A Barbarian in Chicago- Wulf!

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Chapter 24: White Privilege

Antigone Gibbons called Nora Gott. He liked her politics!

“Ms. Gott, I just wanted to say that I am so proud of you for standing up for what’s right!” Nora recognized his voice right away, since she had been watching the television stories right from the start. It was that yellow colored black man with the small teeth and beady eyes! She would like to get to know him better.

“Detective Gibbons? Oh, what a delightful surprise! I so admire your work, apprehending that horrid racist relation of mine- I hope you know that I am nothing like him, and in fact would like to have a hand in eliminating him as one more white bigot in our nation.”

Gibbons had been sure they would get along, and he thought she might be a good ally in sentencing and condemning her grandson. After all, it was very rare for a relative to turn against one of his or her own, and this was her last living relation, and the one that bore her surname! Her words would carry a lot of influence in this liberal city. “Please call me Antigone, Ms. Gott- and may I call you Nora?”

“Of course, Antigone!” she said. “Perhaps you would like to meet, come over for a little cocktail party I have planned for this Saturday evening, about 8:00? You would find yourself among very like-minded people, indeed!” Smiling to himself, Gibbons agreed to attend, and hung up. Using her against her own grandson- white against white- the thought pleased him greatly. He was the true racist, he hated white people just because they seemed so much more successful and capable than his own race, and he couldn’t abide that, or even consciously admit it to himself.

Detective Gibbons was in his element at Nora Gott’s condominium in Hyde Park. The other professors that were in attendance hung on his every word, and beamed with happiness as he spoke of “that mf-ing barbarian” that was in his custody. “This, as you all know, is not just a murder case- this is a racist hate crime, and so is much worse than just murder! I will see this boy fry!” said Gibbons.

Of all things, Nora, the grandmother of the “boy”, seemed to share his opinion. She hated it so much that her own flesh and blood had not only not become a good liberal, but was actually one of the enemy- he actually appeared to be very conservative! If she hadn’t been so anti-gun herself, she said to her friends, she would have gladly shot him herself.

“Here he was, living in my own place- I was trying to shape him, give him the chance to be an ambassador of our people, by being the only white boy in his school. What a wonderful opportunity I gave him, and he threw it away,” Nora said loudly to the guests at large. They nodded in vehement agreement, showing each other just how good a liberal they all were.

They all had a delightful evening, discussing all of the things that were the ultimate problems in the world today: things like “white privilege”, “black oppression”, police killing blacks and arresting them with no reason whatsoever, and of course conservatism.

Charles Jonas, the Black Studies professor, talked at length about “disparity of policing” in the black neighborhoods, insisting that the black youth were persecuted by the police, and that’s why the crime rate of blacks is so high. They all agreed, and clinked their wine glasses in polite assent. No one mentioned that nearly all of the violence and mayhem visited on black youth was committed by- other black youth! Amongst liberals, some subjects are just never spoken of, since they do not conform to the liberal world view. How you felt about something, that was the important thing- facts were irrelevant.

Detective Antigone Gibbons knew the facts. He couldn’t help but see that virtually every criminal act done in Chicago was done by a black male, and usually to another black male. He just didn’t care, he didn’t know how exactly, but he knew it was all because of white people! These people here in this room, these liberals- to him they were dupes, tools that he could use to play off against other whites. They were useful, soft and weak, but were like a strain of corruption in the body politic of their own white culture. Liberals were a rot, spreading decadence and self-deception like a disease throughout the western civilization they had inherited and now strove to destroy.

‘Yes,’ thought Gibbons, ‘they may be fools, but they strive unwittingly to destroy themselves from within. With that, I can agree!’ And he smiled over a Nora Gott, unnatural grandmother, and liberal fool, and raised his glass to her with a smile. She smiled back, and he realized that only a white could actually want to kill her own grandson, over some dim “principle” like liberalism. Even animals would never do so. He loved her for her viciousness, just as he hated her grandson for being white and strong.

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