous for the woman to put her own grandson into such a dangerous, crime-infested place as Hyde Park High School, where simply by the white color of his skin he would be targeted as a victim of vicious black predators. He pledged to watch out for the youth, since his own flesh and blood had failed him!

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