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*Only 10% available due to soon publishing.* Isaiah Dominic has been known as the lethal since he joined the Southside Serpent. Everyone knows to stay away from him, especially girls like Grace Knight. Who wants to see the end of every MC in the town, who knows how to handle being in pain, who believes in being heartless. Fire and Ice. Two lost souls playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Will this lethal game finally make them stronger or break them ever farther?

Chapter 1


If you could define yourself with words, which one would you choose?

I often wondered over watching people walking in the streets. I defined some of them as naive fools, some of them were perfect liars and then some of them were like me. What would they define me as?

Would it be killers? Or survivors?

“He won’t talk, Knight. Do you want to take over?”

I hear Josh yell from the closed door. Feeling the beginning of a smirk already on my lips, I look over the closed door. Finally, my time is here. I can already imagine how much fun I’m going to have with the man currently strapped down in the room in front of me.

“Knight, you there!?”

“Of course, darling.” I grin opening the door. My eyes are on Josh but I can feel a pair of desperate frozen eyes on me. Dragging my attention from my friend slash partner slash fuck buddy to the half bloodied man, I am face to face with a man who looks like lived more on drugs than normal food. The stench of blood is making it harder to walk close to him but I continue until I am standing in front of him.

“He won’t talk, you say?” I ask Josh to be clear. He nods excitedly waiting for myself to start torturing the unamused man.

“A girl.” The man watches me in disbelief. “You are a girl.”

Leaning down to his level, I have to wipe the blood from his swelling eyes. The moment I touch him, he flinches trying to get away but due to the tight ropes bounding him, he only manages to knock his head hard in the chair.

“Yes, darling. I’m a girl. Why? Did you not see this amazing body?” I run my fingers over my neck smiling but he only stares at my cold eyes. Hmmm....he is still in shock. Fine by me.

“Y-You are a girl and you’ve been wipin’ out MC’s? How the fuck is that possible!?” He finally screams thrashing around to get out. “I will never rat out my people. Punch me. Kill me. I don’t care! You hear me, silly girl?”

Kill him- a voice inside me snarls. Show him who he is messing with.

“I will never-” Before he can say more I reach for his mouth capturing it. He freezes when my tongue comes out to taste his bottom lips. They are mixed with blood but hell if that was a problem ever. He only takes a second to pass his blunt shock before he is furiously kissing me back. I pull his hair shoving my tongue into his inviting mouth which earns him a frustrated groan. I can hear a distant damn not again retort from Josh. But I got what I wanted.

The element of surprise.

The man thought like Josh I’m going to punch him, shoot him or worse kill him. Oh no, I don’t do that shit. I play. I play games. I play with minds. Let them think they are in control when I’m the one breaking their heart and pride like every other MC’s I’ve wiped off. And, soon his own will also face the same fate as others.

“That’s enough, Knight.” Hearing Josh scream, finally leaving a little nip, I release the man’s lips. He is practically panting heavily and his eyes are hooded. Perfect.

“Knight.” The warning in Josh’s voice is as clear as the day as I am still looking at the confused horny man. Turning around I see Josh’s jaw clenched with obvious anger. He strides around the room mumbling curses but I have yet to react. It was actually hilarious to see him flip out every time someone else other than him even kissed me in the cheeks.

“What? You jealous?” I laugh noticing his fists turning red. Josh doesn’t say anything but the man obviously had enough as he frowns looking at the both of us in curiosity.

“Why did you kiss me? I thought-”

“That I will kill you? Torture you?” Games over. Time to back to the business. I shake my head chuckling. “I don’t do that stuff, Michel. And the reason you are here not because I want to wipe your club off. Because I want you to be the man everyone talks about when they hear the club’s name.”

He couldn’t have been looked any more shocked. “W-What? Y-You would do that? F-For me?”

“Hmm.” I hum kneeling down to his level. I can see him trying not to look at my lips but he fails as his eyes are already hooded again. “I like your strength, your loyalty. And guess that just changed my mind about you. So much that I have a proposition for you. Well, if you want a demonstration like that again-” I trail his trembling lips with my nail almost drawing blood. “Then I need the name of the current President of your MC. I need to bring him down to make you the new President.”

Hook, line, sinker.

I have his attention. And lucky for me, it looks like he hates his Prez cause grimace forms into his face immediately.

“You sure up for it? To take down him?”

“If the prize is you, then yes,” I answer with a flirty wink. He gives me a smirk when I finally hear the name I was waiting to know for the last four months.

“Lethal. We call him Lethal.”


Something steers in me hearing the name. A feeling so unknown. It must be the excitement of finally finishing the fuckers. I wasn’t about to waste my breath staying in the Southside of Chicago if I didn’t destroy every MC ever built in this area. I had a promise to keep. Smiling I gesture towards Josh and he understands immediately what I was going to say because the next moment, he is kissing me with a brutal force. Punishment. It is a punishment for kissing the man we both hated.

Breathing hard I open my eyes to see Michel yelling at Josh to stay away from me. At that moment Josh draws the gun and holds it up, pointing at Michel’s head. Michel’s eyes widen and meet mine in shock, anger, and disappointment. He only notices the barely-there smirk before my cold voice is echoing through the room.

“Finish him. And don’t forget to send his body pieces to where it deserves.”

With that, I turn around and close the door on my way out. I can hear yelling, calling my name, screaming and then finally that sweet sound of a gunshot. And as Josh never misses, I can proudly say that-

Michel’s dead.

Now, I’ve to find this Lethal and kill him with his own poison...

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