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The Black Lynx

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Hailed as the Black Lynx, Meega Teress is not the typical adolescent you come across. When a new assignment demands she play as a body guard to a certain a sexy German her iron will is put to test.

Action / Romance
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Chapter I: At the top

UAE, Dubai, Friday 9pm, 22-01-15

The inky night was silent as death. The lone source of illumination was the chalky, crescent moon. An icy gale whipped my long, jet black hair from my face. The pure, white, leather strap clasped it in a firm grasp with a metal buckle. My crimson, Armani Exchange gown did little to shield me from the chill. Nevertheless, I prudently pushed my back flat against the cool, smooth wall. My five inch Jimmy Choo pencil heels clacked against the thin railing. I averted my gaze to the ground and was greeted by an 828 meters drop. Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building boasted one hundred and sixty three floors, and the deathly height of over eight hundred meters. The whole of Dubai could be seen from the top. However, there was no time for sight-seeing.

I stretched my right velvet gloved hand out, and felt for a latch. My fingers found purchase on the said object, and with that I pulled down the handle. Without a creek, the window gave way and I dive-rolled my way into the luxury suite. Instantly, my nose was assaulted with the scent of Oud, a heady Arabian aroma. My right foot shot out, and kicked the window close. Both my feet sunk into the plush, beige carpet. Hands on my hips, I surveyed the lavish compartment. Mini crystal chandeliers adorned the ceilings of the 3000 square foot room. A four poster bed clad in pure, red velvet sheets with tons of fluffy pillows, was tucked away in a corner of the room. Close by to the bed, there were two elegant lamps topped with maroon colored shades. I walked over to the lamps, and gave them a feel. Very cold to the touch, but oddly enough the room’s temperature was very mild. I slid my gaze over to the vanity desk. It gleamed in the dim lighting, mahogany wood I believe. I narrowed my eyes, and marched off to the desk. I pulled open the drawers, and began looking through the contents: delicate little bottles of cologne, cufflinks, brooches, and oh surprise, surprise, condoms. Sighing, I slammed the drawer shut. I spun around, and scanned the room once again. My survey lasted for about only five seconds before a soft click of a key being turned in its hole grasped my attention. Thinking fast, I ducked under the enormous bed. The door parted to reveal a figure clad in a tux. The lighting wasn’t strong enough to give me a clear picture of his visage. But, from what I could make out from my restricted view he was tall, judging from his foot size, and possibly wealthy too based on the tasteful appearance of his footwear.

I dragged myself forward to get a better vantage point. The tux was perfectly tailored. It hugged his lithe physique in a very flattering way; in addition, a white gloved hand was clutching an elegant briefcase: jet black, absolutely smooth hide coupled with symmetrical cuts. The person in question remained rock still. Was he aware of my intrusion? I frowned and tensed my body, ready to fight him off if the need arose. After another sixty seconds, the human finally decided to move. He fished out a disposable cell out of his pocket, and began rapidly whispering in French. Prudently, I slipped my own cell out of my gown’s pocket, and began recording the conversation. From what I could gather, I was on the right track. This guy was a goon of the drug dealer. And, that briefcase was the reason why I was risking my life. It contained the blue prints to the criminal’s latest HQ’s design, location, and of course security. I could easily kill him, but that would put everybody in this building on high alert: the innocent and the foe. Plus, bloodshed was an absolute last resort. I bit my lower lip, and decided to take a much more civil, for a lack of better term, approach. I waited with baited breath until the conversation was over with, and then proceeded to putting my plan into action.

Certain that the man was a bit more complacent, I pulled out a hair pin, took my aim, and fired at the door. The object met its target, and set off a chain reaction. The tuxedo clad man jumped, and began assessing the room. Confused, he cautiously approached the door, one painstaking step at a time. I rolled my eyes, exacerbated by his dramatic reaction, and waited with thinning patience. The man finally reached the door, and called out to anyone there. No answer. Further puzzled, he stepped out and began looking around. Sensing my opportunity, I pulled out another hair pin. But this time, I aimed for his head. With lethal accuracy I fired once more. The pin connected with an audible ‘click’. The man roared out in indignation, started to curse loudly, and furiously began searching his immediate vicinity. I grinned at the commotion he caused. A crowd began gathering outside, and stared yelling at him to shut the hell up. This enraged him even further. The fool marched out from the room, and began sparring, from the sounds of it, with his witnesses. Smirking to myself, I slid out of my hiding spot, and made my way over to the object of my desire.

I flipped the briefcase open, and began collecting my hard earned information. Satisfied, I made my way towards freedom. I smoothly made my way to the window. My heels made no sound at all. Even air itself froze for me. One foot back, then the other, and so on until my elbow nearly made contact with the glass. I turned around, opened it up, and began my perilous ascent to the top. I tentatively stepped onto the razor thin edge, and began walking sideways. To make matters worse, the wind picked up even more, and assaulted me, threatening my balance. Strange, heels aren’t doing any damage, but the wind is of course!

I shifted my way over till I ran out of room. Grimacing, I looked up. A vertical jump of maybe a meter and a half welcomed me. Squaring my shoulders and jaw set in determination, I performed the stunt. My body shot up like a lynx’s and I instantly grabbed onto to the slim railing, and pulled myself up. One floor down, two more to go till I reached the top. Collecting myself, I leapt up again, and clutched the final railing. Just as I was about to pull myself up, I heard the sound of heavy footsteps. Military boots. They were the only things capable of making such infuriatingly burdened sounds.

I hung onto the railing, pushed my legs in front me, made sure there were firmly tucked, and began to move sideways using my arms, and legs. I kept on circling until I was positive the person wasn’t within ear shot. I pulled myself onto the ledge, and dared to look up. Thankfully, the railing hid me out of sight. But, there was just a lone tall, buff looking guy keeping watch. Irritated, I decided it was time to call in for a ride now. I lightly touched the near invisible, and ultra-expensive, receiver in my ear. In a flash I was connected to the HQ. I was softly told by the person on the other end that they would be there in three minutes tops, and that to make sure I wasn’t followed. I grunted my agreement, and set to thinking as to how to distract the guard.

“Hey! There’s a chick in a red gown here!”

My head snapped up, and I saw an Asian man with a snarl smeared across his visage. Well, saves me the trouble of concocting a distraction.

“Hey! It’s her! The boss told us she would be here! Damn, kill her! She must have gotten it already! ”

Another buff guy popped up, with a gun aimed at my head. The other man followed his suite, and used lasers to take aim. Tsk, tsk, amateurs.

I jumped up, and delivered a round house kick right across both their faces. A satisfying crack was heard from both their respective necks. The men collapsed into a heap on the smooth, concrete floor. I regarded my handy work with slight bitterness. Honestly, what kind of wimps do they hire these days? They weren’t able to put down a sixteen year old. Hmh, guess you can’t have everything. Just when my boredom was going to reach its boiling point, a helicopter showed up.

A long, flowing ladder was dropped down for me. Smiling I began scaling it as the vehicle took off. As soon as I was just a step away from the entrance, the door slid open, and the striking face of one my teammates appeared, Kadar my favorite Italian. He held out a toned, golden arm for me, which I gratefully grasped, and pulled me into the cockpit. Kadar’s golden eyes gleamed in the dark, as he guided me towards my seat. He sat across from me with long legs folded, courtesy of him being 6’1, and flashed me his infamous playboy smirk.

“So mission accomplished, amare?”

Amare was Italian for love. I giggled, and nodded my answer. He ran a hand through his jet black hair, and let out a deep, melodious, laugh.

“Oh amare, who knew beneath that angelic face lies Celaena Sardothian.”

This time, I matched my laughter with his own. After ninety minutes, we reached HQ. At the moment, the base was in Abu Dhabi. Next is, god knows where. But, I liked that. It kept me on my toes, and kept things interesting. Kadar, and I stepped out of the helicopter and onto the terrace of the Emirates Palace. The two of us walked into the extravagant building, and made our way over to the V.V.I.P suite, where I currently resided. I sighed in bliss as I slid in the key card, and happily pranced into my little heaven.

It was around two thousand square feet big. The walls were furnished with mahogany, and the vanity desk with rosewood. I shuffled over to a large, black leather couch, and threw myself on it, and continued to admire the wealth in front of me. The marbled floor was covered by a lush, Persian carpet that was supposed to be at least a hundred years old. The color was ruby red, with the typical Persian designs on it. Even more, a brilliant crystal chandelier hung over my California King Size bed. The bed was another wonder entirely. The headboard possessed a deep, chocolate brown colored, outward curve. The sheets were made of pure, black colored, silk. On either side of the bed rested two very long lamps. Both pure white, with a lone silver colored streak spiraling from top to bottom of the object. The lamps shade was a very appealing maroon. When they were lit, the shades acted as amplifiers, and the whole room was bathed in a light scarlet.

I sprung up from the couch, and walked over to the walk in closet. This nifty item housed around twenty pairs of shoes, five pairs of heels, sixteen dresses, ten work outfits, fifteen casual wears, sixteen night suits, and my Victoria’s Secret lingerie. Kadar smirked at my odd collection of clothes. I stuck my tongue out at him, and proceeded to grab two, pink, fluffy towels, and shuffle into the divine bathroom. Honestly, after the bed this was my favorite. The room was misty, and very warm due to natural method of heating. It hid the ginormous washbasin, and oyster shaped mirror. The effects of the heating caused the snowflake shaped, pearl colored tiles to turn into looking glass. There were three places where I could bathe: the corner bathtub, the huge glass enclosed area with five showers in it, or the Jacuzzi. I stripped out of my soiled clothes and heels, tossed them into the hamper, and gleefully slid into the glass case. I turned the knob, and out poured gallons of super soft, and calming warm water. I picked out a cherry blossom scented body wash from the side rack, a bath sponge, and began cleansing myself. Next, I paid extra special care to my hair by using Herbal Essene Shampoo, and conditioner. I massaged my scalp, and rinsed my hair thoroughly before spending an extra three minutes enjoying the water. Squeaky clean, I stepped out, and wrapped my hair, and body in the towels. I rigorously scrubbed my hair, and body till it dried, and then dressed myself. Feeling very pleased with the world, I joined Kadar once again in my bed room, and both of us tucked into the dinner he ordered: turkey, Thermodorian lobster, roasted beef, seared salmon, Greek salad, buttered rolls, and steak. We both were too ravenous to carry out conversation until after the meal. That being said, Kadar instantly got down to business. I gave him the chip I was assigned to hunt down, and he gave me another assignment. Kadar seemed to be a little bit ….unsure as he looked over it once again. I raised an eyebrow at this.

“I think you won’t like this assignment one bit, amare.”

“What makes you say that Kadar?”

Wordlessly, he handed over the parchment to me, and I looked over it with a queer feeling in my gut.

Agent: Meega Teress

Next Location: UAE, Abu Dhabi

Mission: Keep a watch on Julian Ivakshok Dragomir. Son of multi- millionaire, and sole heir. More information in separate packet.

My jaw dropped. Why the hell was I being reduced to guard duty!?

Kadar read the question on my face, and set up a skype call with the director. I impatiently tapped my foot against the floor, and crossed my arms. That old man was going to get it now!

“Agent Teress, what seems to be the matter here?”

I whirled onto to the screen, and rounded up on him.

“Why am I being put up to this, Director Crow?”

“Because, you are the only one who can do it.”

“With all due respect sir, please assign this to a novice. I have a reputation as the Black Lynx to uphold! ”

The director sighed, and ran a tanned arm through his blonde hair. He gave me “the look”. It was the kind that your parents gave you when they were really disappointed, or the kind that your teammates gave you for letting them down during a play off. In other words, he was playing on my biggest weakness which was guilt.

“Please, Meega, I am saying please. Do it for the team. Plus, this will be an excellent learning experience for you too. After all, you are sixteen too, plus you still have to graduate with the IB Diploma. AISA offers IB. Its win-win.”

I sighed, and gave into his logical reasoning. With a cheery wave, the director cut the connection. I pouted at Kadar who just raised his hands in mock surrender, and left for his room. Traitor. I grumbled to myself, and began looking through the extra documents. Well the stats said the boy was in the IB program, fantastic athlete, excellent grades, and had two other siblings. One, a blonde boy, was in grade nine, and the other, blonde female, in university. The final envelope held his picture. I swiftly, popped it open, and was treated to quite the sight. Over six feet tall, wonderfully defined facial structure, intense grey-green eyes, light brown hair, full lips, and of course dimpled chin, and dimpled cheek. Hmmm, maybe this wasn’t going to be so bad after all.

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