A Barbarian in Chicago- Wulf!

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Chapter 2: Grandmother Gott

Grandmother Nora Gott was not someone Wulf had ever even met! A few cards and letters had come from her to her daughter Jenna, Wulf’s mother, over the years, but that was all. Jenna Gott fulfilled her motherly instincts by joining “causes”, not by being close to her only daughter and grandson. She was an “urban intellectual” if you were to ask her, a professor at the University of Chicago in the wealthy Hyde Park neighborhood on Chicago’s south side.

Nora Gott, back in 1964, had been one of the first to get involved with Civil Rights at the University of Chicago. She had been an idealistic college student then, besotted with the rights of the underprivileged and the downtrodden, especially “those of color”, as it had been expressed in her new bibles The New York Times and The New Yorker. Her professors in the classes she was taking, teachers of sociology, anthropology, the psychology, and all sorts of other “ologies”, stressed that things were not fair, and those who had a little more than those with nothing (the middle class) should give much, much more to the lower class. They never mentioned that the upper, upper class (to which they belonged) should have to give away their wealth! But then, they meant well, and that seemed enough to them.

She marched in the protests, and passed her many classes in “Gender Studies” and suchlike coursework with flying colors, particularly since the professors marching with her in these protests were also her own teachers in the university. She went on to get a graduate degree herself, and then was hired in that same university as a professor. Her opinions went from liberal, to super-liberal, to anti-American liberal; she had become one of “them”, a card carrying elite liberal of a very liberal university.

She had been notified of her grandson being assigned to her care, and reluctantly agreed to have him for the one year required of her until he had reached his majority at the age of 18. She had never even met him, only seen a few pictures sent by her daughter over the years when he had been a small boy. ‘At least’, she thought ‘I can make sure that a young ruffian learns some of the finer things of life, and more importantly, I can make sure that he is exposed to multiculturalism, since that God-forsaken wilderness he has dwelled in must have made him quite a hick!’

And so, she told her friends that a distant relative from a backwards part of the country was being foisted upon her for a year, and she planned to expose him to culture, and in particular minority culture (she always emphasized that he surely was sadly deprived from the “minority experience”), and so would not put him into the highly rated University of Chicago Laboratory School the the university controlled privately on campus, but would let him experience “multiculturalism” by enrolling him into the free public high school, Hyde Park High. Always left unsaid was that the cost for one year at the Lab School was $34,000, and the the student body was overwhelmingly white and Asian. All knew that Hyde Park High was 100% black.

The other thing always left unspoken was the incredibly high degree of violence and crime, both in the Hyde Park neighborhood itself, and even right within the high school. Politically incorrect things, in this land of decadence and hypocrisy, were utterly off the table in “polite” discourse.

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