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"I hope the moment I clip your wings, you'll be mine." Shuddering, he knew that she's lying. In a world where the strong protects the weak, to which length are you willing to go in order to protect everyone and everything you hold dear in life? ☪ ☪ ☪ Diadem was born with something inside her that could be the destruction of everything. The only one whom she believes that could save her from becoming berserk is her mate. What if... her mate could also become her destruction? ☪ ☪ ☪ He is a powerful Lycan. Ones who were given the task to protect the Realm. In his search for the root of Darkness, one thing that could only take his concentration from his task is his mate. Whom he hasn't yet found.

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This is an old version. I am currently editing and revising some parts of the book :) please bear with me for a moment as I am combing through this book in order for it to be nice.
Thank you (^~^)


The wind gives a gentle breeze into the forest along with the melodically sound of crickets, owls and other creatures of this wide green fortress of all beings.

Humans, animals and supernatural alike.

Although at this point, this won’t become someone else’s fortress, someone else’s demise.

For all became silent, along with the wind, the moment they heard a sprint inside the woods. And went still when they smelled fear that this intruder is giving out from its pore.

They felt the aura of danger following his every step and the forest became the most dangerous place for this individual.

Her body crouched down as she slowly took her silver dagger away from its sheath. Her eyes followed the movements of her prey. She can hear clearly it’s ragged breathing, indicating tiredness while its eyes search hysterically everywhere for her.

‘They’re almost here. I need to end this before they come.’

Releasing two of her daggers swiftly then ascended a large oak tree beside her without even looking if they hit her target or not.

“Argh!” he roared throughout the forest as the silver daggers dug inside his heels and his body landed roughly on the ground.

“I know you’re there bitch!” he taunted as she smirked in the dark.

‘He’s really calling you that... which is true.’ Quinn told her, amused.

She rolled her eyes. ‘I thought Guides were nice and angel-like?’

‘Hey! I AM nice and angel-like.’ Her Guide whined with a huff.

She chuckled and shook her head at her Guides attitude. ‘Since when?’

‘Since the day that I have to look out for your tiny wiggly ass. You were troublesome ever since you were a baby, did you know that?’

She covered her mouth from making a giggle. She can understand now why her Guide’s hysterical and grumpy whenever she puts herself in danger.

‘Uh-huh. Yeah, I’m glad you already knew it from the start,’ she teased which earned a grunt.

“Well, well, well. I don’t know what happened but I’m fucking glad that you’re out in our list.” A deep voice suddenly echoed through the forest. John.

Out of the woods, five hooded beings sprouted from the shadows.

‘Finally,’ she thought with a smirk as she watches them circle the wounded Werewolf on the ground.

“Baldon Welsch, you are arrested for both human and supernatural trafficking and for selling supernatural blood to humans and vampires alike,” Adam announced as they handcuffed him with silver.

“What are we going to do with these?” John asked as he plucked one of the silver daggers like it’s nothing as Baldon screamed in pain while the five Guardians inspected the weapon one by one.

“It seems that someone just let us have their fair share in the hunt,” Amanda told them as she eyed the weapon with disgust as it was coated with blood.

John snickered.

“Like you’re not that relieved to go back into that ‘oh so lavish’ lifestyle of pink laced dresses and teddy bears of yours,” he teased and plucked the other one then held it in front of her face.

Amanda yelped when she felt tiny droplets of blood contacted her skin.

‘Oooh... you’ve dug your grave early Johnny boy. You knew Amanda hated blood,’ she teased as she watched further.

Johns teasing smile and friendly aura dropped the moment he saw her facial expression changed into a murderous glare.

“Uh... guys. Any help?” he asked with desperation as the other members snickered in exchange.

“You better run for your life starting... right now,” one of them suggested.

John looked back at the now furious Amanda as her violet eyes sparkled. At that moment, he ran like his life truly depended on it.

“Yeah, Johnny! You’re puny legs better run fast or else I’ll catch you and put your life in hell!” the woman shouted at the top of her lungs as she clenches and unclenches her fists then started walking at the direction where John went.

‘How mature,’ Quinn commented at her friends’ behavior.

She silently chuckled as she shook her head. ‘You know how they are Quinn, and I’m not complaining one bit. They’re fun and you know that I know that you like them also.’

‘Touché,’ her Guardian replied.

She felt eyes on her so she followed her instincts and saw Adam inspecting the tree she’s in from where he stood.

‘We better go,’ Quinn ordered as shadows enveloped her and vanished into thin air.



“He’s out of the list,” she informed him as she sat comfortably at the swivel chair with a glass of white wine in hand.

“You know that there’s a door to knock if you want to come inside right?” the man beside the lamp asked as he continued to read his material without making eye contact towards her.

She rolled her eyes as she stood up.

“And kindly leave that glass of wine before you leave. Thank you,” he continued as she huffed and did what he asked.

She heard Quinn chuckled. ‘I bet you’re having fun at my predicament.’

‘Oh, I’m having a blast! You knew his behavior and yet you still teleported directly inside and not just that... directly at his office chair and sipping his wine for goddess’s sake!’ Quinn stated then bellowed hard.

‘Ha, ha. Very funny,’ she replied bitterly.

She closed the door then knocked five times very loudly and immediately went inside not even after a second when she heard her uncle’s permission to enter.

“You’ve done enough Shadow. You have to take a break from any mission at this point. Top profile or not,” her uncle said as he now sat at the swivel chair and held the glass of wine from earlier.

‘Bastard,’ she thought as her Guardian laughed softly.

She taps her index finger at her armchair and arched a brow. “What’s in it for me this time? We’ve discussed this a million times Phoenix and not even once you’ve convinced me to drop out from the field.”

She heard his deep and exasperated sigh and watched him stood up from the chair and went towards her spot. Kneeling down and taking both of her hands into his, he gave a forced smile which made her bones giddy.

‘This is not good,’ she thought as she continued to watch her uncle’s expression change in front of her.

‘Yeah... for his old bones anyways,’ Quinn commented that made her chuckle.

“You’ve been in this field ever since you were twelve. I know that this Organization has been your sole purpose to live a meaningful life, but your father is not here anymore and I’m sure that you will be his pride and joy as I also have. You need to slow down and try to mingle with people your age,” he said in a soft tone. “Princess, all I want and I know that your father also would want this.”

She heaved a heavy sigh. “As one of the Guardians assigned to protect this Realm, I’m afraid I cannot do that dearest uncle.”

The man stood up with a defeated look and smiled thinly. “I’ve assumed much that you’ll still turn down my request. That’s why I have a new mission for you instead,” he said as he went back to his table and retrieved a black envelope inside the drawer.

He slowly gave it to her and in turn, made her curious as to what this new mission of hers will be next. Will she capture another dangerous supernatural from their list? Or will she go and extract valuable sources from different government agencies and facilities that will help them hide their race for another century?

“What is it?” she suddenly gave up from thinking too much and just asked him directly which he gave a loud and hearty chuckle.

“Princess, just open it.” He urged and gave a wide grin.

She rolled her eyes at his endearment. Well, in fact, was true. Lycanthropes are not only known as Guardians but were also royalty.

Tearing the head of the envelope, she raised a brow when her eyes landed on a blood red colored card.

“You have got to be kidding me,” she finally said after reading its content. She looked back at the man who now sat back on his swivel chair and sipping his drink in content.

He just gave her his signature smile. “Wine?”

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