A Barbarian in Chicago- Wulf!

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Chapter 26: Back to Nature

It was surprising, really, how easily that escape was from Chicago! Perhaps Akula’s magic was more powerful than anyone knew, since there really was, at that time, no evident pursuit from the police department, or anywhere else.

Wulf, Trina, and Jafiro just drove ever upwards, ever north- into a land of green countryside, small cities, and pastoral farms. Jafiro, the homeless black youth of the city they had left behind in particular seemed charmed and amazed: he had never even imagined such peaceful scenes of nature! His eyes behind his thick glasses were glued to the car windows, absorbing everything he saw with delight- no fighting, no sirens, no litter and pollution!

And it just got better. Trina had seen much of the real world, the non-citified, non-politically correct world of the Democratic Liberals that dominated Chicago and most other big American cities. She had traveled rather widely, as she attended colleges, and explored the art and culture of Europe- she had unravelled the richness of conservative values, the enduring benefits created by the supposed “dead white males”. These were those denigrated men who had created Western Civilization, the Founding Fathers of the West, and also those founding fathers of America. Now, they were held up to ridicule, as the cities and countries they had founded collapsed into savagery and violence. All for liberal self interest, she knew that now.

As she looked out at the natural world of small town America, and then progressed yet further to complete wilderness, she saw what had been sacrificed. The early stages of civilization always seemed promising- new developments, including large structures and codification of laws. Abundance! Actually, this was the first stage: crops were grown repeatedly in the same fields, and a nomadic, wandering sort of life was no longer necessary. There was enough food for everyone, all the time!

But it also meant that some people, some power-grabbing “leaders” could take large portions of grains to store. For themselves alone! This was the beginning of private wealth. Fields were “owned” and walled off, their produce only for the owner. And slaves were needed to cultivate and harvest the fields, harvesting grains that were far less nutritious than the wild greens and animals that had been harvested before, back in the barbaric days…

The civilized peoples grew smaller and weaker, and they grew in numbers dramatically, since they had enough to eat, as paltry in nutrients as it was, still they could survive at least until childbearing. Barbaric tribes were never more than 100 souls, 40-50 was the most likely number of tribal members. But, they were all healthy, happy, and free.

All of this Trina came to discover, gradually. But of course, Nikan and Wulf were born to this knowledge! They had fought it, the endless advance of civilization, knowing its insidious evil, but still respecting the learning and knowledge, the laws and culture of at least western civilization- in its early, pristine state.

But, the shining light on a hill of Western Civilization came with the seed of its own destruction- eventually, things were determined to not be fair- despite differences in ability, intelligence, and in a work ethic, some factions always started to demand equal outcomes.

This meant taking from those who worked, and giving to those who did not. Political correctness, the Welfare state, the Dole- whatever you call it, it was evil, and it was corruption. It took away individual liberty, and gave it to the State! And now, Chicago had reached the ultimate nadir of civilization, when the liberal, politically correct, non-workers held sway over what had once been a prosperous civilized city. It had sunk into decadence, corruption, and politically correct savagery. Trina swore to herself that she would never go back!

She looked over at Wulf, sitting in the front seat as Nikan sped rapidly northwards into the wilderness. He was the picture of barbarism: incredibly strong, calm when action was unneeded, but ferocious when attacked. Blue eyed, tawny haired, a son of the natural world, uncorrupted. Ready to help victims, but just as ready to punish viciousness and savagery, decadence and those who imposed their will on others. A modern barbarian, she suddenly realized!

Looking over at Jafiro, the black youth that had been rescued from a life of marginalism by Wulf, she spoke:

Barbarism is the natural state of mankind. Civilization is unnatural. It is a whim of circumstance. And barbarism must always ultimately triumph.”

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