A Barbarian in Chicago- Wulf!

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Chapter 6: Gabe’s Grub

The sign above the small cafe said Gabe’s Grub, and Wulf opened the door. Tantalizing aromas washed around the hungry young man as he walked to a counter and sat down. He very rarely had been to eat at restaurants, and really didn’t trust the quality of the food in most. He preferred his own food, prepared by himself or one of the native women in his rural home, usually in the form of wild game or fish and vegetables, either wild or from his own garden. His diet, like his home territory and lifestyle, was pristine and healthy.

This place looked like a different kind of restaurant, however, since it had signs saying VEGAN and ORGANIC FRUITS AND VEGGIES. A smiling man, looking to be Hawaiian or of some Polynesian extraction, came over and beamed into Wulf’s face. “Well, mah health-minded young man, I do nah see many of your type in here! Vegan or vegetarian? Low fat? You name it, I got it yah!” Wulf hardly knew what he was talking about, but the infectious grin and strange accent made the waiter strangely appealing.

“Beef? Do you have beef or wild game of some sort?” he asked hopefully. The man’s face fell, making him look like a sad little Buddha.

“Na- only fruit and veg- wait!” As if a great idea had just struck him, he pulled a large canister from a blender and started loading it with vegetables of all sorts: leafy greens and carrots, beets and broccoli, he added them in. Next, he poured in frozen organic berries of all colors, blue, red, yellow and orange, followed by a grapefruit, avocado, and a lemon which he peeled expertly and added to the container with a flourish. Lastly, with a wink, he put in two raw eggs and added a can of coconut milk, “From my homeland, bra!” he declared.

Putting the canister onto it’s base, he flicked the switch. It hummed quietly for a minute or so, and then he poured the contents into a large clear glass and set it before the startled youth. Thick and creamy, it tasted wonderful to him, and he drank the glass in just a few draughts. My, it was good- and healthy too! At least he would not starve during his stay here. The proprietor refilled his glass, draining the rest of the canister. As Wulf drank, he looked on approvingly.

“You like it, huh?” he stated rather than asked, since Wulf drained this glass almost as quickly as the first. “Very, very good for you! I say it make yah strong, but I think me you already strong!” Wulf stared at his empty glass with satisfaction, feeling the glow of health and strength flow through his already very strong and healthy body. He could always get meat later.

The proprietor held out his hand, which was strong and large in juxtaposition to his rather portly little body. “Gabe Hakulani,” he said. Wulf grasped his hand, and replied with his own name. “You are not from here, eh? Maybe you from far, far north?” Wulf nodded, and told him his own name. “Well, you be careful hereabout, Wulf Gott! Not many, nah- none like you here!” He looked appraisingly at the sheer size and power evident in the youth, and his tawny hair and rough clothing. “But now, you have friend in Gabe, best smoothie maker in the whole world!”

Smiling back, Wulf stood and paid the bill, which was surprisingly less than he would have thought, given all of the food packed within that one drink. As he left, he noticed a few very thin, almost starved looking young men and women, eating tiny amounts of a whitish gelatinous-like substance, and sipping tea. Shaking his head, he left, thinking that these college kids had a lot to learn about a strong mind in a healthy body.

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